Open Letter To Sam Mendes



Sam Mendes, who directed the last two James Bond movies and won an Oscar for American Beauty, has wed again.

Prince of Kent and Gordon Getty

Posted on April 29, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Prince off Kent and Gordon Getty have been playing with the Russians

In film, he made his directorial debut with the drama American Beauty (1999), which earned him the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Director. He has since directed the crime film Road to Perdition (2002), Jarhead (2005), the drama Revolutionary Road (2008), and the James Bond films Skyfall (2012) and Spectre (2015). For the war film 1917 (2019), he received the BAFTA Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Director, as well as his second Academy Award nominations for Best Director, Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.[6]

Dear Mr. Mendes…

I posted on my blog the story about you that came up on my newsfeed because I am kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and, I am her historian. I might be the Getty Family Historian because her son married Eileen Getty, and thus she and Michael Wilding are kin to Ian Fleming. Only when I reread my blog, did I see you directed two James Bond movies. I did not find a way to contact you personally, so I am authoring this open letter in order to avoid coming to loggerheads.

Four years ago I began my own Bond novel starring Victoria Rosemond Bond. I began a novel, that I considered would make a great Broadway play. ‘Arose Amongst The Woodwose stars Lady Mary Wilson Webb who sails to the New World with John Wilson, her relative. Mary is kin to Shakespeare.

to be conitinued

Gordon Getty has written and produced an opera ‘Plump Jack’ based
upon his favorite Shakespear character, and his wine and resturant
empire. Prince Michael and his family flew to Russia on “The Jetty”
Getty’s private Jet. I have already shown the connections between
Wagner’s operas and the Swan Knight legand and my Rosemont family who
are kin to Princess Michael. Christine was the diva in the
movie ‘Phantom of the Opera’. I have compared my late sister,
Christine Rosamond, to Sleeping Beauty. Garth Benton recently redid
his murals for the Getty Villa. President Putin is moving Western
Culture to Russia in preparation for the unvieling of a revived
Czarist culture. The Russian Opera and Orchestra – along with
Russia’s Art – will launch a New Rennaissance that will bring the
West out of its mini Dark Age launched by that screwball from Texas
and his insane Doomsday morons that captured our Democracy and turned
it into den of religious fanatics, perverts, and thieves.

Jon Presco

“Foreign patrons including Prince Michael and Getty – the billionaire
composer and son of late oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, who has given
millions to the orchestra and flew in on his private jet “The Jetty” –
have been instrumental in its success and kept it alive through a
power struggle in recent years that mimicked the wars between fallen
oligarchs and Kremlin favorites.Though he sold his PJ shares, Mayor
Gavin Newsom was on hand to toast the success of the casually tony
Cow Hollow restaurant he founded with Getty’s help.

Getty said that in his wildest dreams, he never imagined this
enterprise (now a mini-empire) named after his opera (which in turn
was named for his favorite Shakespearean character, the roguish John
Falstaff) would last as long or do as well. “I just figured it would
give Gavin some experience in how things work,” said the billionaire
philanthropist, laughing. “Little did I know!” A third of the
original staff remains, including manager Rose Gibson and her
sisters, Joan and Kay Power, all who began on the wait staff. “I
remember when we first opened — Gavin was still making deliveries
from our wine shop down the street.”

Gavin! Make Liz A State Shrine!

Posted on July 28, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

Here we go again! my cousin is being used as BAIT, as chum, to tantalize paying folks, this time to see a new Broadway play. Liz would APPROVE of OUR HISTORY I have put together – along with my politics. I found a link to the Webb family – and Shakespeare – that some fiend is tampering with. Because there are so many Thespians in the Rosemond tree, even if some of our kin are make-believe, then – that works – too!

John Presco

Newling said that casting is underway for actors to portray Gielgud, Burton and Taylor, who at the time was regarded as the biggest movie star in the world.

Thorne recalled Mendes calling him with the idea. “And when Sam Mendes asks you to dance with him, you dance,” said the writer, who is also known for series such as This is EnglandThe Fades and National Treasure.

As luck would have it, this writer interviewed Burton in 1981. He recalled that it was Taylor who gave him the “passion and vitality” to continue with the 1964 Hamlet when he began struggling with Gielgud’s direction. Shakespeare’s 400th birthday arrived that year, and the anniversary saw many productions of Shakespeare’s plays all over the world.

While reluctant to disclose too much detail about The Motive and the Cue at this early stage, Thorne did acknowledge that because of the Burton-Taylor element, the play might also examine the nature of fame “a little bit.

