Biden Falls Into Putin’s Trap

I sat on the edge of my bed – with heaviness – considering I am now bid to author a Big Book about how I am the New Nostradamus who predicted the Evil Future in my fictional novel ‘The Royal Janitor’……AND, I created a half-Russian Christian-Nationalist in order to wage a New Cold War against the Russian Monster whose pics of his Anti-Christ Palace have just emerged. Miriam Starfish Christling was hired by BAD to put their conservative leader under constant pressure. Will she ATTACK Victoria Rosemond Bond – for no reason at all? Victoria refuses to arm herself, and, is a conservative at heart. That she lived in Windsor Castle days after she was born for several months, is key to understanding her destiny.

I am relieved due to my revelation my whole blog is a Big Book that is tedious proof I am a Seer. My run for Governor of Oregon as a prophet, will be public record. I will come in as a Professional Augur.

John-John Junior

  • Alexei Navalny bashed the US over its approach to the Ukraine crisis. 
  • “Time and again the West falls into Putin’s elementary traps,” Navalny said. 
  • The imprisoned opposition leader urged Biden to take a much tougher line against Putin. 

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Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in a new interview with Simon Shuster of Time effectively accused the US of allowing itself to be manipulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin when it comes to Ukraine. 

“Time and again the West falls into Putin’s elementary traps. He issues some insane, laughable demands, like these latest ones, about how he and Biden need to sit down in a smoke-filled room and decide the fate of Europe like we’re back in 1944. And if the US doesn’t agree, he’ll ‘pull something,'” Navalny, the Russian president’s most prominent critic, said via letters exchanged with Time over the past few months from the penal colony outside Moscow where he’s serving a two-and-a-half-year sentence.

Russia has gathered a massive force of tens of thousands of troops along Ukraine’s border in recent months, while making demands for binding security guarantees from the West that the US and NATO have repeatedly dismissed as non-starters. Among other things, Moscow has insisted that NATO agree to never permit Ukraine or Georgia to become members of the alliance. NATO has been adamant that its open-door policy is non-negotiable. 

The US and its European allies have failed to make any significant breakthroughs in recent diplomatic talks with Russia, as they scramble to prevent a broader confrontation. Russia claims it has no plans to invade Ukraine, but has also rejected calls to withdraw troops from Ukraine’s border to deescalate tensions. The Russian government also dismissed claims by US officials that covert operatives are planning sabotage inside Ukraine to create a pretext for an invasion. 

The US has warned Russia it will face severe economic sanctions if it invades. Navalny is seemingly unimpressed by this approach. 

“Instead of ignoring this nonsense, the US accepts Putin’s agenda and runs to organize some kind of meetings. Just like a frightened schoolboy who’s been bullied by an upperclassman. Then they declare: ‘If you pull something, then we’ll impose harsh sanctions.’ That’s exactly what Putin needs, because it follows that, if he does not attack Ukraine, then there won’t be any sanctions. There’ll just be the carrot, and no stick,” Navalny said.

“With that, the combination is complete: Putin doesn’t need to worry about the sanctions that were nearly imposed on his cronies,” Navalny added. “The Biden Administration first convinced Congress to shelve them, and now cancels them entirely. Since they promised Putin a carrot, it’s not the time for sanctions.”

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny takes part in a rally in Moscow
Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny takes part in a rally in Moscow 

The Biden administration has pushed against sanctions on Nord Stream 2, a Russia-to-Germany gas pipeline, as it prioritizes maintaining strong ties with Berlin to present a unified front against Moscow. 

“It just takes my breath away to watch how Putin pulls this on the American establishment again and again: threaten to escalate — negotiate — pull back; threaten to escalate — negotiate — pull back,” Navalny said.

Navalny is urging the US to impose sanctions that would hit Putin where it hurts.

“In Russia we’re all tired of rolling our eyes, watching the US impose sanctions on some colonels and generals, who don’t even have money abroad. These are just the agents of Putin’s will,” he said. “It’s really simple. Putin is without a doubt the wealthiest person in the world. The source of his wealth is power and corruption. And the basis of his power is lies, propaganda and falsified election results. You want to influence Putin, then influence his personal wealth. It’s right under your backside. Everybody knows the names of the oligarchs and friends of Putin who hold his money.”

Navalny was poisoned with the Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok in Siberia back in August 2020, and was taken to Germany for treatment. Putin has been widely accused of orchestrating Navalny’s poisoning, which nearly killed him.

Upon returning to Moscow in early 2021, Navalny was promptly arrested. He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for violating parole over a 2014 fraud conviction, including for missing parole meetings while receiving treatment in Germany. Top human rights groups have decried the charges against Navalny as politically motivated. Navalny’s imprisonment led to mass protests in Russia

Before he was thrown behind bars, Navalny led a vast political network in Russia that worked on exposing corruption in Putin’s government. Last year, Russia outlawed Navalny’s political network by labeling it an extremist group.


Posted on August 12, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Starfish – is real! There is no greater reward for a writer then to see one of your fictional characters – come alive. Alina (Rena) Timo is Russian. In this video she says she is going to break “the man code of the universe” because she is a savage and a Cossy (Cossack). This is amazing adlib. The making busy work with her hands as she asks for “the man” to come clean, and admit he has a job, is getting paid for coming up with these unbelievable smooze-lines women have endured for years. This is why BAD hired Miriam Starfish Christling as Victoria Rosemond Bond’s bodyguard. Her parents invented Rocky Mountain Foot Fighting. Victoria has lived a sequestered life – with no female friends to mimic – while getting filled in on the Girl Game. You do not want to be next to this woman on a bar stool. I have drunk with crazy San Francisco Women – that are out of everyone’s league.

That Alina gives the “cold fish eye” at the end of her video, is fantastic! I did leave her two messages saying I am writing a Bond book – with link to this blog! Did she take a peek, and, was inspired by what I wrote, or, the muses are at work in ways – yet to be understood! This is why Bohemian types should gather and exchange ideas. Ms. Timo has highly evolved Delusions of Grandeur – which is a turn on for me!

This is from Starfish Meets Calvin Klein. Bond movies are full of fashion. I wanted to create a Fashion Crisis – from the get! In the background China threatens to nuke Japan off the face of the earth. Meanwhile, a billion young Chinese Teens are wondering – with Japan out of the way – will they alas be allowed to strut their fashion stuff. Have I found their Achilles Heal?

““Really!” Victoria said, and sucked in some air through her gritted teach. She was not in the mood for more strange Communist cosmologies that developed behind the Iron Curtain in the 50s. “Miriam. I think it would be best that you go out, more often. No, that was bullshit. Miriam, you need a social life. Your moods have soured. If you were a feline, I would buy a cat for you to play with. You are in need of a companion. We have found someone your age who will play with you. We do not want you hitting the pick-up bars. You don’t take rejection well.”

“Are you paying her to play with me?”

Johnny Two Stars

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