The Third Elijah and St. Francis

Three years after I got sober, and took the Vow of the Nazarite, I put together a basket honoring Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. I found a pic of an Arab girl holding a lamb and assigned the name Elizabeth to her. This image became the child I would never have. Ten years later my sixteen year old daughter came into my life. I thought I was going to die – childless – like Zechariah.

The Quran has make a huge mistake! There are two billion Muslims in the world. John was a historic person, while scholars can find no history of Jesus. If you take away Jesus and his mother, Mary, then the usurpation – is abolished. There is – only Elizabeth, and her divine son, that spoke when the priests came to circumcise and name him when he was eight days old.

John ‘The Third Elijah’

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Mary is a big deal in Islam. Only one surah (or chapter) in the entire Quran is named after a woman—Surah 19—and it is named after Mary. In fact, Mary is the only woman who is named at all in the Quran! This has impressed some Islamic authorities (though admittedly a small minority) to consider Mary a nabiyya or prophetess. The majority of Muslims consider her to be exceptionally pious and of the highest spiritual rank among women.

A number of angels appear to Zechariah and announce the coming of John, and then, in a scene like the Annunciation, they turn to Mary and tell her that God has chosen her above all women and purified her. The angels then speak of Jesus, describing him as, “A Word from [God],” named the Messiah. The segment wraps up with Mary wondering how this could happen and a statement that God can do whatever he wills whenever he wills.

The Quran exalts Mary because God chose her and because of her purity. She was chosen to serve in the temple, a job seen as more suitable for men. Moreover, her purity is a purity of intention and service, but also a preservation from defilement by others. There is a lot with which Catholic can agree here.

Some other points for discussion in this Surah:

  • It seems likely that some of the traditions recorded in the (apocryphal) Protoevangelium of James have made it into this segment.
  • The parallel between Hannah, the mother of the prophet Samuel, and Hannah, the mother of Mary, is intriguing.

Founding The Secular Order of Saint Francis

Posted on December 1, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press


On Thanksgiving Eve, I received a wound that almost killed me. I could not stop the bleeding until Saturday around 10:00 P.M. A miracle happened. I did not recieve a call from any family member of friend. I was mocked when I called a proffesional for medical assistence. This fulfils a dream I had when I was very young.

For this reason, and a host of other pressing matters, I found this day, December 1, 2016, the Secular Order of Saint Francis that will unite and revive ancient orders that spring around the name Rougemont and Rosamond.  The Red Tower of Rougemont will be the coat of arms of this order. Come gather around the one who came for the poor, the lame, the alien, and the disenfranchised.

The Poor Knights of Christ a.k.a Knights Templar

The Carmelites

The Order of Saint George

The Order of Saint Francis

Jean Gregory de Francis

Saint Francis and The Perfect Master

Posted on December 24, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press

   In 1987 Marilyn bid me to get a reading at the Berkeley Psychic Institute when I was in the Bay Area. I agreed, but was highly skeptical. A young woman began the reading by saying this;

The Carmelites of Rougemont

Posted on January 12, 2012 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Order of Saint George de Rougemont held services and rituals with the Carmelites at Rougemont Chateau. Above we see the cote of arms for the Carmelites Rougemont with red mountain. There is a brown mountain with three stars in the Carmelites arms. Is this Rougemont – red mountain?

Calling All Nazarite Angels

Posted on October 8, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

Five days ago, I sent my daughter and her unborn child a photograph of what I believe is an angel hovering over the head of Mary Dominica who is Mary Magdalene Rosamond’ cousin. None of the women on Heather’s empowerment group, responded, this is because they are witch-base. I am fighting off witches that hover over my unborn grandchild. Kim Haffner is one of them. I suspect she has been sending pregnant Heather – poison!

I was born this day to Rosemary Rita Rosamond. None of the witches honor my mother and Heather’s grandmother. They are frauds. Many women’s empowerment groups honor the grandmother.


I Anoint The Nazarite Women! Arise!

Posted on October 7, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

Tommorow is my birthday! Yom Kippur falls on the day I was born. A window will open for all women all over the world to take the Vow of the Nazarite. I believe John the Baptist Baptized women – exclusively – in order to cleanse them of the menstruate prohibition. Hannah and Elizabeth were old in years and thus they stopped menstruating. However, there was till the placenta that created other taboos, thus, John was a Nazarite – while in his mother’s womb! He could pass through the birthing channel without becoming unclean. This is THE VIRGIN BIRTH and IMMACULATE CONCEPTION.

