The Howdy Doody War Show

The Culture War whirls around Sam Elliot. As a candidate for Governor of Oregon, I’m going to (Johnny) wade in here – big time!
Rosamond Family – Real Texan Good Ol Boys | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

Welcome to the first Howdy Doody War Show.

With,,,,, Buffalo John!

Sam Elliott Slams The Power of the Dog on Marc Maron Podcast | IndieWire

‘I’ve always loved the Willamette Valley’: ‘1883’s’ Sam Elliott at home in Oregon

Mark Baker

For The Register-Guard

Editor’s note: This story was originally published in July 2017 just after Sam Elliott finished filming “A Star is Born.” He’s now starring in “1883,” a prequel to “Yellowstone,” streaming on Paramount+.

It’s that inimitable baritone; a deep, sonorous drawl that’s addictive to the ears, can make women melt and make men half his age wish they had just half his machismo.

His is the voice that tickled audiences as The Stranger in the 1998 Coen Brothers film “The Big Lebowski” with lines such as: “Well, a wiser fella than myself once said, ‘Sometimes you eat the b’ar, and sometimes the b’ar, well, he eats you.’ ”


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