Learning To Love The Bomb Again

Putin is talking about Ukraine having a dirty bomb. Republicans are paranoid about mail-in ballots.

Rosamond Press

Some mornings, I want to comment on every news item. When Peter Sellers died, a huge chunk of the world went with him. Now, we see these utterly HUMORLESS Chinese People, making threats, and putting the Free World in it’s place. You can not accuse me of targetting Asian People because for thousands of years they worked at getting rid of the Court Jester. Some people’s don’t take CRITISISM well. In looking for a MOTIVE as to why China wants to take over the world, I always START with HATRED OF THE FOOL – the – CLOWN PRANJSTER! This was one of the reasons I had to bury the TWO KENS. They lost their sense of humor in regards to the Pendleton Roundup. They killed the Rodeo Clown, sometimes called Bullfighters. Royal Rosamond had a story of a bullfight in Montana that appeared in Out West, that I have misplaced…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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