My Rose Grandfather Sold Into Slavery


William Rose was solf for a head of tobacco.


William Rose (b. Abt. 1715, d. Abt. 1803)William Rose (son of Hill Rose) was born Abt. 1715 in England, and died Abt. 1803 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania..He married Sarah Gardner on Abt. 1739 in Maryland.

 Notes for William Rose:

William Rose, at about nine years of age and a son of a Hill Rose of England, was sent with a note by his father to sea captain either in Liverpool or London , England. The captain locked the boy up in a cabin of his ship and there he stayed until well out to sea. he was released and allowed to roam the ship until landing at Annapolis Maryland USA. The Captain sold the lad for a head of tobacco to a tobacco farmer as a indentured servant. Here he remained until he was 21 years old when he was released as a indentured servant and made his way to

This information obtained from Danial Haney Rose affidavit he executed November 25,1875, while owning land in Douglas County, Illinois. Reason for sending note unknown.

The above information also obtained from Christine Rose (No Relation), ROSE FAMILY ASSOCIATION, 1474 Montelegre Drive, San Jose, California, 95120.Frank Preston Rose, Jr. 9 / 18 / 2007

More About William Rose and Sarah Gardner:
Marriage: Abt. 1739, Maryland.
Children of William Rose and Sarah Gardner are:

  1. Louise Rose, d. date unknown.
  2. +Allen Rose, b. 1740, d. Abt. 1803, Bedford County, Pennsylvania..
  3. Sarah Rose, b. February 06, 1739/40, d. July 01, 1788.
  4. +Edward Rose, b. May 17, 1743, Bedford County, Pennsylvania., d. February 23, 1834, Sumerset,Perry County, Ohio.
  5. Rachel Rose, b. 1750, d. date unknown.
  6. Nancy Rose, d. date unknown.

William Rose of Bedford & Somerset counties, Pennsylvania

A typed document in the Heckman family file at the Somerset Historical Center in Somerset County, Pennsylvania is titled “A Short History of the Heckman and the Rose Families” (hereafter, “Heckman’s history”). The document includes a statement that the information in it was collected by John Rose Heckman, who obtained much of the Rose family information from William and John Rose. It appears that the document was actually written by John Rose Heckman’s brother William H. H. Heckman of Eureka, California. Heckman’s history was found and forwarded to me by Mark Ware.

Heckman’s history indicates that a cabinetmaker named William Rose who lived in Bedford County before moving to Somerset County made and repaired rifles and made gunpowder using charcoal prepared from Basswood. Heckman’s history also indicates that William Rose’s son William witnessed an accidental explosion of a batch of gunpowder his father was manufacturing. The son indicated that his father was tossed about 12 feet in the air by the explosion, and the explosion burned off his father’s hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Heckman’s history indicates that William Rose also made and played violins, tanned deer hides, and made all of his own tools.

Sarah Rose formerly Gardner aka Ridgeway

Born  in Talbot County, Maryland

Daughter of [father unknown] and [mother unknown]

[sibling(s) unknown]

Wife of William Rose — married 12 Feb 1745 in Talbot County, MarylandDESCENDANTS descendants

Mother of Allen RoseEdward Rose and Rachel Rose

Died  at about age 75 in Bedford, Bedford, Pennsylvania, United States

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“Ancestor Table of John Winterbottom”[1]
Major John Cessna was an officer in the American Revolution. He was born January 26, 1726 in Shippensburgh, PA and died March 31, 1802 in Bedford Co. PA. He married Sarah Rose who was born February 6, 1740 in Shippensburgh, PA and died July 1, 1788. She was either daughter or granddaughter of William Rose.
Wlliam Rose was a son of Sir Hill(ary) Rose (see affidavit Douglas Co., IL, Courts Nov. 25, 1875.) When nine years old, William was kidnapped from London (his place of birth) and taken to Annapolis, MD, by a ship’s captain. There, he was sold into indentured servitude. After his release from indenture, he married Mrs. Sarah Gardner and moved to Bedford Co., PA. He died aged 88 years. (See Rose Family Bulletin, Bedford Co, PA.) The date 1710 is associated with his early life. His oldest son, Allen Rose was born 1757 or 1767.

WILLIAM ROSE of Bedford Twp., Bedford County Pennsylvania – Lost Ancestors[2]
What do we know about William Rose born abt. 1710, died bef. 1790? Not much! There are some that say he came to America as a child of 17 and was indentured for a number of years to pay for his passage. No firm proof of this. We have also found that there was a William Rose that was indentured in Maryland about the time of our William, but no proof that this is our William Rose. Some say that the William Rose that settled in the Bedford Twp., Bedford Co. area of Pennsylvania married a Sarah Gardner, but we can find no proof of this. We do know that he married a Mary ???? as she is mentioned in a Deed of which a condensed version follows
20 Jan. 1779. William Rose of Twp. and County of Bedford, farmer, and Mary his wife to Allen Rose “the son of the said William and Mary,” whereas an application was entered in land office of Pennsylvania, in the “name of a certain Robert Rose”, for 300 acres in Cumberland Valley, “two or three miles from the Town of Bedford”, and an Order of Survey was issued upon (blank), and on 6 Mar. 1768, in pursuance to said application there was surveyed a tract, line of Samuel Drenning, Charles Brookenos, Claim, 275 acres…Whereas, said Robert Rose, by his deed executed (blank date) 1768, sold to Samuel Perry Esq. and deed 31 Aug., 1769, he sold to William Rose, now William and Mary, his wife Rose for love and natural affection to Dutiful son, the said Allen, and for 5 Shillings, deed said land.
Signed: William (his X mark) Rose; Mary (her X mark) Rose.
Wit.: Thomas Coulter, Edward Rose. Rec.: 15 Mar. 1779.[3]

William Rose, b. 1696 to 1701 in County Tyrone, England to Sir Hill Rose of London. His wife, Mary, was probably a Maryland native. The story is that William was kidnapped at age nine from a Liverpool, England Wharf and sold in Maryland for twenty-one bushels of wheat. He may have been married (1) to Sarah Gardner. He and Mary were in Bedford County PA by Aug. 1769. Their son Allen was possibly there earlier. [5]


12 February 1745 Talbot County, Maryland, William Rose-Sarah Gardner Ridgway


Child: Sarah Rose


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