The Un-United States

The Foreign Evangelical Coup has driven a WEDGE between We the People. Their Holy Civil War is on! The President and VP declared war against the Democratic Party that is THEIR ARCH ENEMY! Why not Russian, China, N.Korea? Because THEY don’t live in Gawd’s Country and remind the Righteous Ones what America is about. They hate all alternatives to their calim they own America. They are fighting for America. Putin is overjoyed! So is China and N. Korea. They will get their’s when the Trumpire has done away with out Democracy!

Beware of the Secretary of Snake!

Trump and Pence just offered China a huge platter of raw meat. Their think tanks have gone into action and are looking at how hurting Biden and the Democrats will work to – THEIR ADVANTAGE! Will Trump&Pence reward them in some fashion? Will T&P do a Trade War Deal, and cut the beaf producers in Montana a break. This would be good news to Rena Easton and her husband. “Better red than dead!”

When Rena said; “I see you are quite left-leaning, did she come across the pic above and conclude I am a Commie? For almost five years now I have predicted the divide between us in a portents  of bad things to come. I talked about Helen and the Trojan Horse. Well this is what we are looking at

I found a new way to get the news to you. I will make a video with commentary.

On this day I declare the Trump Regime a Terrorist Organization. They have aimed China’s army as all Democrats. Here are Cuban troops on parade. The American taxpayer has spent a trillion dollars keeping the Chinese Tiger at at bay. It is time for the True Tea Party Patriots to TAX the evangelical church! They have given comfort to our enemy. They gave China our American Justice. Trump was going to handover a U.S. Citizen for trial in Russia. Traitor!


Here the scary part. Trump – IS A LUNATIC – and has The Bomb! Are Pence and Giuliani going along with the Evangelical Loon – in order to save the world? Does Trump believe he is ordained to bring about The Great Tribulation?

John Presco

The Russian Trojan Horse

tdy_alexander_trump_160711-nbcnews-ux-1080-600 mitch_mcconnell2 mike-pence

Trump is the Trojan Horse. We the People took him in, and out pour the TRAITORS! His immigration plan is dead! The Russians are inside the wall.

What did Mitch McConnell know, and when did he know it?

For the sake of the Nation and the safety of the American People, President Trump should ask President Obama to take Flynn’ place as National Security Advisor, and serve for at least one year until Trump can give the people a top notch Cabinet and Transition team. Our friends around the world need to see a United People. This appointment will keep its citizens from entering into another Civil War.

Jon Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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