Royal Black Fusiliers of Fort Ross

The FUTURE has come from THE PAST!


Jack London’s Schützenfest Articles

Schützenfest – Wikipedia

During the Middle Ages, many towns had to find ways to defend themselves from gangs of marauders. For this reason, clubs and associations were founded, comparable to militias; these paramilitary associations were sanctioned for the first time in the Law for the Defensive Constitution of the Towns by King Henry I, and officially integrated into the towns’ defense plans. Accompanying the military exercises and physical examinations of the towns’ contingents, festivities were combined with festive processions. Participants from other parishes and, at times, even the feudal heads of state were also invited to these Marksmen’s Courts (Schützenhöfe). However, the self-confident spirit of the townsfolk that marked these festivities was not always regarded positively by the authorities. For this reason, different traditions developed in other regions. The military significance lessened over the centuries and became meaningless with the creation of regular troops and garrisons for national defense. The Schützenfests, however, continued in the form of a regional patriotic traditio

San Diego Schutzenguilde

Schützenfest – Wikipedia

Rosamond Press

In the video above Putin tries to elude the question about Russia taking back Alaska by saying Russia is a “Northern country” – and Alaska is not? The Monster is avoiding saying he wants to take away much land from the United States, but, had no problem with taking the Ukraine. Notice the Smirking Man, a Trump supporter. Is he agreeing the invading Russian soldiers would be happier in a warmer clime?

My Jewish friend, Mark Gall, called me a “Nazi” after I emailed him my posts on the rebirth of Germany in California – that included a video of the marching Chilean army – that the President would like to see – goosestepping into Ukraine – and history! I made a post about the Black Army of Oakland, marching down Broadway to Jack London Square that my black friend removed from his facebook, as did a Black Panther…

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