Heinrich Reuss – Grand Master Teutonic Knights

I talked with my therapist, Barbara about my brother and father that I told her were Neo-Nazis. How ironic!






Heinrich XIII, Prince of Reuss — as he calls himself — is a conspiracy-loving aristocrat who wants to bring back the monarchy to Germany.

Cops say the 71-year-old is behind the bizarre far-right plot to overthrow the German government in a coup.

On Wednesday, German investigators arrested 25 people belonging to a terrorist network called the “Reichsbürger” or “Citizens of the Reich.” Members reject the modern German state and have called for a return to a monarchy which was torpedoed by Germany’s defeat in the First World War.

Heinrich XIII, Prince of Reuss, is the ringleader, police have alleged.

According to reports, the aristocrat is an actual descendent of the House of Reuss, the family that ruled huge swaths of Germany for hundreds of years.

Cops say the plotters wanted to restore the German monarchy, abolished in 1918. Kaiser Wilhelm was the last monarch. PUBLIC SPHERE
Cops say the plotters wanted to restore the German monarchy, abolished in 1918. Kaiser Wilhelm was the last monarch. PUBLIC SPHERE
However, relatives of the “Prince” said he is a “confused old man” and a “conspiracy nut.” But members of the Reichsbürger are said to worship him.

He is said to have one son, Heinrich XXVIII, with Iranian-born wife Susan Doukht Jalali. She asks to be addressed by the name Princess Susan Reuss.

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I am kin to Heinrich Reuss.


Thumbnail for version as of 21:23, 16 March 2014    Image result for Heinrich Reuß von Plauen    Thumbnail for version as of 21:23, 16 March 2014
Hochmeister Heinrich Reuß von Plauen
 Heinrich Reuß von Plauen (died 2 January 1470) was the 32nd Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, serving from 1467 to 1470. He was the nephew of the previous Grand Master, Ludwig von Erlichshausen, and a distant relative to the 27th Grand Master, Heinrich von Plauen.  Reuß von Plauen came from the Reuss family from Plauen, Thuringia. Incidentally, the family named every male child Heinrich (Henry). Earlier, the brothers Heinrich Reuss von Plauen the Elder and Heinrich Reuss von Plauen the Younger had served in the Thirteen Years’ War.

Reuß von Plauen joined the Teutonic Order at a young age. He was first a brother in a monastery in Germany. Reuß von Plauen arrived in Prussia in the 1420s when he became the Vogt of Dirschau. In 1433 he became the…

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