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I talked with Christine Wandel last night – for three hours! No one has blown my mind – like Christine! She told me she called the theatre where Ruben Blades starred in The Capeman – many times – and told the person that answered the phone, Ruben was the father of her only child. I pressed her to recall how many calls she made. “Allot!”

I told her this can be seen as “stalking” because Ruben is a movie actor. I told her she is doing The Phantom of Opera – but as a woman

“Erica? Is that you?”

I googled The Capeman and read what it said – to my friend whose bathroom ceiling caved in three days ago. What!!! I told her Capeman was considered the biggest flop on Broadway! We talked about the musical Peter Shapiro and I are working on called ‘The Roof Job’. I told her Paul Simon was married to someone special. After we hung up – I googled Paul. He was married to Carrie Fisher! What!!!!


There is some major synchronicity going on here. I have written songs for two Broadway musicals. Capeman is….The Flop That Won’t Die! Does it have a life of it’s own – and wants a Second Chance?

I told Christine about the photograph of Ruben and his foundling family, and assured her we were a part of a extended family – that needs recognition and acceptance! I read this this morning. Our Tribe is now visible. A remake of the Phantom is due out. Let the Music of the Night – live forever!

“Describing the relationship and marriage of Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon as on-again, off-again, on-again, would be a massive understatement. Across 12 years, the pair dated, split, became engaged to another, dated again and then decided rather than split they should wed. After the marriage ended they continued to date for another 10 years.

“Years ago there were tribes that roamed the earth, and every tribe had a magic person,” Fisher writes in her 2008 memoir Wishful Drinking. “Well, now, as you know, all the tribes have dispersed, but every so often you meet a magic person, and every so often, you meet someone from your tribe. Which is how I felt when I met Paul Simon.”

Christine has not beheld the typewriter I gave her. It is still packed in a box. Yet – it writes! In my blog on the phantom, you see a box of clothing I am about to send Christine and Stefan Eins. (scroll down)

John Presco

Paul Simon and Carrie Fisher: The story of their 12 year relationship – Smooth (smoothradio.com)

Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon: The Intense Highs and Extreme Lows That Plagued Their 12 Year Romance – Biography


Christine’s Typewriter

Christine’s Typewriter


John Presco

A Serial-Novel

Copyright 2021

Over a month ago. I boxed and sent via UPS, Christine Wandel, one of my manual typewriters. It sat in her hallway on Carmine Street in the West Village – for a week! Why she didn’t bring it into her appartment, is the beginning of this haunted tale that led me to learn my favorite actor is dead! God rest his soul.

I will be conducting a ceremony at sundown, where I will assign this actor’s heavily-textured soul to the Oaks Motel in Oakland California. He will be the first Thespian in residence. I think I will put Taylor and Burton there as well, in the next room, sos his tortured pathetic soul can be woken in the middle of the night by screeching and hollering!

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Artful Stalker Six 008Emmy Rossum played Christine in the movie ‘Phantom of the Opera’. Here is a Rose name. She played Lena in the movie ‘Beautiful Creatures’.

When I went to visit Rena in Nebraska, she tried to transfer my Gift over to her new boyfriend, a sculptor, and perhaps a painter. She tried to break my heart as she unwound the gauze that covered the life-size clay model of himself that Rena told me was inspired by Micheangelo’s King David.

Rena gave me a poster with her photo on it taken in the woods by a student photographer. She was completely nude. Here again was another transference. This was payback for me turning my back on her when she came back to bed after saying “goodbye” to her boyfriend who she had devastated. Wearing a devilish and mischevious mask she told me how he gave her he sign of Satan as they…

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