Bond And Eastwood Of Oakland

Two days ago I read Ed Meese lived in Glenview. I and my two siblings went to Glenview Elementary. So did Clint Eastwood. I created a Bad Ass Okland Boy named John Holmes John. John-John is heterosexual kin to James Bond……who is the baddest Bad Ass – of all time! And – Oakland’s got him. He lives via distant cousin. His DNA shall not parish from the earth,

Many, like the Meeses, eventually settled in the sun-drenched, hilly Oakland neighborhoods with picturesque names such as Piedmont and Glenview. The very name Piedmont came to symbolize the white bastion from which most of Oakland’s political establishment came. In contrast was the west Oakland flatland where the Meeses’ church, Zion Lutheran, was located. The church underwent a radical transformation with the influx of Southern blacks who began arriving en masse during World War II. They came as sailors to nearby Alameda Naval Station, and they came to work in the shipyards as part of the war effort. Black Lutherans eventually started to attend the Zion church.

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It’s a miracle Clint Eastwood did not play James Bond. Clint and I went to the same school in Oakland. You are reading a miracle. I am – REDEEMED! I have been – REBORN! I just found out last night that he was – CHOSEN! I already put my Bond-like character THERE – THERE! I have considered putting my old friend, Paul Drake, in one of my Bond books. He will play – another villain!

John Presco

John & John

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    John & John

    Idea For Netflix


    John Presco

    Ms. Jean Katrina Easton liked to meet strange men who wanted to see her, out in her potato field. She could tell a man’s character by how he made his way through the uneven ground, there always a stray spud to…

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