Null&Void The Election and Tax Bill

In December of 2017, I demanded there be – another election! Today, many people are saying the Republican Party, founded by my kindred, is dead! I agree!

I declare myself one of the few – real Republicans! Because Pence and Trump refuse to testify before the Jan. 6th Committee, and because so many Election Deniers ran – and lost – and because these Traitors are going after Hunter Biden – I suspect someone is going to suggest the Democrats not turn over Congress to the Sons of Perpetual Chaos. I refuse to suggest such a thing. However, I demand every Republican take….The Ironclad Oath! Call their bluff! If they really believe Democrats stole the election, and kept Trump from enjoying four more years, then – they expect Democrats not to relinquish the House, even though Pelosi stepped down and the real President congratulated the SOPC for their Victory.

It’s time we the people know the full plan! I suspect that after SOPC Mob paraded the captured Democrats, Trump would introduce the New Christian Government. as the Sons of Peace and Civility, as the only ones who can transcend the Chaos. Demand Ginni Thomas testify.

John Presco

Rosamond Press

How many Republican Senators and Congressman ASSUMED their President was GUILTY of Obstruction of Justice, and Colluding with the Russians in order to defeat the Democrats, who were, and are seen as THE SWORN ENEMY, more so than Putin?

Jospeh McCarthy assumed Hollywood was overrun with Communist, and used tax money to conduct a witchunt. Many Republican Senators signed a Tax Bill – without knowing what it said. They didn’t read it. Yet they ASSUME – with glee – it will hurt millions of Americans.

So, it is permitted to ASSUME. When did the Republican Party ASSUME their President was GUILTY AS CHARGED – before the ELECTIONS! How many Republican Leaders ASSUME a vast number of American Voters – would sweep them out of office – if We The People were granted another election on Presidents Day? In the United States, Presidents Day is always celebrated on the third Monday of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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