Was There A Plot To Asassinate Billy Graham?

The Fake Moral Emergency

Norman had a conference yesterday at Montreux, Switzerland, with Billy Graham and about 25 church leaders from the United States. They were unanimous in feeling that the Protestants in America must be aroused in some way, or the solid block Catholic voting, plus money, will take this election.”

Let me begin by stating I adhore violence and assassinating world figures. After being forced to attend Baptist Church, where I heard the minister depict Catholics as inhuman demons every Sunday, and, after being forced to attend three Billy Graham Crusades – if I wanted to continue seeing my girlfriend – I leaned over and whispered this in her ear;

“I’d like to shoot him with a high-powered rifle! He’s another Hitter!”

The year was 1963. I have seen Nazi propaganda films. Billy had just emerged from a dark tunnel wearing a black half-cape. On either side of him walked two big bodyguards, dressed in black, and wearing wrap-around shades. A five thousand person choir stood up, and sang hm a song of greeting. There was a podium on the fifty yard line, encircled by other bodyguards – and fifty ushers! I am sixteen years of age, as if Marilyn Godfrey. On my mother’s side of the family there are devout Nuns who had to flee Bismark’s cultural warfare against Catholic.

His holy war on teen sex is the most disgusting thing that ever happened in this democracy. This man is a hysteric! Billy’s attack on sex in Drive-ins is dripping with fake Jesusry. Jesus could care less! The liberal ministers get a real tongue lashing, while President Trump – goes Scott-free! Graham creates the American Taliban and tries to destroy young people who are about to become voters who are inspired by the Kennedys and the Democrats. I believe there was talk about making a Evangelical Martyr. Did Graham offer himself up as a human sacrifice. This is ISIS – before ISIS.


Not too many people know that Lee Harvey Oswald took a shot a General Walker several months before he pointed the same rifle at the President of th United States, and blew his brains out. Walker had strong ties to Billy Graham’s competitor, or, compatriot, Billy Hargis. Yesterday I found out about the ‘Moral Emergency’ meeting in Montreux Switzerland where ways to stop John Kennedy from becoming our first Catholic President, was discussed – on foreign soil! This is key, because these un-elected men of God are seeking to overcome the world, and, do not have just America’s interests at heart.

These Traitors are concerned about the affect Kennedy will have on Catholic nations, that the Conspirators are trying to turn into Protestant Nations, citing Catholic Monsters wee prone to accept the Will of the Evil Empire. What both Grahams are conducting, are loyalty checks. Teenage Penises and Vaginas are titled The Enemy of America. Teenage lust is stronger that then the urge for Teenagers to become Communists. These people – ARE INSANE PROPAGANDIST bent on world conquest! The Pro-life Party of Graham’s Will of God, has not been invented, yet.

If illegal Mexicans and other brown folks were not Catholics, but Protestants, the Traitor Trump would not be able to sound the Moral Emergency Alarm that translates into votes! The Grahams are VOTE GETTERS!

I now suspect there was a conspiracy to assassinate a leading Protestant preacher in order to turn away Americans from voting for a Catholic President. There might have been a call for a VOLUNTEER, a Man of God, who would go to  his cross in order to save Protestant America – and America itself from the Red Menace.

I did a thorough study of Walker in my blog that was shutdown due to a virus. I suspected my Walker revelations were THE TARGET.  In all appearances this SHOT fired at Walker, appears staged. How could Oswald miss at such close range. Why were no further attempts made? Was Oswald told to miss, and thus – he was set up?

Then there is the note to his wife and the inconclusive evidence. In the video made of Walker, we see his REAL MOTIVE this other Magic Bullet expected to do wonders for his political career. What is chilling Walker is setting up targets for other covert shooters. This sounds like Helter Skelter.

The Graham families connection to the Russians needs to be examined by Congress. The Church is operating like they SHOULD be in charge of all our affairs – and our Government! Holy Loyalty Checks are made almost everyday by a President who is insane, and manipulated by Holy Leaders who were not elected to any office. They can not stand the questioning from We The People, or, from The Real God who cares about us, and, hopefully, loves us! Hitler, hated the German People. He subjected them to insane loyalty checks, around the clock. He destroyed his army, and destroyed Germany.

These are very dangerous times. They, and their man in the White House, are losing votes. The loyalty checks………aren’t working. We need to know who “they” are, and shine a bright light on them!

