Furious About Mother’s Fat

I dreamed I and a Nun took Jesus down from his cross last night. It was very ornate and about seventy-five feet high. We had to use a ladder. I was concerned about my wieght. I gave it a go, thinking about the thug, Bill Cornwell, who believed in a Republican Replacement Plan, to take everything from the Democrats’ because they got everything from the Republicans. He and his father convinced by daughter I was a parasite, and she deserved the Liberal Rosamond legacy as I have been saying for years. But, now the evidence is coming out. A dozen experts are predicting another insurrection and Civil War. There has to be an explanation why a child would turn on her father – and be his Judas. It is brother against brother in a Civil War, but, I am sure brothers turned a man’s daughter against him. If Heather was honest, she would tell – the nation the truth!



While the attack was unprecedented, it was predicted in advance by extremism experts and intelligence officials, with pro-Trump groups planning the march and calling for violence online in the weeks after the election. Capitol Police had advance warnings of the attack but failed to prepare accordingly.

In the months since, Capitol Police have implemented a number of reforms recommended by Congress and other agencies, according to a United States Capitol Police press release.

IUPUI professor of history Raymond Haberski said the event was unprecedented in the sense that it was the first breach of the U.S. Capitol since the British attacked it during the War of 1812. But there has been political violence since the inception of the country, and there has been far-right, white Christian nationalist violence for decades, he said.

“While it was unprecedented to see it happen in the middle of D.C., it’s not that unusual to see them go after government officials, because they’ve done it in the West — Idaho, state of Washington, parts of Utah,” Haberski said.

He said the Republican Party’s presentation of itself as anti-government has become dangerous, almost to the point of willingness to endorse violence against their own government. According to National Public Radio, House impeachment managers said Trump incited the crowd to violence when he told the marchers to “fight like hell” just before they attacked the Capitol building.

In May 2021, the House passed a bipartisan plan to create a commission to investigate the insurrection, but Republicans in the Senate blocked it, according to the Senate roll call vote. In response, House leaders established a select committee, which has since uncovered knowledge of Trump’s behavior during the attack, texts between Fox News hosts and White House officials and more.

Nobody likes losing. But rather than accepting failure, former President Donald Trump has preferred to tell a different story, one where he never lost at all. In the version of events told in the “big lie,” Trump was the victim of a massive voter fraud scheme, one that stole the election from him and handed it over to President Joe Biden.

The “big lie” is just the latest version of the myths that reactionaries have always told themselves.

Recent polling shows it’s a story that still sticks with a supermajority of Republicans. The University of Massachusetts Amherst found that 71 percent of GOP respondents believe Biden’s win was at least “probably” illegitimate. An ABC News/Ipsos poll found the exact same result: 71 percent of Republicans “sided with Trump’s false claims that he was the rightful winner.”

What to make of this seemingly desperate rejection of reality? The fact is that Trump is not nearly as original or creative as he portrays himself to be. In this case, he’s merely slapped his name and branding onto a concept that predates him. The “big lie” is just the latest version of the myths that reactionaries have always told themselves.

New polling proves Trump’s fans are as delusional as they are unoriginal (msn.com)


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I was preparing to give up my section 8 housing and move to Santa Rosa so I could pick up my five year old grandson from school he just started, because my daughter worked. Then Heather broke up with her boyfriend and could not afford a place on her own. We made plans to live together, when, Bill Cornwell came into our lives – to destroy us! Reading his emails, to my dismay my daughter had bonded with a raging alcoholic who bragged about his drunken-driving in order to get hoots and cheers from his boozer friends. Heather is saying they are thinking about getting marriage. I posted this…

“I hope you’re not engaged in reckless driving with my daughter and grandson in the car?”


I get a call from Heather, and she tells me Bill refuses…

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