The Un-United States

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The Foreign Evangelical Coup has driven a WEDGE between We the People. Their Holy Civil War is on! The President and VP declared war against the Democratic Party that is THEIR ARCH ENEMY! Why not Russian, China, N.Korea? Because THEY don’t live in Gawd’s Country and remind the Righteous Ones what America is about. They hate all alternatives to their calim they own America. They are fighting for America. Putin is overjoyed! So is China and N. Korea. They will get their’s when the Trumpire has done away with out Democracy!

Beware of the Secretary of Snake!

Trump and Pence just offered China a huge platter of raw meat. Their think tanks have gone into action and are looking at how hurting Biden and the Democrats will work to – THEIR ADVANTAGE! Will Trump&Pence reward them in some fashion? Will T&P do a Trade War Deal, and cut the beaf…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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