The “Sunsetted” Barmuda Triangle

Play videos at the same time.

The police chief of Eugene is waxing poetic? Has he followed my fight with the infamous Alley Valkyrie over the soul of Belle Burch? This idea that good behavior can be diluted with bad behavior to render a downtown – that is just right for everyone – is right out of Goldilocks. Is Skinner inventing the New Bohemianism when he suggests we just “roll with the punches”? And what is this “weird vibe”? Belle was on it. She tried to share The Strange with this reporter that is running for Governor – and is not covered by fellow writers for the media. Is it a matter of jealousy, I covering the Bohemian Waterfront aspect of the Sunsetted Class? How many sunsets will it take – till we get the broth just right? Not too hot! Not too cold.



I asked the right question….

“Anymore Pirate Poems our there?”

I’m holding a poetry contest. See how many poems you can extract from The Skinner -and Zelensky -Report. There needs to be another Jazz&Poetry Downtown. I will invite Zelensky who just did Churchill and Shakespeare – who I have been raving about on this blog. Everyone thought I was – washed up!

“There’s nothing new under the sun!”

Johnny Oregon

HOLY SHIT! I wrote this Feb. 11th.

“This is all very European. Putin gives John and Virginia a call. He has written a poem. ‘The Viking Pirates of Kiev’. All is well in the world.”

“We just are going to have to watch it and roll with the punches,” Alansky said.

Skinner encourages Eugene residents to feel safe going out downtown.

“We can dilute the bad behavior with the right people being downtown with the right behavior,” he said.

EUGENE, Ore. – Violent fights have gone up even as Eugene Police up their presence in the Barmuda Triangle around Broadway and Olive streets in downtown Eugene.

“You definitely can tell in downtown that there has been kind of a weird vibe out on the street so to speak,” said Jason Alansky, owner of The Barnlight.

Bars have witnessed the surge in rowdiness, including multiple fights and arrests Saturday night, after a police saturation operation downtown in February.

“While that really really focused effort that we had downtown has sunsetted we’re still doing other things to try to create some levels of sustainable safety downtown,” Police Chief Chris Skinner said.

That includes staffing officers for overtime on weekends in the Barmuda Triangle.

“I’ve been doing this job for 31 years and nothing ever amazes me – and especially doesn’t amaze me – when alcohol is involved,” Skinner said. “When you pour out into the streets all at the same time and we’ve all been drinking, sometimes you just make bad decisions, and I think that’s what we saw this weekend.”

Skinner also suspects pandemic fatigue may play a role. He anticipates another crowded weekend downtown with the mask mandate lifting this Friday a minute before midnight.

“We’d be ill advised to not continue to pay attention to downtown,” Skinner said, “so we’ll continue to have those resources there.”

Bars like The Barnlight, down the road from the Barmuda Triangle, are thankful for the extra patrols – and ready for whatever the coming weekend may bring

“We just are going to have to watch it and roll with the punches,” Alansky said.

Skinner encourages Eugene residents to feel safe going out downtown.

“We can dilute the bad behavior with the right people being downtown with the right behavior,” he said.

Skinner said given the size of crowds downtown on weekend, it’s important to have *multiple officers working due to the potential safety issue for police.

But he said the extra patrols take officers from other parts of the city, making it a challenging task for Eugene Police.

subject (a program, agency, regulation, etc.) to a legal provision under which it is terminated automatically at the end of a fixed period unless renewed by legislative action.

I JUST GOT CENSORED and put in facebook prison for posting this post that chose the nude dancers around Jiryl Zorthian, which is a art piece held every year. I was responding to Rozier on his group about employing pot growers and radical gays to form and fund the AA. Bill said this is why the press does not take me seriously.

“They take me seriously but they don’t take themselves seriously. As a neo-Confederate you take yourself too seriously. This is because your ilk NEVER WON. The pot growers – WON! They gays of San Francisco tore up city hall when Mosconi was murdered by a prig-cop. I am a original hippie. I have been in harrowing anti-war demonstrations that DID STOP the most powerful military in the world. Putin and his holy-shit man are raging murderous homophobes USING JESUS like a big dog. The Confederacy did the same. They oppressed black people they kidnapped from Africa – and held hostage. They bred their children, who made music, that became Jazz, the Swing Kids of Nazi Germany adopted. You and Hitler want to fight – forever! The AA will fight for PEACE, because that’s what the children want.”

