“I Collect Poetry”

When I began my portrait of Rena, her young self paid me visits. I wondered if she born my child. At the movie theatre she put my hand under her cape and said; “Feel. I’m getting fat1”

Derek Walcott, who wrote The Capeman, is accused of sexual harassment. Fellow poets stook up for him. Is this another case where a Muse turns on the Creative One? I suspect The White Goddess is making a return – and she wants a rewrite1

John Presco

Derek Walcott – Wikipedia

U.S. taunts Putin on Kazahkstan during sensitive Ukraine talks. That’s not smart. (msn.com)


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Here is a scene from the movie ‘Beautiful Creatures’


Rena regrets telling me she has memorized a million poems because it is a supernatural gift. I saw the last half of this movie and am watching the first half right now. It begins of this young man doing drawing of a young woman, but, you can’t see her face. For two weeks I have been wanting to tell my reader (and Rena) that since I can remember I have been working on the hairline of a young woman, just the hairline. I had to get it just right. Rena has that hairline – just right!

This movie is another portal into ‘The Rose of the World’ prophecy. Rena tapped into something when she was a child. The Rosamond family had plantations in South Carolina. Christine did a painting of our black maid, Lena.

There was an art contest where…

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