Civil War Over The Truth

I talked to Christine Wandel twice yesterday. She mentioned her boyfriends in Rome. Then we talked about the pending war. She blamed President Biden. I blamed Trump. Then she told me a lie. She said Trump asked Nancy Pelosi to send the National Guard to surround his rally – just in case his people got out of hand. I was shocked! I asked her where she got this – news? I considered the idea that this is what Trump and his Trumpites would want so they would appear oppressed martyrs, and, thus his armed goons fake-Patriots would have a right to begin a insurrection – all over the America. I told Christine she has three days to collect THE TRUTH and call me up WITH FACTS, or, we a no longer friends. She said WE should not talk about politics, which made me wonder who she is talking politics to. Has she found like-minded people that I don’t know about. Do these people look down on me, because they know I am not…..ONE OF THEM! Does – Christine look down on me – after all these years? She still comes off as a Hippie, who wants to be in my story and newspaper-blog. But, I don’t know her anymore. I don’t know whos side she is on, and what she stands for. I was reminded of The Invasion of The Bodysnatchers, where accepted Human Truth, no long apply. Christine wanted me to ACCEPT AND LIVE THE LIE! I refuse! I don’t have to. Why does she? Do you know people – who have CHANGED like this? Did Trump discuss crowd control with Michael Flynn? If so, he should have him tell the truth!


“I recommended 10 but I said do whatever they want, they’re running the Capitol, they know what they’re doing,” Trump says in the video. “And the Capitol police knew about it, she (Pelosi) knew about it, and they turned it down because they said it didn’t look good.”

But Trump’s claim was debunked by fact-checkers in March, after he first made the statement during a Fox News appearance, and it’s still not true. There is no evidence Trump made any formal request about deploying 10,000 National Guard troops before the rally.

Michael Flynn sues Capitol attack committee in bid to block subpoena (

Michael Flynn, a longtime adviser to Donald Trump, has sued the congressional committee investigating the deadly 6 January attack on the US Capitol in hopes of blocking it from obtaining his phone records.

Fact check: Trump did not request 10,000 Guard troops for Jan. 6 (

December 15, 2021 at 3:00 a.m. EST

“Don’t forget, President Trump requested increased National Guard support in the days leading up to January 6. The request was rejected — by Pelosi, by congressional leaders, including requests, by the way, from the Capitol Police chief.”

— Sean Hannity of Fox News, speaking to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, Dec. 13

“What we also know is that President Trump wanted to make sure that the people that came, that there was a safe environment for that kind of assembly. And I’ve said that publicly before — the 10,000 National Guard troops that he wanted to make sure that everything was safe and secure. … Obviously having those National Guards available, actually the reason they were able to respond when they did, was because President Trump had actually put them on alert.”

— Meadows, to Hannity

No, Trump did not order 10,000 troops to secure the Capitol on Jan. 6 – The Washington Post

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