‘The Motive And The Cue”: Sam Mendes & Jack Thorne Play On Taylor, Burton, Gielgud – Deadline

Sam Mendes – Wikipedia

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and James Bond

Posted on September 2, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

dg jr

Highly-decorated Commander Fairbanks Jr., KBE, DSC, etc, after the war – and wife, Mary Lee

Non-national Knighthoods

It is my conclusion, that Douglas Fairbanks Jr. is the model Ian Fleming used for James Bond. I discovered this by looking at the cast of ‘The American Venus’. Douglas plays Trident, the son of Nenptune. Consider the opening of ‘On Her Majesties Secret Service’ where beautiful nude women are carrying tridents.

I suspect Ian Fleming saw the movie ‘State Secret’ and knew of Fairbank’s secret operations. Then there are those images of beautiful actresses hanging on him, the man who was considered the most handsome man in the world. A million women wanted him – at least. Fairbanks was at that bathing beauty contest starring Fey Lanphier.

Fairbanks kept his Naval history in the background. Did he know Fleming was authoring books? Did they converse? Why did no one, until now, compare James Bond to Fairbanks? I think there were agents in South America that might me compromised. Did Elizabeth Taylor know about her fellow thespian’s secret life? How about Ian Easton who headed the College of Defence Studies?

Douglas came up with the Beach Jumpers and  trained as a Commando. I suspect he looked down on Hollywood after being – the real deal! He had friends in high places, and was done with Slumming For Roles.

Above is the cote of arm of Douglas Fairbanks. It depicts Britain and the U.S. being united, tied by a ribbon across the Atlantic Ocean. Above is the American Eagle carrying the Olive Branch of Peace. This is the most profound discovery in all the billions of words that have been written about James Bond. Note the symbol for Anarchy on the wall under the image of the Arch Villain. I am ordained to take over Ian Fleming and Fairbank’s work. I think a remake of ‘State Secret’ would make a great Bond movie – that never mentions the name Bond. But, with the news of my discovery, everyone will flock to behold – the real deal! No more Hollywood phonies!

Chas Cunningham is now taking down my posts on his facebook for his band. He will have no part of my discovery. He is banned – for life!

John Presco 007

Copyright 2018

Wolf’s Son – A Rose Amongst the Woodwoses

Posted on November 25, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

A Rose Amongst the Woodwoses


John Presco

Chapter Two

John Wilson Lands In Salem

John Wilson stood on the deck of the Eagle (later renamed the Arbelle) surveying the new Colony the Puritans had made in the American Wilderness. This Man of God could not help but entertain the family legend that he descended from Leif Erikson, for sure his father, Thararldson, who remained a pagan even though his wife converted to Christianity. It is alleged said wife withheld sex from him, until he too converted, so he would surely have sought out other women of Woden, who would lay with him, and begat children.The name Wilson comes from Wolf’s Son. It is alleged that King Henry of Normandy made a Wolfson a Knight Templar. A line of Wilsons became lawyers at the Temple where they dwelt. It is said a Wilson took part in The Memorable Masque of the Middle Temple and Lincoln’s Inn at Whitehall Palace  that encouraged other members of the Templar Bar to invest in the Virginia Company. Sir Richard Martin wrote this masque. A hundred investors settled near Jamestown, that is known as Martin’s Hundreds. The Webb family were investors, as was Bacon and Shakespear.

This Colony was founded by pseudo Knight Templars, actors, poets playwrights, and secret investors in the Rose Theatre. Marlowe taught John poetry when he was a boy. It is for this reason William Wilson’s pagan past was disappeared by friend and foe alike as William ascended to the highest positions of the Church of England. Even his brass in Saint George’s Cathedral was disappeared because his epitaph was too revealing. It celebrated the marriage of Margaret of Denmark to the King of Scotland.

Sir John Thomas Wilson lived at Ravenscraig castle that was built just for Margaret. Wilson was allegedly the last of the real Knight’s Templar, and revealed to the Queen a secret Bible. There was a dispute who owned Orkney and other isles, that resorted in a trade. William Sinclair took possession of Ravenscraig, and vacated Orkney, ending a long feud. It was at Ravenscraig that John met Lady Ada Antoinette Erasmus, a Lady in Waiting. They soon married, and Wilson was now in a illustrious family tree that had its roots in Bohemia. William Rosenberg was a sponsor of John Dee.

Sir John Robert Wilson II, Earl of Cuper, Burgess of Edinborough1425–1492 Lady Ada Antoinette Erasmus

When Frederick William, completely inexperienced in politics, succeeded his father as elector in December 1640, he took over a ravaged land occupied by foreign troops. Under his father’s powerful favourite, Graf Adam von Schwarzenberg, Brandenburg had changed sides from the Swedes to the Habsburgs and had thus been drawn into the struggle on both sides.

