John Was Second Coming of Elijah

Mad Man John Trump keeps drawing another evil line in the sand that draws million of Christians – to their doom. Christianity in Americas has reached the point of No Return – as the Oath Keepers – testify.

Rosamond Press

The greatest contradiction in the Bible is whether Jesus said John was Elijah. How then can the Bible be the irrefutable Word of God? How could God’s alleged Son – get it wrong – or, be so evasive? Only I got it right after studying both books of the Bible. ONLY I SAW THE TRUTH.

The infant John was sat in Elijah’s Chair and asked if he was Elijah. He said he was. Why would Pharisees ask if John was Elijah – when he was a adult? They must have heard he was speaking when eight days old. This was broadcast throughout the land. His father sang Hannah’s Song denoting he was a prophet after Samuel.

“Pharisees sent a delegation to question him”

What bullshit! They would be honored to come themselves. This QUESTIONING by Pharisees is VERY SUSPECT. Is it really – HOSTILE? What is the controversy they want…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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