Sheriff Two Stars Saw The Future | Rosamond Press

Capturing Belle Venus

Posted on February 16, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

At our meeting at The Wandering Goat, Belle spoke perfect French. I wanted her to become good friends with Virgnia who longs to have someone to speak French with. In ‘Let Them Eat Nancy’s’ Belle moves into the Governor’s mansion and sophisticated folks are pleased their king has taken a mistress that he calls his muse. This is all very European. Putin gives John and Virginia a call. He has written a poem. ‘The Viking Pirates of Kiev’. All is well in the world.

John Presco

Any More Pirate Poems Out There?

Posted on February 16, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

It now appears the Anarchists were quite tame compared to the Republican Pirates who tried to hijack the election of the most powerful nation on earth. All this is gist for my movie and series

Let Them Eat Nancy’s

John Presco

Capitol attack investigators target Trump circle over fake elector ploy (

Clerk who spread election fraud conspiracies runs for secretary of state (

An embattled Colorado county clerk who was prohibited from overseeing the 2021 general election announced on Monday that she is running to be the state’s top elections official.

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, a Republican, has been a proponent of unfounded claims of widespread election fraud and has been investigated for an alleged security breach involving voting equipment in her office.

“Colorado deserves a secretary of state who will stand up to the Biden administration that wants to run our country into the ground with nationalized elections,” Peters said on former Trump strategist Steve Bannon’s podcast Monday.

Belle’s Pirate Poem

Posted on October 24, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press


If you live in the West, then you want to be a Pirate, or, a Witch when you grow up. I became both at the age of twelve when I became an Artist and a Writer.

Here is Belle’s Pirate Poem. She was going to Lane College studying literature because she wants to be a Witch (Writer). Then, she met Ambrose, the wanna-be Pirate Captain. Together, with Alley Valkyrie, they shanghaied the Drug Cannibals that beat on drums in Wayne Morris Plaza on Saturday. These savages attracted young women who danced naked from the waist up. They now launched a Pirate Ship called ‘The Sleeping Dragon’ that did try to take ‘The Royal Rosamond’ as a prize. But, I repelled them. In a noble declaration, I became their competition. This is when they brought in their She-demons.

This is why I am forgiving of Belle, even why I will always love her. She sending me her REVEALING poem was the so naive.  She then asks me how it makes me feel. You got to laugh! When you remove the hood-winking, Belle’s plan was an old and simple one. Found Never Never Land! Never grow up! And have the Squares foot the bill.

Here is what I told Belle in an e-mail I sent her

“The truth is, I did not like your poem, because I hate conspiracy radio. I want to do my own radio show called the Authentic Human Being Show. I did not like your poem because it says very little about YOU and your advocacy for the homeless. OCCUPY has a core group of people who want to remain anonymous. In my book they do not get to use the homeless as their human shield so they can own a cloak of invisibility in order to secretly push their ideaology. I can, and will expose that! Like the Pied Piper I will, put forth a better idea!”

“I called the Horsehead about a half hour ago, and they told me they have a jukebox that allows your song to be played before the songs in front of you, if you feed it more money.

“At the Horsehead,
there is a touch screen machine
where you get to choose
what music is being played.
You pay money for this privilege.
If you pay more money,
your songs get played

If you order food at Jameson’s,
it gets run across the street
from Horsehead.
Luckey’s has the best pool tables,
and a fantastic little Mexican foodcart lovechild
that only accepts cash.”

It is clear to any sane person I have integrity and severed my relationship with her because she is using money she collects for the poor – to party down!  I was disgusted when I read this in Belle’s poem. All of a sudden the image of the Beautiful Homeless waif went – poof! In her place stood Bella Donna, Pirate Queen, laden with booty, and cruising the Caribbean for more treasure! I can not hate Belle after she was so foolish to send me this poem. She was doing great, having fun, concealing who she was, that she ran with a crew of cut-throats. She has food run across the street as she runs the table while downing another tankard of ale!

Synchronistic Poems of The Triple Muse – With Mole!

Posted on November 29, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

After I fell in love with Belle Burch in Ken Kesey Square on April 4, 2014, I hurried home to view the video I took of her. I gasped when I saw the mole on her neck – that is screaming for my attention!

“Look at this! Look at me! See me!”

I called Marilyn and asked what side of her neck her mole was on.

“What side to your recall?”

“The right side.”


“Is it still there?”