Frederick William | elector of Brandenburg | Britannica,_Queen_of_Scotland

Richard Martin (Recorder of London) – Wikipedia

A Rose Among The Woodwoses

Posted on April 1, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

A Rose Among The Woodwoses


John Gregory Presco

Copyright 2019

Chapter One


Lady Mary Wilson Webb, inherited the job of  keeping the fire lit below deck. All those who had gone before her, had failed. The fire tendered in a square iron tray, held together with rivets, then filled with sand, had become the altar of the Pilgrims. It, and the black pot hung on a trident, was watched most of the day by the lost souls packed under the creaking and leaking timbers. Moving about was almost impossible. Everyone was frozen in their place. But for the brave excursions above, met by some tempest, and cold sea spray, the wayfarers relieved themselves in a vile oaken bucket that was too close for comfort.  Bible’s were taken out from under pillows when a lady went to tithe the Oaken Monster as they called it. Reading verses aloud, was the polite thing to do.

Tiring of the gory and bloody Biblical tales, that increased the Cargo Dread, the men brought out their bawdy jokes that they had memorized and gathered since their school days. The women pretended they ne’er heard a one. But, that guarded secret was soon out. And, a new kind of boredom set in. It was dreadful. Ones farting was amplified in the silence. The women ran out of perfume. Everyone got to know what a women really smelled like, including the women! Everyone was grateful for the occasional flying fish that was thrown in the pot, to cook all day, like temple incense.

The men ran out of jokes. Nothing was ever going to be funny again. The art of Mary keeping the fire alive was the highlight of their existence. You could hear the beards growing. In the glow of the red coals, the women felt like roses among the Woodwoses.

Two weeks at sea and another three weeks to go. Something had to be done.

“I brought my father’s book on rhetoric with me. Does anyone know it? My kindred William Shakespeare read it and was quite impressed. I saw him perform at the Rose theatre, on several occasions. He and my father were friends. They used to go the Bearbait Theatre and sit among the Protestant Spies. There were lawyers of the Temple present. Thomas called them the Roman Senators. There were horrific scenes of animal torture going on in the round arena. It was like the Roman Coliseum. I know enough about rhetoric where I can teach you. It will make the time fly.”

“For God’s sake, Mary. Why have you withheld this book from us!”

“My father was taken prisoner by the Inquisition, put in prison, and tortured. His books were ruled heretical, I don’t want to instigate spurious opinions about me and my father, for, I have nowhere to go to get away from you if you start in on that!”

“In Jesus’ name, relieve of us of our excruciating tedium! We are dying here Mary! Don’t be cruel!”

“My tutor taught my brother and I rhetoric from your father’s book. We can have a rhetorical argument about having Mary produce it for our salvation from our mind-numbing malaise!”

“Good idea! But, it is fair we all receive a sample. Is it not?”

“Would you care to elaborate?”


On March 31, 2019 I found Thomas Wilson’s book ‘The Art of Rhetorike’. There are several spellings. After reading forty, pages I believe my theory that Thomas Wilson had a hand in writing some of William Shakespeare’s’ plays, if not all, is sound.

On this day, I copyright my idea that I arrived at with my battle I am having with Meg Whitman, and the alleged owners of  the California Barrel Company, over ownership of this company name that once made barrels. I spoke with an attorney. I am critical of Quibi. To discover Apple TV is being backed by Steven Spielberg, and a bevy of Hollywood talent, is ironic, for Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor and Richard Burton are in my Rosamond Family Tree, as is, Sir Thomas Wilson. I do not want Shakespeare to fall into either capitalist camps, because William made Acting more than an Art Form, as I will show in my novel. Then there is the question……..

Who owns America – and why?

I will give my reader a good example of how Rhetoric fits well with Shakespeare’s’ work. Peter G. Platt has written one of the finest essays I have read. I am envious.

Then, there is this illustration. It took my breath away. Do you know who he is, the man leading noble women with chains linked to the tip of his tongue. He is my hero.

What really got my interest is this line……….

“And God save the Queen’s majesty.”

Where were Britain’s great Rhetorical Men when the Brexit issue came up?

Sam Mendes And Jack Thorne Team For Hot New Play On Making Of Legendary Richard Burton And John Gielgud Broadway Production Of ‘Hamlet’

By Baz Bamigboye

Baz Bamigboye

Columnist/International Editor At Large@BazBam

More Stories By Baz


July 27, 2022 7:00am

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton enter a midtown nightclu
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton at opening night party after his opening on Broadway in Hamlet in 1964Getty Images

EXCLUSIVE: Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes (1917) has linked up with acclaimed His Dark Materials writer Jack Thorne on a new project for the stage that will explore how legendary acting figures Richard Burton and John Gielgud put Hamlet on Broadway in 1964, with a little help from Elizabeth Taylor.

