Lauren Regan and Kris Hermes

I suggest in this video Democrats become Republicans and disrupt the convnetion.

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Lauren Regan and Kris Hermes conducted an excellent talk at the New World Bakery. I was impressed by their knowledge and honesty. I was bowled over when I heard their topic.  Here are two of the first videos I will post. I share my new idea about registering as Republicans to get new radicals where the old radicals used to be, on the other side of the wall, where the Do-nothing neo-Confederate Republicans are, as they block everything. They have built impenetrable walls. Or, so they thought. Trump has crashed their party! He has made a breach we can take advantage of. These walls are Koch built and funded – with the help of very good lawyers. The Trumpites may be barred.

Lauren talks about demonstrators ending up in cyclone fencing boxes holding up cardboard while we preach to the choir – a quarter mile off from the convention center…

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