The Stone of Destiny In Albion

The Royal Janitor


John Presco

Copyright 2022

The Stone of Destiny In Albion

Victoria Bond was thrilled that she got an invitation to come to Depoe Bay and witness the placement of a plaque that declared this bay in Oregon a New Kingdom of England, ruled by Queen Elizabeth. She and Miriam arrived just in time to hear John Ambrose, a candidate for the Governor of Oregon, give a long speech, which to Miriam’s delight was… incredible Biblical theory!

“Jesus belonged to a branch of Pharisees that were about the known world making proslytes of Gentiles. He was preparing the way for a New Exodus. The Priesthood and Davidic linage had given up on the old Promised Land, and were looking for a New Promised Land. Jesus and John were in charge of designing a New Purified Temple because the temples of Judea had become hopelessly defiled. These cousins were PREPARING THE WAY for a New Heaven and Earth. Vital to building the New Temple was saving Jacob’s Pillow, a stone that was found just outside the temple grounds. It was made of sandstone, and was a cubit – three feet – square. It had two rings used to lift the stone and expose ash taken from the Altar of Sacrifice, that was used in the Judging of the Sotah. Jesus went and collected some of this dust when prompted by his branch of the Pharisees, that was opposed by Saul-Paul’s branch. This branch was putting Jesus through many public tests so the people could see he had the rights stuff. He passed with flying colors. I am talking about the Stone of Scones, aka,…..


Saying that, John raised his arms – and shouted! On the horizon was a small cloud, and, from it came a clap of thunder – and…..THE HAND OF GOD!

Starfish’s jaw was dropped, and she shouted….

“Look! On the horizon! There’s the HOLY GRAIL! Can you see it?”

Victoria craned her neck to see over the crowd that was grumbling.

“Where? I don’t see anything. She’s hallucinating!”

Victoria was prepared for trouble after Miriam’s ears turned red. She was on the brink of a meltdown. Then, John slammed down his rod on the ground!

“It is here! I swear unto you third day, Sir Francis Drake brought one quarter of the Stone of Destiny to Depoe Bay. Where the other quarters are, I haven’t a clue! You see, the stone was made larger in Harod’s temple than the original one Jacob used as a pillow. The four pieces represent the FOUR CORNERS OF THE WORLD!. Queen Elizabeth had came to own the one that the Prophet Jaramiah had brought to Albion. She then came in possession of the quarter of THE CAP STONE in Herod’s temple that the false priests were lifting to get the DUST OF JUDGEMENT. But, they did not know – THE WAY!”

Victoria heard this strange sound coming from deep in Miriam’s throat. Her naked feet were pounding into the ground with ever increasing force. Then, she was doing the dance of the Zulu Nazarite that she picked up on their trip to South Africa. The people around gave her a wide girth. John cane over and rested his hand atop Starfishes head.

To be continued

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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