The result of two years of writing and workshops is a Thorne-penned drama called The Motive and the Cue, which Mendes will direct on the UK National Theatre’s Lyttelton stage in spring 2023. With such heavyweights attached, it already has the weight and feel of a landmark production.

The high-profile show is a joint production between the National Theatre and Neal Street Productions, the All3Media-owned indie founded nearly 20 years ago by Mendes with TV and film producer Pippa Harris and Caro Newling, who runs its theater division. The Motive and the Cue follows on from successful NT and Neal Street Productions collaboration The Lehman Trilogy, also directed by Mendes, which won top accolades at the Tony Awards this year.


A Lion And A Witch And Sam Mendes: Two Shows Lined Up To Replace Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Troubled ‘Cinderella’ In London’s West End

Sam Mendes directing The Lehman Trilogy at National TheatreMark Douet

The NT and Newling confirmed news of the production following approaches from Deadline.

Rehearsals for The Motive and the Cue will begin in late January or early February and tickets will go on sale before the end of the year via the NT website, we hear.

Newling said that casting is underway for actors to portray Gielgud, Burton and Taylor, who at the time was regarded as the biggest movie star in the world.

Set design is by Es Devlin, costumes by Katrina Lindsay and lighting design by Jon Clark. The trio all worked on The Lehman Trilogy. Sound design is by Paul Arditti, and Benjamin Kwasi Burrell has signed on as composer.

Lockdown discovery

Jack Thorne at the National TheatreCameron Slater

Thorne told Deadline the project began during lockdown when Mendes discovered two out-of-print books (Richard Sterne’s John Gielgud Directs Richard Burton in Hamlet and William Redfield’s Letters From an Actor) that chronicled a famously stripped and dressed-down version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which Gielgud directed at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater in New York in April 1964. It starred Burton as the tragic Danish prince and its launch came just a month after Burton and Taylor tied the knot the first time around.

In Letters from an Actor, Redfield, who’d been cast in the play as Guildenstern, recounted in a series of letters to friends, full of wicked asides, details of the pre-New York run in Toronto and the 137 performances of Hamlet at the Lunt-Fontanne.

Richard Burton as Hamlet
Richard Burton as Hamlet. Broadway, 1964GI

Thorne recalled Mendes calling him with the idea. “And when Sam Mendes asks you to dance with him, you dance,” said the writer, who is also known for series such as This is EnglandThe Fades and National Treasure.

Gielgud, who was to win an Oscar for his supporting performance in the comedy Arthur in 1982, was a creature of the classical stage; steeped in Shakespeare, he played his own version of the lonely Dane in 1930 and often returned to the role. Burton was to remark that the first time he saw Hamlet was when Gielgud repeated his performance in the 1940s and he later essayed the role in a 1953 production at the Old Vic.

“Gielgud played Lear at 26,” Thorne marveled. “He was a man that knew Shakespeare inside and out and who felt it was his great destiny to be the greatest Shakespearean actor of his generation.”

Thorne said The Motive and the Cue, whose title is taken from a passage in an act-two soliloquy from Hamlet, “examines the beauty of these two ages of the theatre meeting each other and what that felt like,” adding: “Burton was as strong as he ever was. Seeing the two of them finding Hamlet together when they are working from two different places just felt incredibly fascinating.”

Burton and Gielgud
Richard Burton takes direction from John Gielgud for 1964 HamletGI

As luck would have it, this writer interviewed Burton in 1981. He recalled that it was Taylor who gave him the “passion and vitality” to continue with the 1964 Hamlet when he began struggling with Gielgud’s direction. Shakespeare’s 400th birthday arrived that year, and the anniversary saw many productions of Shakespeare’s plays all over the world.

While reluctant to disclose too much detail about The Motive and the Cue at this early stage, Thorne did acknowledge that because of the Burton-Taylor element, the play might also examine the nature of fame “a little bit.”

With the help of friends in New York, Neal Street’s Newling was able to trace Adam Redfield, son of Letters From an Author writer William Redfield, and found John Gielgud Directs Richard Burton in Hamlet author Sterne, who has “a phenomenal knowledge and archive,” and was “a mine of information.” Neal Street secured underlying rights to both works.

Meanwhile, Mendes continues to work on his latest film Empire of Light, which Searchlight Pictures will release in theaters December 9. It’s likely to show up at least one of the forthcoming fall film festivals and has a cast including Olivia Colman, Michael Ward, Colin Firth, Toby Jones, Tanya Moodie, Crystal Clarke and Tom Brooke.

