Christian Women Must Be Quiet – And Not Vote

When you go shopping, half of the people you see will be Christian Trump Lovers – at least! What about your family? These posts are from four years ago.

Rosamond Press

When was Jesus supposed to come? Here is mentioned the resurrection of the dead and being caught up. Paul encouraged Christians to use their gift of prophecy, but, it is revoked in Thessalonians – FOR WOMEN! Why? If women can float into the sky to meet Jesus, surely they can speak here in earth. I highly suspect there were Women Christian Prophets. Because Adam came first I believe Christian women should not be allowed to vote. What say ye? I suspect Cristian men will be raptured first, and, if there is still any room for their women, then, let them be raised up – too!

Women are so sneaky. They are forever looking for a way to be equal to men. This is why our Founding Fathers withheld from them the Right to vote. They are sub-humans, to be taken advantage of, because they would do so unto you! This…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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