Republican Women – Are Big Losers!

I am now going to launch a scathing analysis of how badly Republican Women have lost prestige and status – all over the world! I will rip away their Jesus Mask, and expose the truth they can not live up to their agreement – to play fair! When you agree to play cards, play chess, or, play tennis, YOU AGREE there is going to be – A LOSER! There is no tie in tennis – or politics! Who lost the Civil War?

American Women brag about how smart and sophisticated they are. I’m going to put millions of Republican Women in a jail cell with Steve Bannon, because, they believe they do not have to play by the rules – claiming Democratic Women do not play by the rules! Somehow, THEIR SISTERS cheated them out of a VICTORIA! Forget about the Democratic Males! Is this true, that thirty million voting women ARE CHEATERS?

In the coming year I will put millions of Republicans women voters next to Ol’ Crusty Mouth! I will take Jesus from them, and their beloved King David! I will shove in their face the truth that they can not play by Hoyle – or any rules! They are in truth – LAWLESS SAVAGES!

John Presco

“There’s no singular sort of women’s vote in the American electorate,” says Claire Gothreau, a research associate at the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) at Rutgers. “Yes, women are more likely to vote Democratic than men. But once you look at gender data disaggregated by race, by age group, education, religiosity, there are these really big differences. For example, white women have pretty consistently voted Republican in presidential elections.”

Still, across all age groups, women do tend to vote more Democratic, with more white women voting for Democrats than white men. In addition, a CAWP analysis found that unmarried women tend to vote at a higher rate than unmarried men, but married couples tend to vote at similar rates as each other.

Trump’s defense secretary says his goal was to stop him from using the military against Americans in ‘the days before, the day of, and the days after the election:’ book (

Analysis: Donald Trump is in full attack mode as Joe Biden celebrates a victory that eluded him (

Donald Trump is tightening his malignant hold on American politics as Joe Biden battles to stabilize his own problem-plagued presidency by celebrating his massive infrastructure reform package — a political win his predecessor never managed.

The corrosive and complicated impact of the 45th President’s poisoned legacy again threatens to blot out Biden’s efforts to look to the future on Monday, as Trump’s political guru Steve Bannon turned himself in at the FBI’s Washington field office after a federal grand jury indicted him last week for ignoring a subpoena from the House probe into Trump’s coup attempt. In remarks to camera, he told his supporters to stay focused, adding: “We’re taking down the Biden regime every day.” In an earlier indication of the Trump team’s willingness to embrace authoritarian rhetoric in open defiance of a democratic choice made by voters, Trump appeared to defend rioters, some who chanted “Hang Mike Pence,” after his vice president refused to throw the election. The comment was contained in audio of an interview conducted for a new book by Jonathan Karl released by ABC News.

Analysis: Donald Trump is in full attack mode as Joe Biden celebrates a victory that eluded him (

Jessie Benton-Fremont Would Sue OSU

Posted on June 5, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

If Jessie Benton-Fremont were alive today, she would sue Oregon State University. Of this I have no doubt. As her kindred, and as the Historian of the Benton Family, I will do all I can do to restore the good standing of the history of Jessie’s father in the State of Oregon. I will seek as much help as I can muster.

Jessie wrote the first history of Oregon. She was a historian, who did not foresee there would ever come a time when her illustrious family tree would come under such a damaging and uncaring attack – by historians no less! To sever the history of Senator Thomas Hart Benton from any aspect of American History, is to destroy our National Tree. The promise OSU made to go foreword after vilifying Benton’s history, skips over the contributions his daughter and his son-in-law made to much of the early history of the West, and indeed butchers the most prestigious genealogies in the world. The Preston Family Tree is forever spliced with the Stewart family tree, in which Princess Diana Spencer, and her two princely sons – spring!

There has been much news about the Trump children wanting to be recognized by the Royal Windsor’s. However, they own a commoners genealogy, and the Trumps own no history. If you follow the Preston line via Jessies mother you arrive at William Stewart who came from Scotland to own a great plantation in Ulster Ireland. Here it is, the Stewart Line of the Ulster-Scots whom backed William of Orange. William is the progenitor of the American Revolution. This Stewart-Preston linage made America great. It went West under the guidance of Senator Thomas Hart Benton, whose wife was of the Stewart line.

This line split in twain, when John Fremont freed the slaves of Missouri, and with the help of the Germans and Hungarians, co-founded the Republican Abolitionist Party. No man in American was so divided. The Senator loved his wife, and daughter, dearly, but, Thomas looked to the better future of the Stewarts of Ulster, in America. I wonder if Queen Elizbeth, and her grandsons, know of this history – that is their destiny! The Preston family owned great plantations in the South.  The British ended slavery years before the Civil War. Thousands of slaves owned by the Preston-Stewart line, were set free. These are the subjects that were ceremoniously adopted when Harry married Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Thomas Starr King was a very good friend of the Fremonts and attended Jessie’s Salon at Black Hawk in San Francisco. Lincoln credits him with saving the Union by talking the Fremonts out forming a new nation in California, and I believe Oregon. Their daughter burned all the Fremont documents which I believe contained the Master Plan that was made in Ulster Ireland. This is why Fremont and Lincoln had a falling out. Blair told the President. The Confederacy was the Preston-Breckenridge family. I suspect they were in league with the Stewarts in Britain. I have put this history together. This is why I am livid with Ed Ray and the historian of USO.