Wilson and Webb

Posted on March 5, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

My kindred, William Wilson, and his brother-in-law, Erasmus Webb may have known William Shakespeare – intimately! Anne (Webb) Wilson lived at Windsor Castle. Her brother, Erasmus, was the Archdeacon of Buckingham Palace. Are we looking at the authors of Shakespeare’s plays? Why has this family lineage been buried, and all but forgotten? These are extremely educated men, whose wives would be at court. They would know all the intrigues, and, hear confessions. They would know the merry wives of Windsor. People would bring them all the gossip that is the bane of the church, aimed at bringing other down as they vie for royal favors.

This bloodline flows from Bohemia and has seeded several major religions. This is the ‘Hidden Seed’. The Webb family came to America. In the chart below we see that Sir Alexander Webb married Mary Wilson, the daughter of Thomas Wilson MP, the grandfather (or Great Uncle?) of Reverend John Wilson of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, that the Webb family played a large role in. Shakespeare’s line, died out, and thus, this is his American Seed.

Statesman, Thomas Wilson MP, was a stellar scholar and author who could have prepared the way for the writing of Shakespeare. Why not put Alexander Webb is the race? Surely the Webb-Wilson family saw themselves as the family-power behind the Church and Throne, and in need of new forum.

“Wilson belongs to the second rank of Elizabethan statesmen. An able linguist, he had numerous acquaintances among Spanish and Flemish officials in the Netherlands, and, in a wider context, his range of friends included Leicester, Burghley, Hatton, Davison, Sir Francis Knollys, Paulet, Walsingham, William of Orange, Jewel, Parker, Parkhurst, Gresham, Ludovico Guiccardini and Arias Montano.”

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Erasmus Webb B.D. (d. 24 March 1614) was a Canon of Windsor, England from 1590 to 1614[1]


He was educated at Gloucester Hall, Oxford where he graduated BA in 1568, MA in 1572 and BD in 1585.

He was appointed:

He was appointed to the ninth stall in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle in 1590, a position he held until 1614.

He was buried in the chapel. His inscription read:

“Hic jacet Erasmus Webb, Sacrae Theologiae Baccalaureus, cujus Regiae Capallae quondam Canonicus, qui obit 24 die Martii, Anno Domini 1613. Aetatis suae 63”[2]

The Benton-Getty Art Dynasty

Posted on June 21, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

I will be sending Governor Gavin Newsom a Cultural Package informing him how to FIGHT the Fake Small Government Governor of Florida. Desantos is merging as the leader of – OTHER GOVERNMENT – that has a manufactured culture bent on overthrowing our traditional culture.

Gavin Newsom For The Arts

Posted on May 12, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

On cue, Governor Gavin Newsom held a press conference and announced massive aide for the Homeless and The Arts. I had just sent my business proposal to the City Government of Belmont, who have no Arts Program that I am aware of. I had talked with a friend about getting Grace Slick to do paintings in Charlatan Square as part of my Cultural Package for the Belmont that needs to get the Governor’s attention, being, I am kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, as is Belmont Pioneer, Carl Janke. Michael Wilding married Aileen Getty, and thus Carl Janke is in the Getty Family Tree. This Getty Tree For The Arts adopted Gavin when he was a teenager. The J. Paul Getty father and son moved to England. Junior was Knighted by the Queen and was titled “Sir” after he became a British subject. Liz Taylor was Knighted by the Queen for her contribution to the Film Industry that made California great.

John Presco

President: Belmont Soda Works

I have taken steps to be awarded several grants. A year from now, I hope to have my own room at the Getty Villa where I am allowed to roam freely admiring the art of my ex-brother-in-law, Garth Benton, and working on my paper and historic masterpiece………..

‘The Doomsday Prophecies of Wealthy Men’

I will be wearing the best headset money can buy with a endless soundtrack from the DaVinci Code, the Phantom of the Opera, and the best of Leonard Cohen. Young scholars will turn their heads as I pass them in halls.

“May the force be with you Professor Obi-Wan Kenobi!”

“Have you saved our planet yet, Obi-Wan?”

“He can’t hear you. He lives in his own world.”

I have also taken steps to receive a grant from the Paul Mellon foundation. Paul is in my rosy family tree via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and Warner.  I introduced the Pre-Raphaelites to Christine Rosamond Benton. We are ‘The Last Pre-Raphaelites’.

I just made an offer to be Drew Benton’s Mentor. I can show her how to be a scholar in a year. Above is her mother at the Getty Mansion in New York.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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