Lima Bean – Vision Quest

Christine Wandel just spent an hour telling me the most amazing and beautiful history of the how The Loading Zone and The Tower, were creatively wed. I heard the story of the missing link. Ruben Blades wants to be linked to this Musical Hallmark.

Rosamond Press

Lima Bean


Vincent Rosamond Rice

Chapter One – Creating An Artificial Mental Illness

When Ruby Blaze entered the Cosmic Bagel, he was happy to see there was only one place to sit now that the COVID had been defeated by a vaccine cleverly put in the mysterious Chem-Trails. Those paranoids who believed in Chem-trails, were exactly the people who refused to get vaccinated, thus, they were more open to the idea their Personal Choice and Willpower was constantly under attack, and, they lost this battle, but, there would be more in the future. Oh well! You can’t win them all!

“Alls well – that ends well!”

Placing his plate and cup of Java carefully on the table, so as not to disturb the elderly gentleman with the long white beard, he was soon befuddled as to what this hermit-like dude was doing. He has a stack of four books…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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