Marion County

Marion County Oregon is named after Francis Marion ‘The Swamp Fox’ who was depicted in the movie ‘The Patriot’. I suspect Benton and the Freemasons brought the Scotch-Irish West to Oregon from Missouri and South Carolina, where Marion was a hero. This is why there are so many redheaded folks in Oregon. Their ancestors adored Senator Thomas Hart Benton, who was prepared to found a New Nation In the West for them because they did most of the fighting against the British. Benton is Scotch-Irish, and so was his wife. To suggest he was a low-life racist who came to Oregon just to kick around Indians and whip some slaves, is a great insult to the Ulster-Scots, that he saw going to the Orient to trade, and, marry Asian women and have children by them.

This is the Scottish Diaspora, who will know about the eviction by Ed Ray and Oregon State University! You made the wrong people feel unwelcome.  We are marching to Oregon to confront the Nameless marchers who insulted our history! We will take back our Country! We will cast out the Un-Americans!

The Scottish people went to India and back hundreds of years ago. They have mixed-race descendants there. I suspect Benton was prepared to lead an Exodus if the Confederates, and their allies, won the Civil War. Benton knew what was going on in Burma and Ceylon. He was preparing his people – just incase. He was their Moses!

The Scottish diaspora throughout the world was significant but in India it was huge with every two out of three families having family members working and living in India, Burma and Ceylon.

In Sunset Magazine, Jessie Benton, said the British had a plan to deport most of the Irish-Catholics to the San Juaquin alley in order to exterminate the Scot-Protestants. Jessie edited her husband’s accounts of exploring Oregon. There were tribes that were paid by the British to harass Americans who they feared would invade Canada.

For a major university to outlaw and expunge some of the most amazing world history, in order to appease thirty Latinos marching around and disturbing the peace, is an outrage! Up until a week ago, these thugs – who refused to give their names – thought they had achieved a great victory by wiping out the White Man’s history.

You wanted a Revolution Joseph Orosco? You got it! I’m a white man who isn’t buying your racist bullshit. You looked at a photograph of Senator Thomas Hart Benton, and you saw a superior man. Some men are superior to other men. It’s in our genes! Every dog has their day. You have had yours! It will forever be Benton Hall!

We are ‘The Rose of the World’. We have overcome the world! It’s time to have a White Pride Day….. and march to drums and bagpipes! It’s time to honor the Williamites! A sleeping giant have been awoken!

There has been much ignorant discussion about the source of the name Willamette. I decree it was named after the Protestant Scotts who first settled here. They were the Williamites! Long live the Williamites in their beloved Green Valley!

Ed Ray and his tiny band of nameless men believe they have made inroads in changing the Emerlad Valley into what they want it to be! But, OSU is Ed’s fiefdom and he is the dictator-lord therein. My ancestors shed real blood to form a Democracy! We are the voice of the real people, and we will have our day. Our real protest will come, and crash down the gates of the puppet masters, and raise our Nations’ Flag!


I just sent this to Ed Ray! Senator Thomas Hart Benton’s family is overflowing with men who ran for, and held public office in this Democracy. To attack Benton, is to attack every man and woman whoever cast a vote!

“Every feudal lord has his day, and you have had yours. Long live real history, and the people who made it!


estate or domain of a feudal lord. anything, as any organization or real estate, owned or controlled by one dominant person of group

Here is Joseph Lane on the same ticket with John Breckenridge who was the Confederacy and the South. This family has more elected Senators and Congressman than the Clays. I didn’t need a gang to back me up and give me courage to go after these tyrants – that are in my family tree! I didn’t need to own non-white skin. All I needed to know was the difference between wrong and right! How many people in the photo above, voted? How many have relatives who held office? None! Was Ed Ray elected President of OSU?


These slave owners ran for office – and voted! You can’t fault them – completely! Our Founding Father’s didn’t free the slaves, or give women the right to vote! Who knows this better than all the Presidents of all the Universities? PUTIN – and his think tanks! Our think tanks are waging war against the bodies of American Women – and the Last Hippie they cant defeat!

