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Nazarite Prophets Will Try Ginni Thomas and The Wicked Signers

Posted on July 24, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

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Tim LaHaye is a founding father of the Heritage Foundation and close friend of Ginni Thomas, a ruling member, whose silent influence is dictating – and telling the hand and game Trump is playing – because they taught him the game! They made a big mistake to Start The Game in the Republican Party they turned into their church – because John Fremont and his kin is here! I KNOW THE GAME! Trump does not. He’s being instructed WHAT TO DO. The FBI raid has proven this. It’s like Texas Hold Em. The wagering can and does reveal what two cards you are holding.

The Letter of the Fifty – looms large. That CHEATING AT CARDS is condoned, means – they are playing with their own deck – by their hidden rules. Every hand of cards – ENDS – as does every card game! For this reason I avoided reading Revelations  – more than I have to.  If you are dealt a hand in the End Time, you are A PLAYER. You are creeping towards the LIFE BOATS that will only hold so many people. The Republicans in the LAST ELECTION remind me of folks in the movie 2012.  The  ARMED FBI are waiting at the end of the tunnel – TO THE ARKS! They have to be – there1

John Presco

“Republicans are behaving with gross irresponsibility: from talk show hosts urging violence that seems all-too-possible after the events of Jan. 6, 2021, to Sen. Rick Scott (R-FA) and former Trump strategist Stephen K. Bannon comparing the FBI to the Gestapo, to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) declaring the Justice Department in ‘an intolerable state of weaponized politicization.’ This rhetoric is disturbing and dangerous — not to mention hypocritical. In fact, it is Mr. Trump’s administration and acolytes who sought to weaponize the Justice Department, and it is they who today are attempting to turn what to all appearances is a legitimate inquiry into a political circus.”

Target Israel: Caught in the Crosshairs of the End Times


 4.23  ·   Rating details ·  90 ratings  ·  15 reviews
As the conflicts in the Middle East grow in intensity, we cannot help but wonder what lies ahead for the nation of Israel and whether any of it means we are drawing closer to the last days.

In their exciting new book Target Israel, prophecy experts Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson explain why Israel is at the center of God’s prophetic plan for the future. As you carefully review the Scriptures with them, you’ll learn about…

the miracle of Israel’s modern-day existence
Israel’s unique purpose in the world
the ways in which Israel serves as a super sign of the end times
the coming alliance of nations that will attempt to annihilate Israel
Christ’s return to Jerusalem to rule the world
You’ll be inspired as you see how God will bring all His prophetic promises to pass, and be encouraged to share your faith with greater urgency in light of Christ’s second coming. (less)

Unprecedented: Donald Trump’s scandals are unique in history. Here’s how. (

Very damning’: Experts say Republicans keep inadvertently revealing Trump’s guilt (


“To Sacrifice One’s Intellect Is More Demonic than Divine”: American Literature and Politics in Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth’s Last Days

Peter Swirski


The article focuses on the cultural and political implication of the recent publishing sensation from two fundamentalist Christian ministers-turned-writers: Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. Their sixteen-book Left Behind Series (1995-2007) has by now sold close to eighty million copies, crossing over from the evangelical margins to the bookseller’s mainstream. Focusing by and large on the first novel in the series, the article analyzes its narrative and political logic in the context of the rise of apocalyptic imagery in American culture and public life.

Tim Wallace-Murphy and Tim LaHaye

Yesterday I posted on Tim Wallace-Murphy’s facebook a photograph of my good friend, Ed, whose mother was a Wallace kin to the Cavanagh’s. Both families were members of the Plymouth Brethren in Dublin. I have been corresponding with Ed’s brother, Randall, who sent me a portion of his family genealogy. He just moved and is looking for the letters that go with that speak of the Brethren from which a huge Biblical prophecy has arisen, and generated millions of books authored by Tim LaHaye that have given rise to a righteous Army that has taken over the Republican Party whose candidate for President is a Mormon, who are baptizing the dead and splicing them to their massive genealogy!

Meanwhile, back in Merry Ol England, men in hats are tinkering about Rosslyn Chapel unearthing claims that there are Rex Deus families kin to Jesus, who are drastically directing the course of humanity – in a covert manner? Why covert? Why not overt, like the Rapture Ready Evangelicals that backed Rick Santorum, and Rick Perry, and who are claiming Mitt Romney is a member of a cult that invented a Jesus alien to true Christians.
One can say, Dan Brown, and Tim Wallace-Murphy have invented an alien Jesus, and have given rise to a cult that is – not covertly, or overtly, running any candidates for public office, which makes me wonder. Where are the demcratic candidates of the Priory de Zion?

The last time I looked, Europe is not being ruled by Royalty, kings and queens, which makes it near impossible for the Rex Deus to rise to power – and rule the world in the name of Jesus! Only in America is this a real threat that rears its ugly head in the evangelical War On Women, and thus a war on the bloodline of Mary Magdalene – if you are a believer, or a follower, of Tim Wallace-Murphy, and not, Tim LaHaye.

What I suggest is an alliance between Tim Wallace-Murphy and myself, a Hands Across the Water, in order to defeat our foes who are cleary against everything we Liberals stand for, and given a chance, they will burn our books, and expunge our studies from the world wide web.

I will not publish the Cavenaugh-Wallace genealogy, as yet! I await to hear from Tim, who claims there are Masonic families running the show. Well, my famous sister married into the Benton family, the foremost Masonic family in America – if not the world! A Benton saved Albert Pike’s library, and thus, Scottish Rite Freemasonry that I have linked to Saphardic Royalty living in South Carolina.