There is a chance the Windsors do not know of this Stewart-Preston linage to Benton, which makes a lawsuit imperative to arrive at more facts, and truths. I want a British Attorney of the Temple to take up Jessie Benton’s cause! Thank God I am alive!

God save the Queen!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press Co.

Copyright 2019

I awoke on June 6th. D-Day after posting the above, and realized I am the Defender of the High Stewards of Scotland in America, and British Royalty.  My kindred, William Shakespeare, mentions the progenitor of the Stewarts in MacBeth. My theory that Senator Thomas Hart Benton instigated an Exodus of Scot-Irish to Oregon in order to found a New Scotland, is viable. I looked at a letter written by Jessie Benton to a British General in Canada, assuring him her father was not going to bring slavery to Oregon. The British feared these Scot-Irish in Oregon would invade Canada when the population increased. The Orange Order played a huge role as Canadian Pioneers. Bennett Rosamond was a Grand Master of the Orange Lodge.

Ed Ray and his historians have expunged and altered Benton’s history contending he owned feelings of superiority that he wished to spread to outside prescribed boundaries. Now, where would those boundaries begin and end, President Ray? The same question can be asked about Scottish Pride!

Genealogist say Alan Fitz Fladd is the progenitor of the Earls of Araundel, also titled the ‘Earls of Sussex’. At 11:16 I found this:

Arms of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
Creation date19 May 2018 (announced)[1]
16 July 2018 (Letters Patent)[2]
MonarchElizabeth II
PeeragePeerage of the United Kingdom
Present holderPrince Harry
Heir apparentArchie Mountbatten-Windsor
Remainder tothe 1st Duke’s heirs male of the body lawfully begotten[2]
Subsidiary titlesEarl of Dumbarton
Baron Kilkeel

I suggest Oregon State University and myself, the Representative of the Benton Family, enter into arbitration, and invite Harry and Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, to the Renaming Ceremony at Benton Hall. It appears the Queen and her College of Heraldry know what they are about, and, a great wrong has been righted, and, I am liken to James Bond. Ian Fleming is in my family tree! Long live the Archie and his beautiful parents!

On this day, let us honor the American Soldiers who landed on the beaches of Normandy, in what I title ‘The Exodus of Liberation’ that was a homecoming to the great grandsons of our forefathers who make up our National Liberty Tree.

John Presco

P.S. I just saw the news where Trump flatters a strong man in front of the President of Ireland, who as yet does not know of my amazing research!

5:45 p.m.

President Donald Trump is dismissing reports that a former North Korean negotiator in the nuclear talks with the United States had been executed, reportedly over North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s unsuccessful summit with the president in February.,_Duke_of_Sussex

Alan fitz Flaad (c. 1078 – after 1121) was a Breton knight, probably recruited as a mercenary by Henry I, in his conflicts with his brothers.[1] After Henry became King of England, Alan became an assiduous courtier and obtained large estates in NorfolkSussexShropshire, and elsewhere in the Midlands, including the feudal barony and castle of Oswestry in Shropshire.[2][3][4] His duties included supervision of the Welsh border.[5] He is now noted as the progenitor of the FitzAlan family, the Earls of Arundel (1267–1580), and the House of Stuart,[6] although his family connections were long a matter of conjecture and controversy.

Thomas Starr King (December 17, 1824 – March 4, 1864) was an American Universalist and Unitarian minister, influential in California politics during the American Civil War, and Freemason.[1] Starr King spoke zealously in favor of the Union and was credited by Abraham Lincoln with preventing California from becoming a separate republic. He is sometimes referred to as “the orator who saved the nation.[2][3],_London

Meghan Markle is ‘very nice’ says Donald Trump

The US President had been desperate to have his photograph taken with the royals, but as his UK visit neared a close, he was still unable to get one. Although Harry, William and Kate had attended events with Trump, no official picture was captured. According to US publication The Daily Beast, Trump wanted the photograph as the likes of Meghan and Kate are popular at present among US citizens.

William Shakespeare presented him flatteringly in Macbeth as a martyred ancestor of James VI of Scotland and I of England. These legends, accepted as history, became part of the foundation narrative of the Stewarts and forced later writers to trace the Stewart ancestry through Fleance, Banquo’s son. David Symson, the Historiographer Royal of Scotland, in a work dedicated to Queen Anne, followed the chroniclers in having Fleance marry a daughter of the Welsh ruler Gruffydd ap Llywelyn,[9]

  • The Story of the Guard: A Chronicle of the War (1863)
  • A Year of American Travel: Narrative of Personal Experience (1878)
  • Souvenirs of My Time (1887)
  • Far-West Sketches (1890)
  • The Will and the Way Stories (1891)
  • The Origin of the Frémont Explorations (1891)

The book Memoirs of My Life (1887) by John C. Frémont includes Sketch of Senator Benton by Jessie Benton Frémont.