Where is the protest of the brown skin people and the Native Americans against Putin and his Military Trolls, who tipped our election towards the biggest racist who ever to sat in the White House! I began a propaganda novel against the Soviet Redneck Menace. I am doing my duty to protect our democracy while being attacked from all sides! How dare Ed Ray not respond to my first letter to him! What a chicken shit!  I am sure he contacted the FBI to see if I am a shooter. I have already contacted the FBI about other assholes who have threatened and harassed me. Go get Putin – you morons – because he is coming for you! I have put Victoria Bond and Miriam Starfish Christling in his way! I am fucking with his mind, like we original hippies fucked with the mind of the CIA, the FBI, and the Military – for years! Where did Ed Ray stand on the Vietnam War? Did he serve?

I want my Bond book to be made into a Broadway musical. There radical are things I can not talk about. There is so much that needs to be done. But radicals of color have made this democracy leery of strong white men. This is why they voted for Trump. Duh!

I’m not looking to start a career, or, get a degree! I’m not looking to join a movement, or revolution, because, I am what’s left of the greatest revolution in history! I go my cast already to go. I want Yulia Rose to play Starfish! I want to kick Putin’s butt! Who’s with me? Let’s go! Aren’t you sick of playing Who is the Sexist Pig? Who is the Racist Bigot? Don’t you want to win! You can’t lose with a name like Yulia Rose. Help her become a Movie Star so she can get the fuck out of Russia!

FREE YULIA! Have you no mercy?

America is about IMMIGRANTS! Did Joseph Orosco make any new allies and friends? You need allies! Sometimes you got to play hardball. I hate violence, but there is one solution to families paying money to cayotes to get to the U.S. in order to save their lives and the lives of their child. HIRED GUNS! Pay for hired assassins to off dangerous gang members. It has been done before. Then when no one wants to join a gang like they used to, you pay for protection. You stay home. You earn money in your own country and practice family and national traditions. Trump is paying billions for a political stunt, to get more Americans to become a Red State Bubba. Trump’s Traitors are playing the Hired Gun gambit on fellow Americans. El Trumpo is offering protection! Wake up!

How many of my readers are utterly distracted by Yulia Rose, and don’t care to read the rest of this post? Joseph Orosco says he has a degree in psychology. I doubt it. If Yulia said this, I would be the first to call for Benton Hall to be renamed Rose Hall.

“Please! I want to immigrate to Oregon in order to study how to be an actress at the OSU Drama Department. But, I saw it was near Benton Hall. Senator Benton was an enemy of the Russian People! I have been traumatized! Help me!”

Hey! Ed! Don’t you want Ms. Rose to succeed? Hit up Peter DeFazio for some State Funding for our Anti-Troll Think Tank. Trump will not give you a dime. Is there an old room under the bleachers where you can put Joseph and I, along with our Russian secretary, who will tell us if our bullshit, our con game, is good enough for the Big League! Just put ‘The Producers’ on the door. My ex-wife was recruited by the CIA while attending Harvard with her lover, Thomas Pynchon, who I suspect was also recruited.

You literally have fucked with the wrong person, Joseph and Ed. You couldn’t have chosen a better enemy. This is what is making you wonder and look for ways to undermine me, discredit me, and destroy me. Your historians have feasted on the fake abuser site that Alley Valkyrie used to slime me! What this should tell you, is, history is on my side! When the Alley Gang came after me, they were shocked I was not afraid!

After I took the Mafia to court in Boston, and won, my friend introduced to me to Dottie Witherspoon.

“She needs to be saved!”

My friend had me go with her to a bar in Roxbury and meet with a top Mafia guy. I prepared her.

“He will pull out a gun, point it at your head. Just look him in the eye, and say no!”

After she said no, we left the bar. This dude was raving about how white people could be living in a all black neighborhood. He took out his gun again – and fired into the air.

“Come and get me, niggers!”

