Rena Filed False Stalking Charge

If it looks like I might get the nomination, my rivals will be wanting to get some dirt on me. It’s traditional. Here is my prophetic letter to President Clinton warning him about the rise of the Christian-right. It is in our National Archive.

Johnny Rose Dog

Rosamond Press

My dear Muse has been telling Tall Tales. She did not write me her long letter from Bruce Vesser’s ranch, on Vesser Road. On December 25, 2013, she wrote me from her home on Grand. I discovered the truth when I read the death certificate of her daughter, Kate, who was living on Grand when she died.

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Why did Rena lie? She did not want to tell me she was spending Christmas – alone. Her daughter has been dead fourteen years. Her son James is not there, or, she would have said so. She tells me her brother, James, disappeared long ago after showing signs of mental illness. I suspected Rena was mentally ill weeks after we met. When I told her I was tempted to come to the Bozeman ranch, and rescue her, after I perceived she was a prisoner of some kind, she…

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