Universal Order of Saint Francis

It is very disturbing to know millions of Christians are backing Liars. God is The Truth. I can, and will, testify to this. There needs to be a Religious Panel of Truth made up of twelve denominations of Christianity, who will examine matters of importance to our democracy, and rule on who told lies. I use Jesus Judging the Sotah as a precedence. The first Rule of St. Francis was deliberately lost – by liars! This order was used in the Inquisition. I will speak of this Rule and give The Word! I will prove that Jesus was a valid candidate for the King of the Jews, and was not the offspring of The One God. You can not have – TWO GODS!

John ‘The Nazarite’

Medieval Sourcebook: Rule of Franciscan Order (kenyon.edu)


At that moment the universities were growing and the translation of Aristotle into Latin was challenging Christian scholars. The mendicants took up the challenge with gusto, and by the end of the thirteenth century most of the lead the scholars in the major universities were either Dominicans or Franciscans.

At that moment the church was engaged in an all-out assault on heresy. In fact, it had created a new institution to deal with it, the inquisition. The mendicants were widely used as inquisitors, and by the turn of the fourteenth century most inquisitors were either Franciscans or Dominicans.

A religious order is based on a rule. The first rule of the Franciscan order, submitted to the pope in 1209, has long since disappeared from history. It was the rule of 1223, the third produced by Francis, which became the definitive one. It is still in use today. I. In the name of the Lord, the life of the lesser brothers begins.


January 6: How the House select committee finally exposed Trump’s empire of lies (msn.com)

In 1523, the Franciscan Friars arrived in the Americas to evangelize the indigenous peoples of the Spanish Empire. They would be followed by Dominicans, Augustinians, and Jesuits. As Spanish colonial society grew in central New Spain, the Friars’ efforts focused on the northern and southern frontiers. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, after 300 years working in the Americas, the Friars founded the 21 Missions of Alta California.

Rosamond Press

The Catholic church has been utterly corrupted by Attorney General, William Barr, and President Trump – who holds up a upside-down Bible in front of a Catholic church. Did Barr suggest he do this in order to give Opus Dai and the radical Catholics a MESSAGE, that once again, the Catholic Church launces a crusade against un-believers.

Meher Baba forbid his followers to form a religion around his teaching, but, he said nothing about Saint Francis. Below the photograph with CAUTION you see a cave in the distance. A year after I conversed with Jesus I wrote my novel ‘Where Art Thou?” while sitting before this cave – at my computer screen – and saw The Tree of Life at the back of this cave.

John Rosamond Rice

Spiritual Work With Saint Francis

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