The Muslim Navy Is Coming – Alarm!

Perhaps it takes a Mad Prophet, some kind of Military Holy Man (other than Trump) to declare we are at WAR WITH THE WORLD – and the heavens?

There is a RUMOR Israeli agents have been setting fires. Woe be the Republic, and all their scowls and hulks……they dare call ‘Warships’.

There are signs – in heaven, and upon the high seas. An alarm is sounded, and here come the U.S.S. Constitution to meet the latest Caliph, who has designs on an alliance with Venezuela. There is talk of shared nuclear weapons. Consider the Bay of Pigs and Soviet missiles. Our VP is in Guatemala. Consider 911. The Mullahs would like to see a Holy Revolution in the Americas, where the Sephardic Jews fled after being evicted by the Royals of Spain.

Never forget…..Pearl Harbor! It is always a good day to die for World Liberty!

John Presco

Gunboat Diplomacy & War Against White Slavery | Rosamond Press

Putin officially pulls Russia out of the Open Skies arms-control treaty. Trump quit the pact last year. (

Iran’s Largest Warship Mysteriously Caught Fire and Sank (

Petroleum industry in Iran – Wikipedia

Iran–Venezuela relations – Wikipedia

Kharg, a lightly armed oiler and cargo ship, was by far the largest ship in the Iranian Navy. The sinking followed a series of suspicious incidents across Iran that some experts chalk up to Israeli espionage.

The fire erupted on the 679-foot-long Kharg in the early morning on June 2. While damage control parties attempted to battle the blaze, all 400 of the ship’s crew and naval cadets ultimately evacuated the ship. Hours later, the ship sank some 6 miles off the coast of Jask. Thirty-three personnel were injured in the incident, but no one was killed, according to the Associated Press.

Two Iranian ships have rounded the Cape of Good Hope, appearing to head for the Atlantic Ocean and on to Venezuela, according to reports. 

The move presents a significant and aggressive step during a tense moment in relations between the U.S. and Iran. 

The two ships – an Iranian frigate and the Makran, an oil tanker that was converted to a floating forward staging base – made their way south along the Eastern coast of Africa and rounded the Cape of Good Hope on Friday. 

2001-2005: Chávez and Khatami administrations[edit]

As President of Venezuela from 1999, before his death, former Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez developed strong ties with the government of Iran, in particular in the area of energy production, economic, and industrial cooperation.[2] The two countries have good cooperation in construction, oil and gas, and in infrastructure projects. He has visited Iran on several occasions, the first time in 2001,[3] when he declared that he came to Iran to “prepare the road for peacejusticestability and progress for the 21st century”.[2] As the fifth President of Iran with a term lasting from 3 August 1997 to 3 August 2005,[4] Mohamed Khatami visited Venezuela on three occasions.[5] During his March 2005 visit, Chávez awarded him the Orden del Libertador and called him a “tireless fighter for all the right causes in the world.”[5]

In March 2005, the BBC reported that Chavez’s relationship with Iran and his support of their nuclear program has created concern for the US administration.[6]

(55) The USS Arizona Bell – YouTube

(55) Old ship bell ringing – Sound effects – YouTube

The Catholic Witches of Saybrook

Posted on March 11, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

I have another Best Seller!

My ancestor, Commodore Isaac Hull, waits till his crew have left the ship to go get drunk in town, then, signals with a lamp, the coast is clear.  A wagon pulls up and two men lift a barrel off the wagon, and quickly roll it up the gangplank. The Commodore is sweating. He is terrified the Hart family will find out he helped his sister-in-law smuggle her aborted baby out of Bolivia pickled in a keg of wine. As the keg rolled by his feet, Isaac refrained from giving the contents a formal salute; for inside is the unborn son of Bolivar who just liberated Bolivia. When Jeanette beheld Simon’s mistress behind him in the victory parade, she screamed in utter rage

“Get it out of me!”

Jeanette and her sisters knew Jeanette’s black maid was adept at abortions. Jeanette had been warned to stay away from the well-endowed Bull of the Pampas who had a herd of cows. But, this is why she hitched a ride with her brother-in-law when she heard of his destination.

Hull had a woman in every port, and his wife Ann, knew this before they got married. How many children he sired, is unknown. It is alleged he had his way with all six Hart sisters. He was in the Hart home when he was not at sea. He had taken most of them on a sea voyage with him which caused the old Puritan Hens of Saybrook to talk. If they had not accused every male in town of being a sexual defiant, perhaps they would have owned some credibility. This, unborn, would be proof, and result in everyone’s undoing.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Simon Jose Antonio de la Santisima Trinidad Bolivar Palacios Ponte y Blaco was born on monthday 1783, at birth place, to Juan Vicente Bolivar and Maria de la Concepcion Bolivar (born Palacios).Juan was born on October 15 1726, in Caracas, Venezuela.Maria was born on December 9 1758, in Caracas, Venezuela.

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