Dottie took me down to South Carolina to meet all the Witherspoon’s. Her great grandfather, Signer John Witherspoon, was a President of Princeton. The Rosamond’s and Witherspoon’s owned slaves. This truth was an abomination to us. Go here to find a Rosamond Will, where human beings are left to our children. Read it and weep! This is not a course you can take at OSU, and then make “STOP” signs for a grade! A man who knows he is a sinner searches his soul, and, begs for forgiveness. Who dare intercept this lesson from arriving, via the mere banishment of name?

“Out – dman spot!”

Dottie and I parted ways when she became a Christian. I was a follower of Meher Baba. Twenty-eight years ago I became a theologian who figured out what Jesus wrote in the dust. For 2,000 years no Monk in his cell all day, got it right!

When I was a boy I wanted to be a great soldier. I became a architect at eleven, then an artist. But, I will die a great General, because I know when it is time to surrender to love. Jesus was a great General who taught that people can be shown the error of their ways, and turn their lives around 180 degrees. OSU left this part out, when they threw the baby out with the bathwater!

I have seen the bad guys, Ed and Joseph. They tired to murder me, and failed! This nation was not built on the color of a man’s skin. It was built on his guts to stand up to Tyranny! There is real Tyranny in the world. OSU failed to find it. End of story!

Being kin to Ian Fleming, via my cousin. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, I am authoring a Bond novel, starring Victoria Bond. For attempting to be brave I have been banned from an 007 Fan club. But,Victoria has the last word when she is told “there will be trouble”. Trouble is a Scot-Irish middle name.

Victoria’s Orange Parade

Being  part Dutch, and able to trace her lineage to William The Silent, got Victoria Bond an invite to march in the Orange Parade. But, when she insisted she play her ‘Contraption’, some of the most diplomatic folks of the Isles slithered up to her, and, as calm as can be, tried to talk her out of it.

“There will be trouble!”

“What kind of trouble? There’s always trouble. I’m not giving up my pipes – mon! That would be like me, asking you, to give up your nuts. Coo’mon! Drop em!”

It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.

In 1825, in the village of Fenagh in county Leitrim in Ireland, a
gang of Catholic youths attacked the Rosamond home. The Rosamonds were
staunch Protestants. James, aged 20 (born 1805) and his brother Edward, aged
15, attempted to protect their mother. A shot was fired by Edward and a
youth was dead. The boys fled to Canada. James went to Merrickville where he
worked for James Merrick as a weaver. Edward, still fearing arrest, worked
his way eventually to Memphis, Tennessee.

The Williamite War in Ireland (Irish: Cogadh an Dá Rí, meaning “war of the two kings”) was a conflict between Jacobites (supporters of Catholic King James II) and Williamites (supporters of Protestant Prince William of Orange) over who would be King of England, Scotland and Ireland. It is also called the Jacobite War in Ireland or the Williamite–Jacobite War in Ireland.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Exclusive Opinion by Aline Dobbie: The Great Scottish India Connection

Jessie was raised in Washington, D.C., more in the manner of a 19th century son than daughter, with her father, who was renowned as the “Great Expansionist,” seeing to her early education and introducing her to the leading politicians of the day, an unusual thing for the period.[2] Jessie was very close to her father and stuck by his side. He shared with her the many books and maps in the valise that always accompanied him on their trips to and from Missouri and Virginia. She began, too, to share his dream of a nation stretching from ocean to ocean. In this manner, she became well educated in the ways of social structure and the disciplines of politics, history, literature and languages. After attaining some fluency in French and Spanish, Jessie helped in the translation of government documents.


Col. Lemuel Benton and Capt. Samuel Rosamond



benton-lemuelMy kindred, Samuel Rosamond, Lemuel Benton, and Gavin Witherspoon, fought under the Francis Marion ‘The Swamp Fox’ in the War of Independence. John Witherspoon is a Signer and is kin to the Preston family, as are the three Patriots above. These four men are kindred to the Stewart family, and thus William and Harry Windsor. Add to this roster, the Hart and Hull family, then here is America’s most illustrious and Patriotic Family.