Collection of 271 letters offering insights into the mind and heart of the author, across the span of her life, including her husband’s presidential campaign, her role in the Civil War, her time as First Lady of the Territory of Arizona, and her impressions of the late 1800s in California.

Books about her[edit]

  • Jessie Benton Frémont: A Biography (1987) by Pamela Herr
  • Jessie Benton Frémont: A Woman who Made History (1995) by Catherine Coffin Phillips
  • Jessie Benton Frémont: Missouri’s Trailblazer (2005) by Ilene Stone and Suzanna M. Grenz
  • Passion and Principle: John and Jessie Frémont, the Couple Whose Power, Politics, and Love Shaped Nineteenth-century America (2007) by Sally Denton
  • Jessie Fremont at Black Point (1974) by Lois Rather, Rather Press, Oakland CA
Jessie Ann Frémont (Benton)
Birthdate:May 31, 1824
Birthplace:Lexington, Rockbridge, Virginia, USA
Death:December 22, 1902 (78)
Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, California, USA
Place of Burial:Piermont, Rockland, New York, United States
Immediate Family:Daughter of Thomas Hart Benton, U.S. Senator (“Old Bullion”) and Elizabeth Preston Benton
Wife of Private and Maj. Gen. (USA) John Charles Frémont, “The Pathfinder”
Mother of Maj. John FrémontBenton FremontAnne FremontElizabeth Benton Mcdowell FremontFrancis Fremont and 4 others
Sister of Elizabeth P. JonesSarah JacobSusan Taylor Virginia McDowell de BoilleauJames Mcdowell BentonJohn Randolph Benton and 3 others
Sarah Buchanan McDowell (Preston)
Birthdate:May 03, 1767
Birthplace:Greenfield, Botetourt County, Province of Virginia
Death:July 03, 1841 (74)
Rockbridge County, Virginia, United States
Immediate Family:Daughter of Col. William C. Preston and Susanna Preston
Wife of James McDowell
Mother of Susan Preston TaylorElizabeth Preston Benton and Gov. James McDowell, III
Sister of Elizabeth MadisonGen. John PrestonBrig.-Gen. Francis Smith Preston, Esq.Susanna HartAnne Preston and 6 others
Half sister of William Preston

The Spencers’ Royal Stuart Ancestors

by The Laird o’Thistle
February 17 2008

Having taken a look at Kate Middleton’s ancestry last month, it struck me that I have never done a column on one of the most unique aspects of Prince William’s Spencer ancestry.  Through the marriage of Princess Diana’s grandparents, John the 7th Earl Spencer and Lady Cynthia Hamilton, the Spencer family enjoys a uniquely comprehensive range of descents from the royal house of Stewart/Stuart that ruled in Scotland from the late 14th century and in all of Britain from 1603 to 1714.  And in fact, if they had been legitimate lines of descent, several of the ancestors in the Spencer-Hamilton lineage would have been senior in the line of succession to the Hanover/Windsor family.  But as it is, all but one of the instances that I will cite in what follows are of children born to royal mistresses, and the one exception comes from a marriage of dubious validity.

Princess Diana Frances Mountbatten-Windsor (Spencer), Princess of Wales
Also Known As:“Lady Diana”, “Princess Diana”, “The People’s Princess”, “Princess of Wales”, “Diana”
Birthdate:July 01, 1961
Birthplace:Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Death:August 31, 1997 (36)
Hospital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris, Paris, Île-de-France, France (Car accident)
Place of Burial:Althorp, Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom
Immediate Family:Daughter of John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer and Frances Shand Kydd
Ex-wife of Charles, Prince of Wales
Mother of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
Sister of Lady Sarah McCorquodaleJohn SpencerJane Fellowes, Baroness Fellowes and 9th Earl Spencer Charles Edward Maurice Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer
Occupation:Princess of Wales, Teacher, Duchess of Rothesay, Duchess of Cornwall


“Amongst the many branches of the Stewart family that have been transplanted out of Scotland, there have been few that have attained to the degree of wealth and influence which this line of Ulster Stewarts reached in the 17th and 18th centuries. The principal seat was formerly at Newtown-Stewart, County Tyrone, which takes its name from Sir William Stewart, 1st Baronet, who was its founder, and the ruins of the castle of his descendants, the Lords Mountjoy, in the Elizabethan style though not dating back earlier than the middle of the 17th century, are still a picturesque feature of this beautifully situated little Ulster town.,_1st_Viscount_Mountjoy

William Stewart was born in 1653[1], the son of Sir Alexander Stewart, 2nd Baronet, of Ramelton. His family was from Donegal, Ulster Scots, and Protestant.

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