Christian Greystoke could not believe what he was reading. His grandfather was some kind of hippie spiritualist who had found lost secrets. John speaks of the Ark of the Covenant, and why it was allegedly housed in the temple. Everyone of his letters and papers was signed “I am Absalom.”. There were several letters from Johannesburg. One contained a photograph of a stunning young woman. “This is my granddaughter. She has memorized The Kabbalah!” Christian could not take his eyes off her. She has no name. He was now committed to finding her. His grandfather had left him seventeen million dollars. Whatever it takes!


Rosamond Press

This has been reversed. Absalom can not be David’s son. The bloody warrior joined the Philistines – and hunted down Absalom ‘The Nazarite Judge’ caught him, HUNG HIM IN A TREE by his long hair, and pierced his side with a lance. To hang the body of a Jew in a tree, kept his soul from going back to God. This is why Joseph of Arimaea wanted Jesus’s body to be taken down from A MANMADE TREE. Jesus WAS A NAZARITE, and his soul went back to THE LORD-FATHER.

I have seen THE ANGEL.

John ‘Of The Rock’

The angel of the Lord had appeared to Gideon in human form, and it was only through this miraculous manifestation of divine power and the sudden disappearance of the heavenly messenger that Gideon realized with whom he had been speaking. Then he said, “Alas, O Lord God! for because I have…

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