He sent Lt. Col. Lemuel Benton with sixteen men to seize the pass over Horse Creek. Horry’s men stumbled over a sentry who fired a shot, and they quickly rushed Sumter’s home with Col. Marion’s remaining 134 men closely behind them. In a brief fight, they killed or captured 22 British Regulars and two Loyalists. One of the Continental prisoners, Capt. Perry Benson of the 5th MD Regiment, was wounded as well.

Rosamond, Samuel
Ninety-Six District Regiment
A Captain under Col. Robert Anderson at Siege of Ninety-Six (1781) (Upper Ninety-Six District Regiment).  A Lieutenant under Capt. Adam Crain Jones during 1782.  Also at battle of Kettle Creek (GA). Aka Samuel Roseman.

Benton, Lemuel
Cheraws District Regiment
Promoted to Major in 1777.  Promoted to Lt. Col. In 1780, then Colonel in 1781.

Witherspoon, Gavin
Berkeley County Regiment
From Williamsburg District.  A Captain under Col. Richard Richardson, Jr. (aka Richardson’s Regiment)
Pee Dee Swamp w/4 men, Tearcoat Swamp, Halfway Swamp #1, Georgetown #6, Wiboo Swamp, Witherspoon’s Ferry, Fort Motte, Quinby’s Bridge, Shubrick’s Plantation, Eutaw Springs, Videau’s Bridge, Wadboo Swamp

Francis Marion Templars

natos3 natos11 natos13 natos14 natos16 Imacon Color Scanner

The call for another Crusade is coming from many leaders. Pope Francis uses language that puts a Crusader Sword at the foot of President Barack Obama, as does Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba United Arab Emerate.

Above is a photo of a black man sitting at a table of European Leaders. Millions of Americans hate our President, and the truth he was born of a white woman who married a black man. Hatred of Interracial Marriage is common amongst neo-Confederates in the Red States.  In this blog I identify racism as the No.1 enemy of America, and the world, now that our President is called upon to take military action against a truly evil enemy.  I am going to publish a small book calling for the formation of the New Knights Templar. I will describe the true enemy of these Knights which will not be difficult. All I need do is compare ISIS to the Confederacy that employed ministers to preach the enslavement of men women and children. When other Americans did not buy the lie that Jesus was pro-slavery, disloyal Americans armed themselves and committed acts of treason and terrorism. If We the People are going to fight terrorists wherever they are found, then it stands to reason anything, or anyone, who resembles ISIS, is OUR enemy.

Patriot, Francis Marion, owned a black slave that was his good friend.  Oscar Marion was honored by President Bush. My kindred fought for Francis in North and South Carolina.  The Rosamond and Witherspoon family named their children after Francis for he was childless.  No children for Oscar has been found. There is a genealogy for slaves with the name Marion that means “Star of the Sea”.

Francis (Frenchman) is considered the Father of Rangers, a special military force of the kind being summoned to fight ISIS. The word “lineage” is used in describing the Rangers that comes from Rangar, or Rover, and thus the roving Norseman, the Vikings.

Bernard Dramelay was a Knights Templar who was elected after Hughes de Rougemont. These Knights are kin to the family that came to own the Shroud of Turin, that has been a banner for Christians when there were no democracies in the world. Denis de Rougemont co-founded the European Union and the United Nations.  Consider the halo of stars around the head of Stella Maris.  What banner will the Templar Knights of Francis Marion carry into battle? The TKFM will dedicate ourselves to making sure the flag of the Confederacy is identified as a ISIS banner, and, see to it that it never again fly over this Land of the Free!

In the spirit of my Fremont and Benton kindred, who co-founded the Abolitionist Republican Party, I encourage black men and women to join the TKFM, and existing Special Forces of the United States.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

Francis Marion (c. 1732 – February 27, 1795[1]) was a military officer who served in the American Revolutionary War. Acting with Continental Army and South Carolina militia commissions, he was a persistent adversary of the British in their occupation of South Carolina in 1780 and 1781, even after the Continental Army was driven out of the state in the Battle of Camden.

