Wilmot – A Black Shaman King and Charismatic

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Several days ago I told Marilyn about Wilmot Collins, and his first name is Whylie, or, Willy. I said Wilot might be the manifestation of a African Charismatic, like Fela, whom her sister knew and wrote about.

“That he would appear in Montana, where Rena is hiding out with her Cowboy-Rancher on a hill, is profound. Of course he would come to America where fellow Africans were taken against their will and number in the tens of millions. I belong to Shembe’s Zulu-Nazarite church. He said he was the embodiment of Elijah, like John the Baptist. You know I have been looking at the possibility the Nazarites were once black, their original teacher older than the Pyramids.”

In authoring my book ‘Bonds With Angels – The Arrest of Jesus’ I have been considering the idea Melchizedek was a black charismatic, and King of the Cannanites who were allegedly black. Scholars…

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