Confederate Traitors Wanted To Rename America

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Many famous ministers in the South gave pro-slavery sermons that led to men gathering together, and in some fashion, they agreed to be Traitors to the United States of America, and take up arms with intent to commit acts of wholesale murder. This is how the Radical Republicans saw it, and they wanted to put the top Confederate Brass before a firing squad – when the Evil Ones – lost! They wanted these Traitors to sign the Iron Clad Oath. Lincoln nixed this traditional form of Justice. I ask this day, why didn’t Lincoln run for Governor of Oregon – and put Joseph Lane out of power? He knew he was the top leader of the Pro-slavery Rebellion that was festering. Was Joseph Lane happy when the Confederate Traitors of South Carolina fired on Fort Sumpter, signaling the evil plan to RENAME THE UNITED STATES IN THE NAME OF JESUS! To read Outlaw, Roger Stone, accuse Senator Lindsey Graham of “willful sabotage” because he wants the Supreme Court Ban on Abortion to go FEDERAL – is the last straw for me! Let me put words in Graham’s mouth..

“We captured the moral HighGround from the North – alas! We – CAPTURED JESUS! Are we going to let all THIS POWER – go to waste?”

How come Justice Clarence Thomas did not suggest – THEY PUT IT TO A VOTE? This is not 1864. We have the internet and smart phones. The Supreme Court could have taken a poll. But – now they turn on each other? THE PLOTTERS to overthrow my Democracy, compete with other INSURECTIONISTS! Really! They can’t get along? Have you read about Deadly Religious Schisms?

When I saw that black woman standing behind Graham, I wondered why Liberal black women are not trying to get her – to change her ways! The answer is – she’s got Jesus! She has a right to believe in what her church tells her is the truth. Instead, we got black radicals in a huff over ‘Coon Lake’. I want to give the Black People of America – ALASKA – with their own Navy! I protested when Sarah Palin came to town and stayed at the Eugene Hyatt. I dressed like the Anti-Christ! I still – still my neck out…..


I don’t recall seeing any black people there.

John Presco

Roger Stone accuses Lindsey Graham of ‘willful sabotage’

Raw Story – Yesterday 8:40 PM

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By Bob Brigham

Lindsey Graham / Shutterstock.© provided by RawStory

Longtime Republican dirty trickster Roger Stone on Tuesday evening accused GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina of helping Democrats hold control of the U.S. Senate during the 2022 midterms.

“Willful sabotage,” Graham posted to Donald Trump’s Truth Social website.

“The states must decide whether to regulate or ban abortion,” Stone declared after Graham vowed a vote on a nationwide, 15-week abortion ban.

“This federal election is about our safety, security, health , food supply , economy , free speech and the corruption of our justice system unless RINOS and Democrats try to make it about federal abortion policy which the US Supreme Court made unnecessary,” Stone argued. “Lindsey Graham is purposely helping the Democrats to ensure that we do not take back the US Senate.”

Stone wasn’t the only GOP strategist concerned with Graham’s announcement, which baffled Republicans.

“Mr. Graham’s proposal appeared to be an effort to find a politically palatable position for Republicans after the court’s decision that could insulate them from a voter backlash, even as G.O.P.-led states enact bans on nearly all abortions. But it also accomplished something that many Republicans have sought to avoid, highlighting for voters that their choice in November is between supporting a Democratic majority that wants to preserve abortion access and handing control of Congress to Republicans who are seeking to ban the procedure,” The New York Times reported.

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Stone has long been in favor of abortion rights.

“A group of centrist and conservative Republicans says it is mounting a three-year drive to change the party’s platform and its firm opposition to abortion rights,” The New York Times reported in 1990.

The group was co-founded by Stone and his then-wife Ann.

“Roger Stone, a leading Republican and longtime associate of [then-RNC Chair Lee Atwater], is advising the new abortion rights group. Mr. Stone, who is married to Ann Stone, said the party faced serious electoral consequences if it did not ease its stance on the issue. He said implacable opposition to abortion could drive young people and women out of the party,” the newspaper reported. “Ms. Stone said the group already had almost 200 elected officials signed on to its advisory board.”

Roger Stone told the newspaper, ”I think you can be pro-choice and respect life,” he said. ”I think that reflects the view of most Republicans. And I believe this is a clear issue of government interference into our private lives. As far as I’m concerned, that’s basic, Barry Goldwater conservatism.”

Stone ultimately lost the battle within the GOP on the issue. He was also divorced from Ann, married Nydia, and then was fired from Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign after the two posted swinger ads.

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