Due to his irregular methods of warfare, he is considered one of the fathers of modern guerrilla warfare, and is credited in the lineage of the United States Army Rangers. He was known as the Swamp Fox.

The bloodline of Hodge and Rosamond families are found at the base of South
Carolina’s history. The Hodge family also fought under Marion, as did the
Witherspoons. We shed our blood for Liberty. Our blood rises from the ground in
South Carolina. Our graves are still being found. A New South has risen. The Old
South is cut off, and withers away.

Oscar Marion was the servant of General Francis Marion (1732–1795), the legendary “Swamp Fox.” In December 2006, Oscar Marion was recognized as an “African American Patriot” in a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol, and a proclamation signed by President George W. Bush expressed the appreciation of a “grateful nation” for Oscar Marion’s “devoted and selfless consecration to the service of our country in the Armed Forces of the United States.”[1]

It is believed that, following custom, Oscar was made to take the last name of his owner, and he was one of perhaps 200 slaves (many with the last name of Marion) who served Francis Marion. But there may have been a close personal connection between the general and his slave, as some accounts of the general comment on the constant companionship and “faithfulness” of his servant Oscar, according to genealogist Tina C. Jones, a descendant of some of Francis Marion’s slaves.

Merrill’s Marauders (named after Frank Merrill) or Unit Galahad, officially named the 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional), was a United States Army long range penetration special operations jungle warfare unit, which fought in the South-East Asian theatre of World War II, or China-Burma-India Theater (CBI). The unit became famous for its deep-penetration missions behind Japanese lines, often engaging Japanese forces superior in number.

The 75th Ranger Regiment is now a light infantry combat formation within the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC). The six battalions of the modern Rangers have been deployed in wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and saw action in several conflicts, such as those in Panama and Grenada. The Ranger Regiment traces its lineage to three of six battalions raised in WWII, and to the 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional)—known as “Merrill’s Marauders”, and then reflagged as the 475th Infantry, then later as the 75th Infantry.

Hughes de Rougemont of Villersexel was a Grand Master of the Knight Templars. Who is he?

Statement of Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba On Challenging Regional Extremism

Islamic extremism is a Middle East problem but it is quickly becoming the world’s problem too.  It is a transnational challenge, the most destabilizing and dangerous global force since fascism.

For certain, the United States and the West have a big interest in this battle.  But no one has more at stake than the UAE and other moderate countries in the region that have rejected the regressive Islamist creed and embraced a different, forward-looking path.

Now is the time to act.  The UAE is ready to join the international community in an urgent, coordinated and sustained effort to confront a threat that will, if unchecked, have global ramifications for decades to come.

Any action must begin with a clear plan for direct intervention against ISIS but must address the other dangerous extremist groups in the region.  It is also critical to tackle the support networks, the entire militant ideological and financial complex that is the lifeblood of extremism.”

Copyright 2013

By this Charter, Ponce de Moysia, prior of Gigny, together with John of Chalon, count of Burgundy, soul, Lord of Coligny and of Andelot and Hugues de Rougemont, Grand Ma tre of the Temple, gave its seal authenticity to a famous donation. This was the one that Manasses of Coligny, brother of soul, made to the order of the Temple by receive Knight of the suzerainty of Montagna, Broissia, Eperigna (closed at Montfleur) and Holy Fountain (La Balme of Epy). This Charter, which also contains the name of the property, is one of the oldest written in French language. It mentions a large number of sites across the country and is of interest in more than one respect. Since this donation, the village of Montagna was nicknamed the Templar by distinction of Montagna-le-renewed, near Saint-Amour.
Excerpts from the history of the Canton of Saint-Julien sur Suran in Franche-Comté, book of Marius de VEYRE, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, Belles Lettres and Arts de Lyon (1965).

Hugues de Payens: the birth of the Templars: the memory regainedBy Thierry Leroy (Champagne historian

Humbert de Rougemont owned the Shroud of Turin

“June 1418: The widowed Margaret de Charny marries Humbert of
Villersexel, Count de la Roche, Lord of St.Hippolyte sur Doubs.”

