I Found Our Home!

Where we grew up.

June and Vincent Rice
Posted on April 11, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

Bonds With Angels


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

I just noticed something strange about the two photographs of June and Vincent Rice. Uncle Vinnie is in the top photo, but, in the bottom pic, there is just Aunt June, and the Presco Children. What is going on? Is June looking at the real possibility Mark, Christine, and myself, might become – her children?

Vinnie showed me his cote of arms. He was Welsh. Of course he wanted an Heir, at least one child that will grow up with all the other children born of the four Rosamond Women. Vincent knew Vic was a terrible father, a bad money earner, and even a crook. He kept his kids out back wallowing in an old wash tub, like little pigs. He put in a lawn, and hoped we would graze upon it in order to bring down the food bill. This was not a very smart business idea. Hey, but it beats what Morris and Pierrot came up with!

Vinnie was my Art Patron. He got me a commission with one of his big shot Republican friends that knew Nixon. Vinnie was an avid golf player.

This is a Greek Tragedy. June had gone insane. She lost her long battle to be our surrogate mother. Without a child, she would soon be forgotten

When I had Whooping cough, the Rice’s took me in. June was my nurse. She kissed me goodnight, religiously. I noticed a glowing blue light coming from her stomach. I was eleven. I had almost died. I turned blue. Uncle Dick held me upside down to get the flem out, and, I was born again!



Rosamond Press

Prescos 1951 Christine, June Rice, Greg & Mark on porch Prescos 1951 Greg, Christine, Mark, Vinnie & June Rice (rearPrescos 1964 Family Gathering 1Rosamonds 1963 Family Gathering 1Rosamonds 1944 June 1Rosamonds 1944 June 2

June and Vincent Rice had no children. Harold and Bob Kelly were June’s cousins that Mary Wieneke raised. Their murdered mother, Eutrophia Maude Wieneke/Kelley, was born in Fremont city, in Benton county, in Iowa. That Christine would marry into the Benton/Fremont family, is interesting.

Vincent Rice went to UCLA and authored a sports column for the Bruin newspaper. He went on to write a sports column for the Los Angeles Times. Vincent was always there for the Presco children, and left all his kindred a half million dollars in a Trust. We are due for another installment. He was a good man. Aunt June was like our second mother.

Take note that my sister Christine always stood near me in family photos.

Jon Presco

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Rosamond Press

I started looking for our old home in Empty Chair around 7:00 A.M. It took me two hours to find it. I talked to the school board, and they are going to call me back when they locate the elementary school for this area. They are going to send me any pics, and, list of school teachers, if they find them. We may know the name of the Phantom Teacher before sundown. If I get a name, I will find her grave. I may know the day she died, and how old she is. In ten minutes, it will be High Noon in Empty Chair California. I found the train tracks that ran a hundred yards from the Presco home. Our empty lot and rodeo, is now a industrial park. I may have found our neighbor, who married Marlon Brando. I may have an arial of the tree that my…

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