The Muslim Navy Is Coming – Alarm!

Priggish Putin is on a mission from God and thus is on par with Islamic Caliphs and religious terrorists,

Rosamond Press

Perhaps it takes a Mad Prophet, some kind of Military Holy Man (other than Trump) to declare we are at WAR WITH THE WORLD – and the heavens?

There is a RUMOR Israeli agents have been setting fires. Woe be the Republic, and all their scowls and hulks……they dare call ‘Warships’.

There are signs – in heaven, and upon the high seas. An alarm is sounded, and here come the U.S.S. Constitution to meet the latest Caliph, who has designs on an alliance with Venezuela. There is talk of shared nuclear weapons. Consider the Bay of Pigs and Soviet missiles. Our VP is in Guatemala. Consider 911. The Mullahs would like to see a Holy Revolution in the Americas, where the Sephardic Jews fled after being evicted by the Royals of Spain.

Never forget…..Pearl Harbor! It is always a good day to die for World Liberty!

John Presco

Gunboat Diplomacy…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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