Bond on Bond – Woke

Time to unite.

Rosamond Press

Here is some smart talk from the James Bond group I belong to. There is a long discussion over Bond’s sexuality, like there was with the Whoville Anarchists in regards to my contact with Belle Burch. The homeless are dictating how we live and are helping destroy our culture. Anarchists have employed them to to do their dirty work. I no longer have anything to do with Casey Farrell, a homeless person I had empathy for. He feels I owe him something and lied to me.

Johnny Trouble

Looking at this guy (the new Bond director, lol) and you know he’s a woke punk. According to this punk, Sean Connery’s Bond was basically a rapist. Yep, watched this report on Fox News today. I guess I’ve been right, the new Bond has had his balls cut off and is woke now like everyone else. He goes on to say…

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