Melba Broderick and Carrie Fisher

Does Paul Simon believe he is being haunted by Carrie Fisher? I think we should meet and collaborate on a Broadway Musical. The Haunted Robe.

John Presco

Rosamond Press

While looking at the Bulkley family tree, I noticed the Jennifer Hemphill took two images of my grandmother, Melba Presco-Wilkins, and put them in HER PILE. Why did she do this? She does not descend from the Broderick family. She never knew any members of my natal family – including our star – that the law firm of Robert Brevoort Buck legally declared should be THE CENTRAL FOCUS of OUR family history in order to regenerate a waning history in Rosamond’s art, and, inspire a movie – so creditors can be paid off. My mother told me Jacci Belford, and her high school buddy, Stacey Pierrot, were considering getting Carrie Fisher to author a biography – and screen play? Why? Carrie died the worst way an addict can, in public, vomiting all over yourself and perhaps others.

This is Princess Leah. Does Hemphill see herself, and her Mommy as the…

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