As fate would have it, Ed, married a Jew whose surname is a form of Cohen, thus, Ed’s three sons may be entitled to be priests in the new temple the Evangelical Rapture Ready say must be built before Jesus will return. If none of this true, or real, then we are looking at a profound self-fulfilling prophecy that threatens how secular ways make the world go round. In this respect, the two Tims are in the same boat, each manning their own oar, and propelling us towards…………the brink!

Ed and his family are highly educated agnostics. Ed went to Harvard, as did our close friend, Mark Gall, who authored many books on how to educate educators, but, does not believe in God. I was put in charge of taking Mark’s mother to Synagogue.

When Jack Keuroac came to speak at Harvard, Ed was put in charge of this famous Beat Writer. The next day Jack and Ed came on stage – toasted! Jack told the audience Ed would speak for him this day, because;

“He knows me better then I know myself!”

Two of the photos above were taken at a firing range where we shot Tommy Guns. Mark Gall is beholding our eccentric friend who may be kin to Tim Wallace-Murphy. We are in Springfield, home of the Simsons, a Rex Deus family?

Jon Presco

“The picture that was emerging was of a group of European noble
families, descended from the Jewish lines of David and Aaron, who
had escaped from Jerusalem shortly before, or possibly even just
after, the fall of the Temple. They had passed down the knowledge of
the artifacts concealed beneath the Temple to a chosen son (not
necessarily the eldest) of each family. Some of the families
involved were the Counts of Champagne, Lords of Gisors, Lords of
Payen, Counts of Fontaine, Counts of Anjou, de Bouillon, St Clairs
of Roslin, Brienne, Joinville, Chaumont, St Clair de Gisor, St Clair
de Neg and the Hapsburgs.”

Here is Mark’s Vita:

University of California at Berkeley. Psychology. Ph.D., 1968.

Harvard School of Education. Developmental Psychology. Ed.M., 1963.

Harvard University. English. A.B., 1963.


1975 to present. University of Oregon, College of Education: Department of Educational Leadership, Technology, and Administration (DELTA). Associate professor, 1975-1980; Professor, 1980-2000. Retired Professor with reduced FTE appointment, 2000 to present.

Director of Graduate Studies in DELTA. 1997 to 1998.
Co-Director of Middle-Secondary Teacher Licensure Program. 1998-2000.
Director of Foreign Language Teaching License Program. 1992-1996.
Director of Graduate Programs in Curriculum and Instruction, 1977- 1980, 1989-1991.
Director of Summer Program in Teaching Skills, 1982-1992.
Department of Educational Psychology, Adjunct professor, 1975 -1982.

Tim Wallace-Murphy
Posted on October 11, 2010 by gkaminsky

Podcast: Play in new window | Download
In podcast episode 92, we’re joined by international bestselling author Tim Wallace-Murphy to discuss his most recent book, Hidden Wisdom: Secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition.

Tim Wallace-Murphy is renowned for his books which delve into the mysteries surrounding the Knights Templar, Rosslyn, sacred geometry, and especially Rex Deus. His latest book encompasses all these and much more, broadening the scope to include the philosophies that were perpetuated and propagated by the guardians of the Western Mystery tradition. Hidden Wisdom begins in prehistory with the dawn of civilization and finishes in modern times, encompassing the intertwined currents of history and esotericism. In our conversation, Tim talks about this secret tradition, as well as its significance to world history and ourselves.
“The influence of the Masonic order has long been a matter of speculation and public concern, but the existence of the Rex Deus families was almost completely unknown until quite recently. However it is now known that they spread their teaching far beyond the limited confines of their bloodline, firstly by founding the Knights Templar, then by the propagation of the Grail sagas, by promoting the tarot, through their influence on early Freemasonry, and by their patronage of great artists of the Renaissance such as Botticelli and Leonardo Da Vinci. Their initiatory teaching is also recognized as having a seminal influence on scientists such as Robert Boyle and Isaac Newton and esotericists such as Robert Fludd and Johann Valentin Andreae; individuals of genius and originality held by historians to be the major forces in the creation and sustaining of the new age of enlightenment we call the Renaissance.”
-Tim Wallace-Murphy, Hidden Wisdom, p. 185
“Tim Wallace-Murphy’s mammoth Hidden Wisdom is an ambitious and determined attempt to wrench the “secret knowledge” of the Western tradition out of the shadows of neglect and into the light of historical consciousness, where its wisdom, which is all too needed today, will no longer be hidden.”

Rosamond Press

Tonight, on Saint Patty’s Day, I called up my friend Ed Corbin, and told him we are related. I read him a part of Bind Harry’s poem;

“Nor will I here his mother’s kindred hide: She was a lady most complete and bright, The daughter of that honorable knight, Sir Ranald Crawford, high sheriff of Ayr, Who fondly doted on his charming fair. Soon wedded was the lovely blooming she, To Malcolm Wallace then of Ellerslie; Which am’rous pair, transported with delight, Begot young Malcolm that same joyful night. …”

“What is the source of your middle name, Malcom?” I asked my old friend.

“I believe you just read it.”

Edward Malcom Corbin had told me he descends from William Wallace on his mother’s side.  He has treated me like family since we met in 1997. He encouraged his three sons to treat me as family – and their wives!…

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