Merlin and The Badland Muse

I wanted to teach Belle my sister’s style, and make Rena the Muse of the Age. But – BEING OLD – I was subject to all kinds of weird suspicions.

Here is NYC artist Anna Weyant, who is having an affair with a 71 year old man. She is Vivian to his Merlin. I have an idea for a movie or series.

Synopsis: Rodan Redcape is three generations Montana. At 26 she takes up art and has a studio in her grandparents barn. She has her first show in New York and is preyed upon. Her brothers are members of The Yellowstone Pride. They jump in a U-Haul and raid the art gallery where Rodan meets the love of her life – in the chaos! He is seventy years – young! Rodan convinces Fredum Glacier to move to Montana. Being four generations New York Village, he is leery. Alas, he relents, and is confronted by Rodan’s childhood sweetheart, Clanx McSinkworthy. who tries to lure Fredrum into one of his tiger traps. Fredum employs Clanx as a model, and he is soon the talk of the town.


John Presco

Larry may have sold Rosamond’s prints in Westwood.

Larry Gagosian – Wikipedia

Pretty Vicky and Armed Badland Prophet | Rosamond Press

Breakthrough NYC artist, 27, drops agent who bought her work at reduced price of $15,000 and sold it for $1.6m a year later: Is now represented by famed dealer, 71, who is also her lover and who vows to ‘protect her from the big bad wolves’

  • Anna Weyant, 27, has emerged as one of the hottest young artists in New York
  • A new profile reveals her falling out with her former dealer, Tim Blum of Blum & Poe
  • Artist grew unhappy after Blum auctioned off work she sold him at a discount to what collectors paid
  • Blum netted $1.6million at Sotheby’s auction a year after paying just $15,000 for the painting  
  • Weyant responded by announcing her switch to superstar dealer Larry Gagosian’s gallery
  • Gagosian, 71, has also been dating the artist for the past year and vows to look out for her best interests
27-Year-Old Painter Anna Weyant Makes History At Gagosian Gallery



muse-poem 030
muse-poem 031
muse-poem 032
muse-poem 033
muse-poem 034

When Rena called sheriff, Dan Mayland, and filed a false police report wherein she claims I was stalking her, she in affect put up a WANTED poster in her county, and the whole State of Montana. How many citizens of the fine State, where my grandfather was born, have heard the egregious slander, and extreme abuse, coming from an old girlfriend who I claimed was my Muse, and was the Muse of my famous sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, the granddaughter of Royal Rosamond, who is kin to famous Benton artists. The Benton family also helped secure and procure the Oregon Territory for the United States.

Rena Eastons’ four page letter began with a recital of the dire straights she and her husband were in that could not help but solicit a desire to help this couple, which I publicly offered on my blog the day before Rena contacted the sheriff, and made false accusations against me. How can I not conclude Rena is still in that “dark and dangerous place” she told me about in her letter where she apologizes to me for “being a abusive girl”.

“Greg, I want you to know & listen. I apologize for being an abusive girl when our paths crossed in 1970. I had come out of a dark and dangerous place, and you helped me. Please forgive me. No one deserves abuse. I have learned a lot now.”


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