Lara Roozemond Is Here

Lara Roozemond has starred in her first movie. Hurrah! She is my model for Victoria Rosemond Bond. I’m going to begin her portrait.


A timid Amsterdam coffee shop owner is forced to face the truth about who he thinks he is, when his reckless business partner and girlfriend’s abusive ex back him into a corner.

Rosamond Press

Roozemond – has arrived!

“Look like a Cat-Bitch!”

When I began ‘The Royal Janitor’ I wanted to start on the ground floor of social media that I was very involved in – at my age! When I found fashion photos of Roozemond, I followed her to facebook and other such places – that she was JUST VISITING! She was going to acting school and posting her poetry. Women don’t write poems – least put them on line – as a sideline! I declared her a Bohemian. But, she was off to higher places that vanished with the coronavirus. The new James Bond movie was the first BIG VICTIM! Laura adapted! She is Victoria Bond – FOR REAL!

Roozemond is taking on a WORLD CRISIS! Our image of BELLE is forced to change. Beauty has moved to the core of the Labyrinth – for protection? No. BEAUTY is battling the BEAST…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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