Why I don’t Get Paid

Maybe one day this post will be world famous – if we survive a nuclear war with Russia The Evil Empire! I post this on August 31, 2016, two months before Trump was elected president.


Rosamond Press


Why I Don’t Get paid, or Transcending Duality.

Jesus ‘The Go’el Redeemer’ tried to put an end to this Dumb Duality, this ‘Eye for an Eye’. so his followers can know Oneness with The Father. Satan means ADVERSARY

1. aperson,group,orforcethatopposesorattacks;opponent;enemy;foe.2.aperson,group,etc.,thatisanopponentinacontest;contestant.3.theAdversary,thedevil;Satan.

Satan is ILLUSION. Illusion is the enemy. Winning is an illusion, as is losing. Marilyn and Kenny have become obsessed with being A WINNER! This entails magnifying a BIG LOSER to put ones sins in, sins that are a illusion. So when folks i know  take something from me, they leave behind a Dark Turd. If they can own Their Dark Turd, they will have The True Key to Spiritual Freedom.


I have been a Trailblazer most of my life…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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