That my daughter and her un-clean mother act out a Immaculate Conception that UN-BORN me is a prophecy in itself. I told them I died and came back. I a free of their evil witchery and usurpation! I have been reborn. I was cleansed of all my sins. I was a virgin when a woman came naked to my bed. God wanted me to know the Treachery of Delilah. God wanted me to pass the final test, so that I can open…….The Gate to Heaven and Redemption!

God wanted me to have a daughter who would be my Salome, and demand my head on a platter! In public she severed me from my unborn grandchild then asked her women cult followers to send her a heart, my heard, my blood! A Judas and a Betrayal!

Repent! Prepare yourself………..for The Way!

John Presco Nazarite Prophet

Elizabeth Eutrophia Dew

Posted on June 16, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

I just listened to my Daughter on the radio. She called in and talked to the Medium Karen Peterson. Before Heather came on Karen did a couple of readings. She saw The Father of several women. She said one father was an alcoholic and he apologizes from the place of The Dead. Heather believes Karen is communicating with a Dead Man as she listens in on the radio. Do they have AA meetings in Heaven?

At twenty I was considering going to India to seek a Guru. I was a virgin who never thought I would be a father. Thanks the DNA test I took, I see I have famous grandfather’s in my family tree who were priests.  I am a genealogist. Karen Peterson is talking about my grandchild. I am not a Christian. I am a Nazarite who form a linage of barren mothers, old in years, who take the Oath of the Nazarite, and give birth to a special child.

Above is the symbolic child I made in 1989 before I knew I had a child in 2000. I found out it was Father’s Day after I posted this, so I include a photograph of me taken a year after Heather was born. It would have rocked her world to see her real father when she was born, waiting with open arms. I helped give Heather Marie Presco- life! The way I see it, Heather is reborn this day. Her spiritual being – is free! She owe nothing to me, or her mother, or her aunt! I did not know my daughter was pregnant. As a genealogist I look at a lot of dead people. I go look at their tombstones. To do a family tree, you need four things:

1. a date of birth.2. death date. 3. parents 4. children.

I know much about the dead. Why didn’t Karen Peterson get a hit on me? After all I am in the middle of a famous battle over a creative legacy that is two books, and a movie script. Heather is kin to Johan Napier, who was a famous Medium.

I am reborn! I am set free of my spiritual obligations to the child I help create! Have a beautiful life! Heal the children!

Before I begin my Reading on Heather, Bobby Dew, and this unborn child – that said a faint “Hello” and was gone – let me remove the energy and implications of the song that was played in the intro. Many Christians believe Mediums are of Satan. Secondly, I remove Patrice Hanson, who has not wanted Heather to make a bond with me – before she born! An angel introduce me to my daughter I did not know I had in March of 2000.

Karen acknowledges The Mother’s Greif, but not The Father’s Grief. Heather does not ask Karen about her father. Karen does not perceive The Father’s Grief of losing a grandchild, who I believe was going to be my granddaughter. I never met Bobby Dew, and may never know him. He knows my grandson, Tyler Hunt. It would be a very good idea that they contact me – before I am dead – and get my blessing! Using Karen as a medium would prove tedious and expensive in the AD. Why not speak to me now, and get a full and completely credible record of what I have to say?

Heather and I were/are destined for the Church because you have to be a virgin to be a Nun and a Father, thus, virgins do not create a gene pool. One of Karen’s callers asked if her gift was hereditary. Karen mentioned a weak gift from an ancestor. Heather has the genetics of some amazing and famous religious people.

Fast forward, and we behold Heather The Healer! We have not conversed in eight years.

Hello Heather The Healer!

This morning I awoked with frustration towards Peter Stark who refuses to publish the rest of Phillipine Wieneke’s book. She is the founder of Briar Cliff College, and was the head of the Order of Saint Francis, where she assumed the name Mother Mary Dominica. She was my grandmother’s cousin. All Wieneke women, and their offspring, are destined to join this order – including Heather Presco! When I met my daughter for the first time, I wanted her RENAMED. Names matter! The Name of the Father becomes the name of the Newborn. Therefor, Dew is the last name of this UNBORN spirit – who was destined for the Order of Saint Francis.

