The ‘Get Johnny’ Holy Choir

Protesters gather outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 in Washington, D.C., some with signs and symbols of Christianity. Pro-Trump protesters entered the U.S. Capitol that day after mass demonstrations in the nation's capital.

Protesters gather outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 in Washington, D.C., some with signs and symbols of Christianity. Pro-Trump protesters entered the U.S. Capitol that day after mass demonstrations in the nation’s capital.

A coalition of evangelical Christian leaders is condemning the role of “radicalized Christian nationalism” in feeding the political extremism that led to the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 by supporters of former President Donald Trump.”

When I awoke this morning, I opened my eyes and wondered if Traitor-Trump (Mr. TT) Toilet-Trump works too – had handed his buddy Putin the U.S. plans for waging a Cold&Hot War with Russia – for a hefty price (such as?) the Moscow Hotel where he will conduct The Christian Galaxy Beauty Contest consisting of The Best Butts of Tik Tok. This is what he really wanted because he loves the movie Lolita that tells it like it is. Whar’s the age of consent in Russia?

The second thing I looked at as I sat naked on the edge of my bed, was writing a bio to put next to my name as candidate for Governor. I concluded I got the best resumé you can get. If you google John Presco you get this WANTED poster published by DANEROUS ALLEY VALKYRIE. If anyone cares to know who I am – there I be!

The Register Guard said they will interview every candidate. But, they won’t touch me because they are terrified of the Eugene Anarchist and homeless mob. The real FREE PRESS scares the Be-Jesus out of them – especially when I am ragging on Christians! What I am WARNING people about is Christians taking over the Republican Party, and spreading THE (SECRET) TRUTH it is the official party of JESUS-GOD, but, be careful who you tell this to. This is being done to make it VERY SIMPLE for true believers. It is good to be – AGAINST SOMETHING!

This is the first of many posts on this subject. In my movie ‘Trumpy Bear’ I will follow the guy on probation, and this forty person choir who are heading to The White House. My “Down with post-colonialism” video will be included in the movie I will make from my home movies. After ending our falling out over this dual-belief illusion, Marilyn told me she and her choir didn’t know what to make of this video made ten years ago? I buzzed the opening of the Mimm’s House after I was put in the dark about there being a ceremony that the choir would sing at.

I rubbed Eric Richardson the wrong way when I told him my German ancestors were Turnverein who fought the Confederacy. Eric wanted ALL white men (and not white women?) to feel utter shame so they will pay reparations. I warned him about WHITE SWING VOTES and his message will get white men to vote the Republican ticket. I was ostracized. I was right! He thought I was a clever and sneaky white racist when I told him my church were Zulu Nazarites.

For ten years Marilyn invited me to come video the choir concerts. Since she was fifteen, she has wanted me to become a Christian. She would not read this blog and SEE how I owned the gift of prophecy. In 1963 M’s mother forced me to attend three Billy Graham crusades at the Coliseum. When I did not go down on the gridiron, and surrender my corrupt Teen soul to Jesus, I was forbidden to see my first love. If I tried – I would be arrested! I was part of “The Moral Emergency” in America. I am considering a lawsuit against Franklin Graham and other leaders for destroying the Republican party, founded by my kin John Fremont.

Note! There is not one black person in the Make American Great Again choir, which screams this is the true message….Make America White Again!

John Presco ‘The Nazarite’

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said Trump ‘would roll his eyes at the rules, so we did, too’ (

“There are also some less familiar pieces of evidence, such as the 50-person Christian choir singing about swords and taking possession of the land while the attack was underway. Multiple rioters recounted how God’s hand or voice had urged them to enter the capital.

One avowed white supremacist had convinced his parole officer to let him travel to Washington that week to hand out Bibles. And then there’s the man who broke down Nancy Pelosi’s office door, believing that “the crowd would tear her ‘into little pieces,’” and later testified in court that God had been on Trump’s side: “And if patriots have to kill 60 million of these communists, it’s God’s will.” 

There’s an exhaustive list of such examples. Paula White, “faith adviser” to the Trump White House, recorded nightly prayer videos calling on God to smite Trump’s enemies. The Proud Boys prayed in the street and were “hailed as God’s warriors.” Evangelical speaker Lance Wallnau told his massive following, “Fighting with Trump is fighting with God,” and said that angels were looking for some “risk takers” and “wild cards that are gonna go start something up.” 

Christian Nationalism Behind Insurrection | Rosamond Press

Choir Sings Amazing Grace at Vigil on Anniversary of Capitol Attack (

Choir Sings Amazing Grace at Vigil on Anniversary of Capitol Attack

January 7, 2022

Hundreds gathered in Washington, on the evening of January 6, marking one year since supporters of former President Donald Trump attacked the Capitol building.

This footage, filmed by Brendan Gutenschwager, shows a choir singing Amazing Grace, as a large group gathered for a candlelight vigil. Credit: Brendan Gutenschwager via Storyful

Video Church choir sings ‘Make America Great Again’ song – ABC News (

Eugene, Oregon Abusers – John Gregory Presco, DOB 10/8/1946 – John Gregory Presco, DOB 10/8/1946 (

John Gregory Presco, DOB 10/8/1946

This man’s name is John Gregory Presco, DOB 10/8/1946. He lives in Springfield, Oregon.

He frequents Eugene, especially the Whiteaker neighborhood, and regularly shows up at activist events. He is a stalker, a harasser, and an obsessed delusional sicko. He targeted a friend of mine and has been writing about her obsessively, and when I confronted him about his behavior, he decided to target me as well.

If you need a concrete example of his behavior and why I am posting this, his delusional writings can be found at

If you see him in your neighborhood, on the street, or anywhere, call him out. Expose him. Make it known that you will not accept and tolerate someone who harasses and obsesses over young women in our community. This man is a very sick individual. Anyone who deliberately makes women feel unsafe should not be tolerated in this or any community.


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