Humbert de Villersexel is Humbert de Rougemont.

“1208 – Pons de la Roche presents to Amadeus de Tramelay, Archbishop
of Besançon, the Shroud that his son Othon de la Roche, Latin Duke
of Athens, had sent him from Constantinople.”

Aymon 2 de Rougemont was the Seigneur of Villersexel. He married
Guillemette de Ray, the daughter of Othon 2 de la Roche.

Othon 1 de la Roche (-before 1161) had a son named Pons de la Roche
the Seigneur de Ray. He first married Marguerite Tilchatel who may
be a Rougemont who came to own Til-Chatel. Guillaume, Gui, Humbert4,
Gui 2, and Thibaut 6 were Seigneurs of Til-Chatel. Othon then
married Pontia de Rougemont/de Dramelay the daughter of Thiebaud 2
de Rougemont. They has three children. Humbert, Thiebaud, and
Sibylle de la Roche. This union makes the Shroud the Rougemont
family icon, or relic.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2006

natos4 natos6 natos18 natos19 natos20

It has long been suspected the Knights Templars came to own the
Shroud of Turin, some scholars suggesting it is the Holy Graal
itself. Here is evidence this was the case.

Jeane de Vergy, the grandniece of Othon de la Roche, son of Pons de
la Roche, presented the shroud to Amadeus de Tramelay, Archbishop of
Besancon, and Latin Duke of Athens. Tramelay is also spelled
Dramelay, as in the case of Bernard Dramelay/Tramelay, the fourth
Grand Master of the Knights Templar. Fromond Dramelay married
N.Rougemont, and from them descend the de la Roches, they the Lords
of Neufchatel. You can follow the Rougemont line to Aumiry de
Rochefoucauld who was the Grand Master of the Templars in Paris.

The fifth son of Guy II of Rougemont and Guillemette de Coublant,
was lord of Pichanges. In December 1265, having
recalled the donations made to the temple by Aimon IV and Guy II, he
gave to the Templars, with the agreement of his elder brother, Jean,
Lord of Rougemont, the right of pasturage on his lands of Pichanges
and Spoy. He died in 1271 and was buried before the altar in the
chapel of Fontenotte and conferring his Templar rank of Preceptor

Humbert of Villersexel

An article from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Humbert of Villersexel (1385-1437) County of la Roche, Lord of Villersexel, Maîche, ORB and Saint Hippolyte.

Lordship: the Épy Balme depended on Justice of the marquisate of Andelot. The inhabitants, freed the dead hand in 1211, should their Lord the watchtowers and guard at the castle of Andelot, maintenance of fortifications, the ride, the rights of RRR, chores, four cases of franchise cash tax, in chickens, goats, etc. They were required to follow at all times the Horn and the cry of their sire.

He had moreover a fiefdom, says the fief of Virechatel, composed of a large House, with a high tower a circular which still exists in part, land and several seigneurial rights. He was, at the time of the revolution, Mr. de Maisonforte. In 1191, Aymon, prior of Gigny, plaça part of the property of his monastery under the protection and custody of Stephen II, count of Burgundy, and her ceded, the consent of all its religious, which belonged to Sainte-Fontaine.

In 1227, the prior Ponce, together with John of Chalon, count of Burgundy, soul, Lord of Coligny and Andelot, and Hugues de Rougemont, grand master of the temple, put their seal to the donation made by

Date: 07/03/2011 Cegfc: Franche-Comté Page no. genealogical self-help Clearinghouse


Manasses of Coligny, brother of soul, to the order of the temple, to be making receive Knight, of several villages, and among other things, the suzerainty of the village of Sainte-Fontaine. This suzerainty was bought by the Lords of Andelot. Part of the tithes belonged to the sacristan of the Priory of Gigny.

The Gaulin mill was accense in 1426 and by Jaber de Coligny d’andelot, Pierre and Jean Gaulin, through the annual pension of six quartaux of wheat, half wheat and oats. Guillame of Coligny allowed the new owners to carry this mill to the Ford.

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