My Royal Dutch Bond

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With Putin threatening a Royal Dutch naval vessel, the Roozemond family are not innocent bystanders safely watching the action. Why the title “Royal Netherlands Navy”? My ignorant daughter and her wicked drunken family do not get to use me for target practice anymore.

I am going to make Miriam Starfish Christling a Ukranian. Ian Fleming was a reporter before he became a leader of British Naval Intelligence. My characters are a literary extension of this branch, created to fight tyranny, and not to make money. I have been tempted to make Victoria and Miriam non-bisexual, but there go the real contrast. In liberal – is Liberty!

John Presco

Commander – Goldbrick Think Tank

Amsterdam Welcomes Putin With Rainbows (

The Royal Netherlands Navy has now confirmed that itsDe Zeven Provincienclassfrigate HNLMSEvertsen, which has been sailing in the Black Sea together with the U.K. Royal Navy…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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