Confederate Traitors Wanted To Rename America

The Pubtriots are drunk with power – again – now that they captured Congress by a narrow margin. McCarthy announced his Mob is going after Hunter Biden – who went into rehab! His father claimed his son is clean and sober. I will be 36 years clean and sober come April 7, 2023. I owe my life to the Twelve Steps and Principles of AA. We hold meetings in churches across America!

I will make a list of Republicans who promised to do something about the homeless, crime, and drug addiction. All the experts say getting clean and sober is key to solving the homeless problem. Many Republicans claim – Jesus is on their side – and are going to USE Hunter to prove this?

How many voters know about The Faith-based Initiative where religious organizations got a law passed in order to get Government TAX MONEY to help the poor wretches who suffer? How can the Pubtriots take any of this money, if their goal is to BEAT the Federal Government up North – alas!

Jesus and John taught lessons of Repentance. Members of AA receive lessons on how to turn our lives 180 degrees. around. The Republicans should give this a try! They might like it. Tear up that evil contract you just made! Do it on live T.V. Let Hunter Biden – go! This is a real Witch Hunt! My great grandfather is the Pilgrim, John Wilson. The dark history you insist on making, will be recorded.

“I once was lost, and now I am found!”

John ‘The Nazarite’,of%20the%20constitutional%20separation%20of%20church%20and%20state.

Hunter Biden begged his sister-in-law-turned-lover Hallie Biden for cash to check himself into rehab just six weeks before purchasing a handgun — and attesting on federal forms that he had never used or been addicted to drugs.

A shocking, 4-minute, 30-second recording was discovered by The Post on a copy of the infamous hard drive Hunter Biden abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop, and emerges the same week federal agents said they believe they have enough evidence to charge him for making false statements in order to buy the .38-caliber pistol.

In the contentious Aug. 31, 2018 phone call, the future first son can be heard pleading with Hallie to hand over his credit card points to pay for “rehab.”

Hallie Biden — who began dating her brother-in-law after the death of husband Beau Biden in 2015 — didn’t buy it, repeatedly refusing to give him his credit card points unless he told her where he was going and allowed her to book it.

Hunter and Hallie Biden pictured together in 2016.

Instead she asked him to check himself back into The View — a luxury detox facility in Los Angeles, which he had recently left.

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Many famous ministers in the South gave pro-slavery sermons that led to men gathering together, and in some fashion, they agreed to be Traitors to the United States of America, and take up arms with intent to commit acts of wholesale murder. This is how the Radical Republicans saw it, and they wanted to put the top Confederate Brass before a firing squad – when the Evil Ones – lost! They wanted these Traitors to sign the Iron Clad Oath. Lincoln nixed this traditional form of Justice. I ask this day, why didn’t Lincoln run for Governor of Oregon – and put Joseph Lane out of power? He knew he was the top leader of the Pro-slavery Rebellion that was festering. Was Joseph Lane happy when the Confederate Traitors of South Carolina fired on Fort Sumpter, signaling the evil plan to RENAME THE UNITED STATES IN THE NAME OF JESUS!…

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