Starfish – is real! There is no greater reward for a writer then to see one of your fictional characters – come alive. Alina (Rena) Timo is Russian. In this video she says she is going to break “the man code of the universe” because she is a savage and a Cossy (Cossack). This is amazing adlib. The making busy work with her hands as she asks for “the man” to come clean, and admit he has a job, is getting paid for coming up with these unbelievable smooze-lines women have endured for years. This is why BAD hired Miriam Starfish Christling as Victoria Rosemond Bond’s bodyguard. Her parents invented Rocky Mountain Foot Fighting. Victoria has lived a sequestered life – with no female friends to mimic – while getting filled in on the Girl Game. You do not want to be next to this woman on a bar stool. I have drunk with crazy San Francisco Women – that are out of everyone’s league.

That Alina gives the “cold fish eye” at the end of her video, is fantastic! I did leave her two messages saying I am writing a Bond book – with link to this blog! Did she take a peek, and, was inspired by what I wrote, or, the muses are at work in ways – yet to be understood! This is why Bohemian types should gather and exchange ideas. Ms. Timo has highly evolved Delusions of Grandeur – which is a turn on for me!

This is from Starfish Meets Calvin Klein. Bond movies are full of fashion. I wanted to create a Fashion Crisis – from the get! In the background China threatens to nuke Japan off the face of the earth. Meanwhile, a billion young Chinese Teens are wondering – with Japan out of the way – will they alas be allowed to strut their fashion stuff. Have I found their Achilles Heal?

““Really!” Victoria said, and sucked in some air through her gritted teach. She was not in the mood for more strange Communist cosmologies that developed behind the Iron Curtain in the 50s. “Miriam. I think it would be best that you go out, more often. No, that was bullshit. Miriam, you need a social life. Your moods have soured. If you were a feline, I would buy a cat for you to play with. You are in need of a companion. We have found someone your age who will play with you. We do not want you hitting the pick-up bars. You don’t take rejection well.”

“Are you paying her to play with me?”

Johnny Two Stars

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    I am in love with my model Alima Timo. She is…A Woman Name Melodramatic! She admits she can not be with her friends for more than twenty minutes. She has a super brain that may come from Harald Handradi who may be the smartest man that ever lived. I want her to star in my movie – just about Starfish.

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