Putin and Trump have launched a new Cold War against the Democratic Party. The excuse is, the Democrats want more abortions, and, they support of the LGBT community, who are what the Jews were to Hitler. Russia has led this New Cold Holy War, which has gotten the attention of many Christian Leaders who have always employed A PLOY, a means to divide people and pit them against one another. This is not what Jesus would want. Many Christians overlook the truth Putin and his Church have brutally oppressed their Ploy Victims, who are deemed outside the Law, and thus, the Law is not on their side. Nor is the Church. This is the ideal for Tyrants – and their loyal mobs!

In the end, Putin is out to WIN THE NEW COLD WAR! He wants to be THE ONLY WINNER! The sixteen years of the Clinton and Obama Presidency, were good years. That religious elders invent lies to say they were not, renders them THE ENEMY OF ALL AMERICANS! They are utterly worthless! They are parasites! They are shit-disturbers and trouble-makers.

Start with this information. There will be more.




During February 1963, Walker joined Billy Hargis in an anti-communist tour named “Operation Midnight Ride“.[23] In a speech Walker made on March 5, reported in the Dallas Times Herald, he called on the United States military to “liquidate the [communist] scourge that has descended upon the island of Cuba.”[24] Seven days later, Lee Harvey Oswald ordered by mail a Carcano rifle, using the alias “A. Hidell.”[25]

According to the Warren Commission, Oswald began to put Walker under surveillance, photographing the general’s Dallas home on the weekend of March 9–10.[26] Oswald’s friend, 51-year-old Russian émigré and petroleum geologist George de Mohrenschildt,[27] would later tell the Warren Commission that he “knew that Oswald disliked General Walker”.[28]

On April 10, 1963, as Walker was sitting at a desk in his dining room, a bullet struck the wooden frame of his dining room window. Walker was injured in the forearm by fragments. Marina Oswald later testified that her husband told her that he traveled by bus to General Walker’s house and shot at Walker with his rifle.[29][30] Marina said that Oswald considered Walker to be the leader of a “fascist organization”.[31]

Before the Kennedy assassination, the Dallas police did not have any suspects for the Walker shooting,[32] but Oswald’s involvement was suspected within hours of his arrest after the assassination.[33] A note Oswald left for Marina on the night of the attempt, telling her what to do if he did not return, was not found until ten days after the Kennedy assassination.[34][35][36] The bullet was too badly damaged to provide conclusive ballistics tests, but neutron activation tests later determined that it was “extremely likely” the bullet was a Carcano bullet manufactured by the Western Cartridge Company, the same ammunition used in the Kennedy assassination.[37]




Shortly after the summit’s close, Putin announced plans to return to the presidency, supplanting then-President Dmitry Medvedev. Buffeted by a flat economy, Putin shored up his support by tacking to a nativist, nationalist—and resentful—base. In the first 18 months after his return to the presidency in 2012, Putin corralled protesters, smothered many of the remaining independent media outlets, and dissolved the distance between the Kremlin and the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church. All of his moves pointed toward a hard-right shift in outlook—to a return to Tsar Nicholas I’s triumvirate of “Orthodoxy, Autocracy, and Nationality.”

America’s Christian fundamentalists followed Putin’s moves with glee—all the more after then-President Barack Obama earned a second term, and same-sex rights charged forward. In 2013, Moscow pushed an “anti-propaganda law” specifically targeting the country’s beleaguered LGBT population. Despite widespread condemnation throughout the West, members of America’s Religious Right tripped over themselves in supporting the Kremlin. Likewise, as a Daily Beast report found, the “anti-propaganda law,” like the anti-abortion measures before it, didn’t arise in some kind of retrograde ether, but “had emerged from a years-long, carefully crafted campaign to influence governments to adopt a Christian-Right legal framework”—stemming from the efforts of both American and Russian WCF officials who had “successfully disseminated a U.S.-born culture war that’s wreaking havoc on women and queer folks all around the world.” Even Moscow’s ban on Americans adopting Russian children that year managed to gain support within the U.S.’s far right, with Christian fundamentalists praising Putin’s move as preventing children from living with same-sex parents.



In her biography, “God’s Salesman,” to be published next month by Oxford University Press, Professor George tells how Dr. Peale consummated a unique marriage of oldtime evangelism and a vague philosophy of divine energy that foreshadowed today’s New Age beliefs.

