Alas – Victoria Rosemond Bond – is visible! Arina is my image of Victoria who was inspired by Rena Easton, who was an A + student that was skipped a grade. Rena evolved into one of the world’s most sexy and beautiful women, but, she is like Arina inside. This is the face of World Liberty! She was asked if she was an “American Spy” by Russians who are being forced to act like RELIGIOUS ADDICTS DEFENDING JESUS and the Russian Orthodox church.

In my lawsuit against OFC I will ask them to provide a list of ATTACKERS. I suspect most were attorneys, and not like Putin’s Cossacks who whip women with whips. Christian leaders and groups know about The Great Commission. This is why they pretend to be local Christian do-gooders concerned about your family. How many members of the OFC went to Russia on some kind of mission? Time to root out The Spies For Jesus, and post a list of Cult Followers on the internet. I did not solicit anything from them. They invaded my privacy, the sanctity of my home, when I brought their INVASIVE letter into my home. They tried to trick me into filling out their questionnaire in order to prevent myself from being labeled an ATTACKER of THE FAMILY OF GOD! They use Secular Voting as a sneaky way to get money from you. There needs to be an accounting!

John Presco

Lawsuit Against Oregon Family Council | Rosamond Press

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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