In 1989 I found myself grieving for the child I will never have. In dealing with this grief, that I believed would last a lifetime. I created my symbolic child. She is a daughter, so I named her Elizabeth after John the Baptist’s mother. I was named after John because I was born three days after The Day of Atonement. I took the Oath of the Nazarite in 1988. When I learned there was a Father John Wieneke, and, recalled that my mother wanted me to become a Franciscan Monk, then I saw my mother, born, Rosemary Rita Rosamond, knew she had an obligation to join the Order who had depended upon the Wieneke Famlily when they fled Germany. The Wienekes came from Germany. Mary Magdalene Rosamond spoke fluent German.

Above is the apple basket I found in Saint Vincent DePaul’s in 1989. I looked in my National Geographics for a picture of a Semitic girl. When I spotted this beautiful child carrying a pure white lamb – my child was born! I put her in the basket, a symbol womb in Eden. Paradise. This child represents the Censored Message of Mother Mary Dominica, who as Phillipini (horse) exhibited amasing spiritual gifts. The Order goes to Itlay to visit the holy places of Saint Francis, and have a revelation. Mother Mary appeared at the foot of Christine’s bed when she was ten. Vicki saw this angel bathed in a blue light.

Heather, you have a powerful healing base, that is grounded in reality and history. You don’t have to be famous, or please your parents. Do what you will.

Heather, here is a photograph of your angel, the one that was there when you were born. She followed the Order of Saint Francis to America when they had to flee for their lives from Kaiser Wilhelm’s Kulturkampf.  This is the angel that hovered over me on McClure’s beach after my accident. This is the Guardian Angel of the Order of Saint Francis. You do not have to join this order. However, you can open the door…..and take a look around.

Blessings! Go where thee will. There is a great big wide world out there!

Your Father

President: Royal Rosamond Press

P.S. My friend just informed me it was Father’s Day. Amazing! Now I know why I awoke to all these divine messages. Now I know why I moved Patrice out of the picture! Happy Father’s Day, Bobby Dew!

The child on the far right of the photo below looks me forever in the eye and says;

“Here I am! Here we are, doing the best we can in the belief we will be healed!”

“Suffer unto me, the little children.”


Ave Maria! Ave Maria! maiden mild!
Listen to a maiden’s prayer!
Thou canst hear though from the wild
Thou canst save amid despair
Safe may we sleep beneath thy care
Though banish’d, outcast and reviled –
Maiden! hear a maiden’s prayer;
Mother, hear a suppliant child!
Ave Maria!

The Lady of the Lake and the “Ave Maria”[edit]

1879 painting of Ellen’s Isle, Loch Katrine

The piece was composed as a setting of a song (verse XXIX from Canto Three) from Walter Scott‘s popular epic poem The Lady of the Lake,[2] in a German translation by Adam Storck [de] (1780–1822),[3] and thus forms part of Schubert’s Liederzyklus vom Fräulein vom See. In Scott’s poem the character Ellen Douglas, the Lady of the Lake (Loch Katrine in the Scottish Highlands), has gone with her exiled father to stay in the Goblin’s cave as he has declined to join their previous host, Roderick Dhu, in rebellion against King James. Roderick Dhu, the chieftain of Clan Alpine, sets off up the mountain with his warriors, but lingers and hears the distant sound of the harpist Allan-bane, accompanying Ellen who sings a prayer addressed to the Virgin Mary, calling upon her for help. Roderick Dhu pauses, then goes on to battle.[4]

Schubert’s arrangement is said to have first been performed at the castle of Countess Sophie Weissenwolff in the little Austrian town of Steyregg and dedicated to her, which led to her becoming known as “the lady of the lake” herself.[5]

The opening words and refrain of Ellen’s song, namely “Ave Maria” (Latin for “Hail Mary”), may have led to the idea of adapting Schubert’s melody as a setting for the full text of the traditional Roman Catholic prayer “Ave Maria“. The Latin version of the “Ave Maria” is now so frequently used with Schubert’s melody that it has led to the misconception that he originally wrote the melody as a setting for the “Ave Maria”

Christmas With Eutrophia

Posted on December 25, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press


I found photographs of my grandmother’s sister, Eutrophia Wieneke, and I noticed my daughter and her look alike. Eutrophia and her cousin, Phillipine, modled, the later when she was fifteen for an artist. Above is a photo of three sisters who became Sisters in the Order of Saint Francis, and their brother, Father John. Eutrophia lived in the Ojai Valley, and her sister, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, in Ventura.

