Lara Roozemond Is Here

Roozemond – has arrived!

“Look like a Cat-Bitch!”

When I began ‘The Royal Janitor’ I wanted to start on the ground floor of social media that I was very involved in – at my age! When I found fashion photos of Roozemond, I followed her to facebook and other such places – that she was JUST VISITING! She was going to acting school and posting her poetry. Women don’t write poems – least put them on line – as a sideline! I declared her a Bohemian. But, she was off to higher places that vanished with the coronavirus. The new James Bond movie was the first BIG VICTIM! Laura adapted! She is Victoria Bond – FOR REAL!

Roozemond is taking on a WORLD CRISIS! Our image of BELLE is forced to change. Beauty has moved to the core of the Labyrinth – for protection? No. BEAUTY is battling the BEAST on the front line. Lara has ROSE to the occasion. Like everyone else, Lara is in Lock-Down – on a barge in Holland-Hoe? I see my daughter in her. Do a DNA test…..Lara.

When I saw the second video of Ms. Roozemond this morning, I was deeply in love with my muse – again! I studied her over and over, and the flame got so much higher. Her right eyebrow intrigues me. I want to be next to her. I want to interview her so I can behold that eyebrow up close – in person. To stare into those sea-grey eyes and long to kiss her cherub mouth, is the world constantly being renewed so we can go round, and come back to this place,


Laura upstaged the woman that interviewed her – and she knows it! Roozemond has so much class. It is in her upbringing. The depth of her animated characters are just coming on to the stage. She should be the host of this show. In five years she will rule Holland’s media – when the woman emerge – speaking better English than the English, with the American Black inflection, moving to the music and making me laugh.

I found her just in time – again! I’ve been working on an idea for six days. Lara fits in. I see her true work and role in the world that is more about “not to be” verses “to be”. We all got it, we can no longer put on pretenses?

I like to believe Ms. Roozemond watched one of my Wee Willy tapes. Hey! Wait! WTF! Did Lara just send me a poem? It’s been over a year since I read one. How I have ached for her verses. Did she write this poem – with me in mind! OMG! I’m THE ONE she writes to – and she’s my MUSE! It’s a symbiotic Museship! Wow!

Lara should do a reading with a blow-up of one of her cat-bitches in the background. A poetry prop! Then she comes on stage with big slippers and a shower cap. Sharon Stone needs bobby-pins in the dead of night. I will prepare – two canvas! I will work on two portraits of Roozemond – at the same time! One is not good enough!

John Presco



Look Like A Cat Bitch

(The Complaint of Fair Roozemond)



I ain’t going to feel bad


you fall for this

side of me

and you get this

because that’s what I look like

point-0ne-three percent of the time

Do you really expect me

to look like this?

Do you understand the work


It don’t work like that


So I aint going to feel bad

Do ya?



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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Lara Roozemond has starred in her first movie. Hurrah! She is my model for Victoria Rosemond Bond.
    Redrum (Short 2021) – IMDb
    Blessed ? #fy #bladderproblems #yay (
    Aanrader. #fy #anticonceptie #foryou #persoonlijkheid #fyp (
    Ben geen crimi ben gwn patient ? #foryou #bloedarmoede #ijzertekort #fy #zelfscan #albertheijn #fyp (

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