“I am the Rouge Dragon!”

Jean-Baptiste Rougemont asks;

What is your name? Open your eyes!”

“I have no name. I don’t want you to see my eyes!” the creature replied.

“Why won’t your tell me? Please. Look at me. I won’t hurt you!”

“I was raised by wolves, with pale blue eyes. They taught me to keep my eyes lowered in the presence of the alpha wolf. And you are the alpha wolf of this place. Are you not?”

“I suppose so. I am the head of the College of Arms. My name is……”

“I know your name. I dust your desk six day a week. I know your grandchild is going to La Rosey, and, he is all you have in the world.”




Rosamond Press

When I decided to write a James Bond Book, I did research. I looked for a way for Victoria Rosemond Bond to be kin to James. I found it, via the Red Dragon. No one had an idea the latest Bond movie was heading for the rocks due to the coronavirus. At first, I was only wanting to write a book. Then I found a video of Lara Roozemond toying with a gun. I was rudely cast out of a Bond Facebook group that talked about ‘No Time To Die’. I wanted to concentrate on ‘Why We Fight’ not on ‘How We Make Money’. I can say I got little, if no support for my projects.

John Presco

James Bond starDaniel Craigwas made an honorary officer of the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy on Thursday — matching his onscreen 007 persona, who holds the rank of commander.”I am delighted…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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