The Dark Words of Mark Presco

Members of the Getty family, Liz and Richard Burton, Lisa Minnelli, and the Prescos, suffered from addictions. Liz Taylor championed AIDS after being in the Betty Ford Clinic.  Someone suggested my last posts are a Trojan Horse approach to the Getty family, and, if I promise to make everything smooth and shiny, my distant kin might do me a favor. I have thirty-four years of sobriety.

Above is a photograph of my grandson sitting on the lap of Bill Cornwell who was born on my father’s birthday. My daughter was born on my mother’s birthday. I see myself in Tyler. The Duo-Nightmare had come home to haunt those who suffer.

When my daughter told me she wanted to become a famous country western singer, and after I heard her aunt married a party animal, I was concerned sixteen year old Heather Hanson was wanting to become a full-blown alcohol party-animal. She bonded with one. Bill was a famous drunk in Santa Rosa. 

Below is a letter from my brother who claims he has heard me go off on people “a thousand times”. He is a liar. We hardly conversed and I never drank with him. He says he tried AA, but didn’t need it. He says he read the rough draft of Snyder’s slanderous biography of our sister. I asked him why he didn’t contribute. He said;

“I couldn’t think of anything nice to say about her.”

Mark could have talked about the miracle of his sobriety, tell those who suffer – how he did it. And. how come Larry Chazen is not in the bio. He appears to be close with the Getty family. He could have talked about their struggle with drugs and alcoholism. 

I attack aunt Lillian because she told me Tom Snyder is coming to her home to interview her – for his book. I flew to Bullhead City to interview her at Vicki’s house. Tapes were made of that conversation. I believe this is a breach of Copyright. Most Recovery Books are written by those who suffered. Snyder is a hired ghost writer – who had not problem with alcoholism. There’s your Legal Trojan Horse anointed by executor, Sydney Morris – who may have been making things shiny and smooth for lurkers in the dark. Did Mark converse with Morris? How about Chazen? Were both men invited to Christine’s first sober birthday at Rocky Point, but didn’t go because they didn’t feel positive towards her?

John Presco

“On the other hand, Taylor seemed to be indulging herself not just with alcohol but with recreational drugs. According to James Spada, a biographer of Peter Lawford’s, Elizabeth saw a good deal of Lawford, who would turn her on with marijuana, a charge reiterated by Peter’s widow, Patricia Seaton.”

BBC Blogs – Wales – The death of Richard Burton


That death occurred at his home in Celigny in Switzerland on 5 August 1984. He was just 58 years old. He had, for years, been an alcoholic and had nearly died from overuse of hard liquor in 1974. Even before that, in 1970, he had been warned that his kidney was enlarged and told that this could and would cause him significant problems in the years ahead. Burton chose, as might be expected, to ignore that advice.

Alcohol was always a significant problem for Richard Burton. He claimed to have been drinking heavily at the age of 12 – and smoking. Both vices remained with him to the end.”

She was found dead on 11 July in the Getty apartment on Piazza d’Aracoeli, allegedly of a heroin overdose.[1] However, her death certificate listed the cause as cardiac arrest, with high levels of alcohol and barbiturates found in her blood.[22] Speculation flared up in the Italian press that Paul’s continued heroin usage had caused Talitha to relapse

Talitha Getty – Wikipedia

John Paul Getty III – Wikipedia

From: “John Presco”
Date: Tue Nov 11, 2003 11:29 am
Subject: Mark Presco

“The crap you have written recently is even worse than the garbage
that Tom Snyder wrote. I did not contribute to Tom’s book because I
couldn’t think of anything positive to say about Christine. Rather than airing out the
families dirty laundry in public I opted to say nothing. This was even
before I read the proof and saw how negative the story was and how he
harped on his diagnosis of bipolar disorder. But your writing is even worse,
intentionally denigrating everyone in your family. Once again the
verbal abuse that you heap upon your family is unacceptable. You will never
get such trash published, just as Tom’s garbage is not selling.

It was pathetic to read how you consider yourself to be an innocent
victim in regards to your alienation from your daughter. I can guess what
happened even though I was never involved. You got your feeling hurt so you
lashed out at Patrice with everything you had. You said the most vile and
hurtful things you could think of because you wanted her to hurt as much as
you were hurting. You wanted her to know that you believe she did it on
purpose, so you accused her of conspiring against you. This justifies in your
mind your hostile attack. I believe this is what happened because I have seen
you do it a thousand times. You have driven Patrice and Heather away from
you in the same way you have driven every member of your family away from
you. You are no innocent scapegoat in this. You are the major family abuser.
As bad as Vic or Rosemary ever were.

You assert that nobody cares about your feelings. That is not it at
all. Everyone is subjected to the same insults and rejections that you have
experienced. It is your hypersensitivity that causes you to feel them
more intensely and then to respond in an inappropriate manner. When you
respond with you hyper verbal abuse and hostile attacks it simply drives
people away. You believe that when you tell people how unhappy you are with
them in this fashion they will respond positively to you. They will not. They
will immediately reject you. They have rejected you, for this and this

You like to tout your recovery program. I have been to AA and
rejected it. I didn’t need them to avoid alcohol for 25 years. So I know the first
step in their recovery is to admit that you have a problem. You are required
to stand up and state that you are an alcoholic at every meeting
regardless of how long you have been sober. However, you will not even admit that
you are a verbal abuser. You have stated in your email that you will never
admit that you were wrong. As long as you refuse to admit you have a
problem there is little hope for you.

I will never be on your side for two reasons. The first is that I
don’t want there to be sides. I don’t want to see the family split into two
warring camps. If you insist on dividing the family then you will go
it alone. The second is I will never be a party to your verbal abuse,
either of the family or anyone else. As long as you continue your hostile
attacks I will not support you. I suggest you show this email to the therapist
you like so much and see what he says.

Once again you have attacked Lillian and me in you writings. You have
broken your promise to me. Once again you owe us an apology. I will no longer
tolerate your verbal abuse and your hostility. If I do not get a
profuse apology from you I will have nothing more to do with you – ever. You
can sit in your lonely room hating every member of your family and rot.

Mark B. Presco

Rosamond Press

Here it is! The lost message of my brother, who celebrates the falling out I had with my daughter, who was kidnapped when she was seventeen. Around this time I asked Heather if she had read Tom Snyder’s book, yet. She said no, but, told me Christine was very abusive to her daughter, Drew, Mark’s favorite niece. Last Christmas our niece, Shannon Rosamond. called me, and was crying. She had just read a movie script about her mother.

“Why are they saying all these awful things about my mother – that are not true!”

Mark’s email is another smokescreen to hide the truth – he did take sides – and probably took Garth Benton’s side during the awful divorce where the Benton’s said awful things about each other. Snyder’s bio says Christine was accusing all father’s of incesting their daughters. Did Vicki Presco show Mark the rough draft of our…

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