The Templar Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud

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kingdom-of-heaven-2005-40-gHugh de Rougemont appears to be the missing Grand Master of the Knight Templars mentioned before Bernard Tramelay which is also Dramelay, who is then followed by Andre de Montbard, a name that is Montbéliard and Bar combined. The Rougemonts are listed as a Templar family. It is my discovery that they are the Shroud of Turin family. Here is the only evidence the Templars were a hereditary order. I may descend from the Rougemont Templars on my mother’s side. With the recent attention given to the shroud by the new Pope, Francis, I hereby found a new order and adopt the original name of the Templars the ‘Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon’.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

Rougemont (Côte-d’Or, cant. Montbard), lords of 196, ,
See also Hugh
Rougemont (Côte-d’Or, cant. Montbard), monastery 95
Hugh of Rougemont (T), provincial master of Burgundy 196,_Count_of_Montb%C3%A9liard

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