Jon Presco

Rosamonds 1912 Mary nee Wieneke 1
Rosamonds 1942 Lilian, Bonnie, June & Rosemary on Step 1
Rosamonds 1943 Bonnie

Heinrich WIENEKE
1798 – 7 Mar 1890
BIRTH: 1798, Deu
DEATH: 7 Mar 1890, Iowa, USA
Family 1 : Anna Katharina KLEINSCHALAU
+Johann Conrad WIENEKE
+Anna Maria WIENEKE
+Johann (John) WIENEKE
Heinrich WIENEKE
+Margaretta WIENEKE
+Heinrich (Henry) WIENEKE
+Elizabeth (Lizzie) WIENEKE
+Christoph Johann WIENEKE
+Anna Mary Catharine WIENEKE

Johann Conrad WIENEKE
14 Jul 1827 – 2 Nov 1905
BIRTH: 14 Jul 1827, Deu
DEATH: 2 Nov 1905
Father: Heinrich WIENEKE Mother: Anna Katharina KLEINSCHALAU Family
1 : Mary HEIL
MARRIAGE: 14 Apr 1968
+Elizabeth (Lizzie) WIENEKE
+Conrad Ferdinand WIENEKE
+Eutrophia Maude WIENEKE
__ _Heinrich WIENEKE ____________ __–Johann Conrad WIENEKE ___Anna
Katharina KLEINSCHALAU _ __

____ – ____
Father: Johann Conrad WIENEKE Mother: Mary HEIL Family 1 : Frank
+Bertha Mae ROSAMUND
+Rosemary ROSAMUND
_Heinrich WIENEKE ____________ _Johann Conrad WIENEKE _ _Anna
_______________________________Mary HEIL _____________

Philophena (Sister Mary Callista OSF) WIENEKE
14 Apr 1865 – 12 Aug 1960
BIRTH: 14 Apr 1865
DEATH: 12 Aug 1960
Father: Johann (John) WIENEKE Mother: Elizabeth BRECHT
_Heinrich WIENEKE ____________ _Johann (John) WIENEKE _ _Anna
Katharina KLEINSCHALAU _–Philophena (Sister Mary Callista OSF)
WIENEKE _______________________________Elizabeth BRECHT ______

Rosa E. (Sister Mary WIENEKE (Petronela OSF))
13 Apr 1867 – 4 Jun 1967
TITLE: Petronela OSF)
BIRTH: 13 Apr 1867
DEATH: 4 Jun 1967
Father: Johann (John) WIENEKE Mother: Elizabeth BRECHT
_Heinrich WIENEKE ____________ _Johann (John) WIENEKE _ _Anna
Katharina KLEINSCHALAU _–Rosa E. (Sister Mary WIENEKE
_______________________________Elizabeth BRECHT ______

John Charles (Father John) WIENEKE
1878 – 1954
BIRTH: 1878
DEATH: 1954
Father: Johann (John) WIENEKE Mother: Elizabeth BRECHT
_Heinrich WIENEKE ____________ _Johann (John) WIENEKE _ _Anna
Katharina KLEINSCHALAU _–John Charles (Father John) WIENEKE
_______________________________Elizabeth BRECHT ______

Mary (Mother Domenica) WIENEKE
12 Aug 1860 – 1959
BIRTH: 12 Aug 1860
DEATH: 1959
Father: Johann (John) WIENEKE Mother: Elizabeth BRECHT
_Heinrich WIENEKE ____________ _Johann (John) WIENEKE _ _Anna
Katharina KLEINSCHALAU _–Mary (Mother Domenica) WIENEKE
_______________________________Elizabeth BRECHT ______

Eutrophia Maude WIENEKE
____ – ____
Father: Johann Conrad WIENEKE Mother: Mary HEIL Family 1 : John
John (Bobby) KELLY
+Harold KELLY
_Heinrich WIENEKE ____________ _Johann Conrad WIENEKE _ _Anna
Katharina KLEINSCHALAU _–Eutrophia Maude WIENEKE
_______________________________Mary HEIL _____________


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