She also tells, for the first time, about the meeting in Switzerland, quoting this letter from Dr. Peale’s wife, Ruth Stafford Peale, to a friend in Connecticutt on Aug. 19, 1960: “Norman had a conference yesterday at Montreux, Switzerland, with Billy Graham and about 25 church leaders from the United States. They were unanimous in feeling that the Protestants in America must be aroused in some way, or the solid block Catholic voting, plus money, will take this election.”

Today neither the proponent of positive thinking nor the Baptist preacher was available for comment on this episode despite efforts to contact them. Dr. Peale is retired; Mr. Graham is traveling in Russia after preaching one of his many “crusades” in Moscow. But, from the correspondence that followed, it is clear that the Montreux gathering set in motion plans for a one-day conference in Washington to rally concern about the possibility of a Roman Catholic in the White House. Before August was over, Dr. Peale agreed to preside.

On Sept. 7 the meeting took place as planned, and it was a disaster for opponents of a Catholic as President, for Richard M. Nixon in his campaign against Kennedy, and especially for Dr. Peale.

At a news conference after the meeting Dr. Peale said the participants had held a “philosophical” discussion of “the nature and character of the Roman Catholic Church.” He was immediately asked questions like these:

Why were there no Catholics on the program? Why had no Jews been invited? Why were the leading liberal Protestant theologians missing? Was Mr. Nixon’s Quakerism also a subject of Dr. Peale’s concern? What reason did he have to disbelieve Senator Kennedy’s pledge to exercise his office free of Catholic influence?

Floundering in the face of such queries, Dr. Peale found himself attacked the next day for “blind prejudice” by the Protestant theologians Reinhold Niebuhr and John C. Bennett. He was challenged to debate “the religious test” on national television by Rabbi Maurice N. Eisendrath, president of Reform Judaism’s Union of American Hebrew Congregations.He was condemned in a published statement by a hundred religious leaders, excoriated in both the religious and secular press and dropped as a syndicated columnist from a dozen newspapers.

Within a few days Dr. Peale took to ground. He distanced himself from the Washington meeting, canceled speaking engagements and even offered his resignation as pastor of Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan. The whole episode, Dr. Peale has often told friends, was one of the most painful in his life.

During his summer vacation Dr. Peale had decided to issue a clarion call of a sermon, entitled “What a Protestant Should Do Today,” upon his return to the pulpit at Marble Collegiate on Sept. 18. A draft found by Professor George identified democracy and freedom with Protestantism and suggested that Protestant Americans should be aware of their numbers and not hesitate to act as a bloc. But, embarrassed by the Washington fiasco, Dr. Peale spoke on a different topic.

For months after the September meeting in Washington Dr. Peale’s associates carried on a reproachful correspondence with Mr. Graham, who had taken no public part in the events that followed the Montreux meeting. In this later correspondence Mr. Graham pleaded hazy recollections of the meeting. It also appeared that he had been kept uninvolved in the Washington meeting by advisers who did not want him to endanger his crusades in Catholic countries.

Long before their Montreux meeting, both Mr. Graham and Dr. Peale had been giving low-level support to their friend Mr. Nixon. But this is not a story of political manipulation of religious issues, in the fashion of today’s political handlers. Nor is it a case of lurid anti-Catholicism.

Mr. Graham and Dr. Peale are simply respectable religious leaders whose vision of the United States inextricably merged Protestant Christianity, moral revival and anti-Communist leadership in the cold war. They had — and have — anti-Catholic counterparts among liberals who simply assume that secularism, free thought and scientific progress are an indissoluble whole.

A week after the Washington meeting, Kennedy spoke to a gathering of Texas ministers and, before the television cameras, fielded their questions and suspicions.

“I believe in an America,” he said, “where the separation of church and state is absolute, where no Catholic prelate would tell the President, should he be Catholic, how to act, and no Protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to vote.”

Kennedy’s message was actually better as oratory than as logic. If the separation of church and state could be truly “absolute,” Supreme Court Justices would only have to work half time. But in 1960 his Houston appearance was undoubtedly the knockout punch on the “Catholic question.”

In January, a few days before his inauguration and five months after the Montreux huddle, the President-elect invited Mr. Graham for lunch and a game of golf. At a news conference that evening Kennedy surprised his guest by announcing that the preacher would answer questions about the religious issue during the 1960 campaign.

According to a news article in The New York Times on Jan. 17, 1961, Mr. Graham “said Mr. Kennedy’s victory had proved there was not as much religious prejudice as many had feared, and probably had reduced forever the importance of the religious issue in American elections.”



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