John Presco For Governor of Oregon

I am a Traditional Candidate for Republican Governor of Oregon. My sister was a world famous artist who married the cousin of the artist, Thomas Hart Benton, the grandson of the famous Senator by the same name. Benton was the first proprietor of the Oregon Territory and is kin to Polly Lane, the wife of Joseph Lane, who was appointed Oregon’s first governor. Lane County is named after Joseph who was a pro-Confederate candidate for Vice President. He was on the ticket with General John Breckenridge whose family was The South that became the new home of the Abolitionist Republican Party. This came about due to the Southern Strategy that should be taught in Oregon schools so that young people will know how the pro-slavery party of Lincoln, became the party of racists who opposed the Reconstruction after the Red States lost the Civil War. John Fremont was the co-founder of the original Republican Party, and its first Presidential Candidate.

I was born in Oakland California. My father was born in San Francisco where one of his German grandfathers built a Turnverein Hall. Carl Janke was the co-founder of Belmont California and had one of that States first theme parks. He was an Odd Fellow, and thus would no subscribe to Christian Nationalism. Nor would Senator Thomas Hart Benton who was honored by the Freemasons who raised monies to build Benton Hall on the campus of Oregon State. Several years ago, Benton’s name was removed. Thomas was the attorney of John Astor, who hired Washington Irving to write book about the Beaver Territory that was a home for his company. The Hart family were partners of Daniel Boone in the Transylvania Fur Company.

Many men came from Europe to make their fortune in the New World. The men that constituted Fremont’s Bodyguard, were Forty-Eighters who fought the Hapsburgs who had created a Christian Nation in the middle of Europe, and who sent two Armadas to destroy the Protestant Christian Nation that Queen Elizabeth ruled. There is no evidence any Christian has worked, but for the one that is sustained in Britain by royals with German roots. Many of the Forty-Eighters were German and were Socialists and Marxists. Lincoln was surrounded by Marxists. Fremont forced Lincoln’s hand by emancipating the slaves of Missouri. He also founded the Radical Democracy Party. Republican Radicals brought about the Civil War. Black people would still be slaves if Fremont had not taken radical steps. John’s wife, Jessie Benton Fremont – the daughter of Thomas – wrote the first book about the Oregon Territory that was explored by John ‘The Trailblazer.

If I become Governor, I will reach out to European Nations to renew a bond very few members of NATO know about. I believe President Zelensky of Ukraine has given new life to the revolution of the Forty-Eighters began in 1848. I suggest Oregon become the Sister State of Ukraine and see itself as a State Member of NATO. Oregon should let our European Allies know we are a Trading Partner in The Pacific.

Let Oregon once again be the model for the Republican Party that has become a symbol for what divided us in Europe and is the reason we were divided over there. We came – here – to find unity of purpose, and create a enlightened culture. Ukrainians are already abandoning the Russian language and culture that oppressed them. Let us follow suit and make an orphan…..the culture of hate. We can do so much with simple love for one another.

John Presco

Radical Democracy Party (United States) – Wikipedia

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    I am running for the President of the United States. I will do the paperwork and make it official.

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