Christine’s Typewriter

Christine’s Typewriter


John Presco

A Serial-Novel

Copyright 2021

Over a month ago. I boxed and sent via UPS, Christine Wandel, one of my manual typewriters. It sat in her hallway on Carmine Street in the West Village – for a week! Why she didn’t bring it into her appartment, is the beginning of this haunted tale that led me to learn my favorite actor is dead! God rest his soul.

I will be conducting a ceremony at sundown, where I will assign this actor’s heavily-textured soul to the Oaks Motel in Oakland California. He will be the first Thespian in residence. I think I will put Taylor and Burton there as well, in the next room, sos his tortured pathetic soul can be woken in the middle of the night by screeching and hollering!

I wanted Harry to play me in any movie made about me, or, anyone I know, but, as fate would have it, Mr. Statton has been chosen by the God’s of Pathos – to haunt Christine’s Typewriter! I have been accused of engaging in automatic writing in regards to my blog, Royal Rosamond Press. I have have given credit to My Muse. I wanted to help Christine become a Village Writer. but, I think she is a……Muse Snatcher! I think she – wants it all! She wants to own my Magic Jinn so it will type all day and night and generate a small library of novels – and several blogs! She wants a car, a literary vehicle – that writes automatically – just like the car in the movie ‘Christine’!

Harry was in the movie ‘Christine’. He plays Detective Rudolph Junkins. In my serial, he will be, Michael ‘The Spark’ O’Harkins. I have created this Pulp Detective to get to bottom of this. What the hell is going on? I think I created a – MONSTER!

Christine (1983 film) – Wikipedia

Wise Blood (film) – Wikipedia

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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