“No. I had it removed.”

“I met you today, a younger version of you. She could pass as your daughter.”

Belle was three years of age when I beheld Amily in a coffee house on 13th. She was friends with Barnett and all the Punk-Rock Street Urchins. Kevin and Serna were close to her. She had me feel the bullet in her leg. She was born in a castle in France. Her father was a drug dealer. She spoke perfect French, like Belle. Amily and Belle could pass for sisters. Nancy Hamren followed our Romance, knowing well my infatuations with my Muses – who INSPIRED me! We began a pome together. I describe this effort as a walk along a eternal fence with knotholes, from where we get a glimpse of another parallel reality. Belle’s poem picks up twenty-seven year narrative. This is remarkable! This resembles the poems written for Belle’s mother play. Catherine Van Der Turin was a Libra.

Nancy and I lived in a commune in San Francsico with the Zorthian Sister. Their creative father was titled ‘The Last Bohemian’. Jarly put on a happening based on Botticelli’s ‘Primerva’.  I want to say I forgive Belle, but, more thant that, I recognize Belle as a poet, and a creator. This is a collective piece of great import. The Triple Muse appears on a destructive battlefield where everything is ruined. This is a Greek Tragedy.

With the discovery I made three days ago about the mission Salvador Dali, and a Mystery Woman – all are elevated! Trust me, we are amongst The Immortals.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

On Saturday, April 19, 2014 9:34 PM, Belle Burch wrote:
Hey Jon,
It’s Belle. Still wondering if you’re real. Thank you again for the bike. Let’s set up a time for me to do some modeling. Thurs and Fri are possibilities for me.
By the way, Why “John Ambrose”? Is that your middle name? Nom de plume? Highly synchronistic, as my current partner’s legal first name is Ambrose. I’m very curious about this.
Also, I thought you preferred to spell your name without the “h”?
Here’s the poem I said I’d send you.
Haven’t read any of your emails yet, will get to that soon.

Last night I fell
asleep in a tent on the concrete
in front of city hall
to the sounds of a quiet radio-
some show about the Bermuda Triangle.
How things, people
disappear there.
Whether or not it exists.
Interviews with people
who believed in it,
interviews with people
who didn’t. Its history.
Amelia Earhart. (Airheart?)
It seemed to go on
for centuries.
There are people out there
who don’t have state IDs, passports,
birth certificates,
social security numbers,
who technically
don’t exist.
The faeries who put people
to sleep for 100 years must live there
in that West Atlantic Vortex.
I got lost in it,
like Rip Van Winkle*,
and woke
to a changed world.
I texted a lover in New Orleans,
‘I’m stuffing almonds into a banana,
around my neck is a red bandana
and I love you.’ It was all true.
I walked through what is known
in Eugene as the Barmuda Triangle,
the magical trine of Luckey’s,
Horsehead and Jameson’s downtown.
If you order food at Jameson’s,
it gets run across the street
from Horsehead.
Luckey’s has the best pool tables,
and a fantastic little Mexican foodcart lovechild
that only accepts cash.
At the Horsehead,
there is a touch screen machine
where you get to choose
what music is being played.
You pay money for this privilege.
If you pay more money,
your songs get played
This is a triangle
you can only get lost in
if you’re a real person.
* bandana around my eyes to keep the
blazing orange streetlights out

Copyright 2014

Gambit (1987)


Jon Presco and his Muse, Amily


Remember when it was her turn
to be brave
How she reveled in her chance
to play
in the dance of the sunsets

How wild her eyes
in this juggling act
Full of sea-set waves
of her hand
that withdrew every dove
from your reluctant heart

What she did with your promises
stacking the old moments on edge
Daring you now
to recognize your life without her
Becoming afraid of her.

The new promises made
met with a hush
in the coming night
in the failing light
she came for her victory kiss
No more conjuring ways
all the doves
were asleep in her arms

From the land
a warm breeze
wrapped her long hair
around your embrace
while the new rumor
and web play
refrains of whispering strings
touching the back of your neck
Now afraid for her.

For we have all lost
the best things owned
The longest memories are made
in the dance of the broken sunsets
And perhaps brave?
Who alone would know
Being afraid
with her

La Belle Rose

Posted on June 26, 2015by Royal Rosamond Press


La Belle Rose


Jon Gregory Presco

Dedicated to my Muse, Belle Burch

Poetry is the Truth

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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